On the experience and the future

People have to rely on experience to survive, but the experience is often counterproductive, human nature in the billions of years to form a natural mechanism, to keep up with the times in fact is very difficult. Most people actually have no independent thinking at all, this is the law of nature, in fact, can not be eccentric itself, because it is a result of their own choice. Less information, people make judgments is not easy, but the information is too much time, people make judgments more difficult, especially independent judgment. Experience is actually a double-edged sword, and to make good use of it is also a technology + physical activity. With the development of human science and technology, the two level of...
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Simple prediction

Chopper will still need to 1) crude oil as scheduled break 30, also will maintain a period of time, and may be because of the black swan events, there is political not supply and demand, the eldest brother; 2) this year the weather is bad, the food is a big problem; 3) steel and other metals demand is not too will turn for the better, behind the need is quality rather than quantity; 4) fence are tied, the depreciation is inevitable, the exchange rate is the social efficiency comparison; 5) prices will fall, real estate tax collection; do not take the original forecast, for example, the situation will change; industry is so poor, unable to support; 6) said earlier, in the future.
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Internet plus, countries need investment in education and kaijiangtuotu

1) the nature of Internet plus is the representative of the information technology (including the Internet, big data intelligence, etc.) to greatly promote the productivity of human society. Now the situation is most of the industry overcapacity, and in-depth application of Internet plus of all industries, will accelerate the overcapacity, the long term, Internet plus positive impact on employment, but in the short term impact on employment is very large, the call of the National Peoples entrepreneurship can play a buffer role. But can not fundamentally solve the problem. 2. I have always believed that the transformation of enterprises is the first of workers, that is, the transformation of knowledge and skills of workers,...
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The first time to participate in the activities of the CSDN (Shenzhen 1.9Party)

Thanks CSDN activities, the understanding of the many technical experts, feel the technical personnel of the dedication and perseverance, ready to start in Guangzhou the similar activities, I think technical staff also needed to get out of the technology itself, the extra communication, only thought spark between the collision will ignite fires. 2016, we move forward together! ...
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The most basic business model

Social development, scientific development, the development of technology are regular, are progressive, with a strong evolutionary trace. Business model of development is no exception, basically follow the following rules: 1) social cost is always whole tends to zero, the cost of goods (excluding inflation) the general trend is the decline of; 2) no absolute scarcity of goods, the scarcity of goods is relative; 3) human demand for goods is growing; therefore any business model, if cannot bring the cost down, even if you can increase sales to achieve the benefits of increased, but also can not be a long time, the reason is very simple competition...
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Natural interpretation of Social Science (ABC rule)

Man is a product of nature, human society all activities (production, consumption, etc.) can not be separated from the laws of nature, must follow the law of nature; human society so far found all the laws of nature (energy conservation, thermodynamic 1-3 law) also applies so human society; the ABC rules: 1) based on human research and understanding of natural science; 2) is the understanding of human nature and human society, science, law and discussion; replication factor: a can and environmental isolates of organization or system, such as cells, genes, etc.; a rule: isolated organization or system always tends to disorder (the second law of Thermodynamics...
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The principle of innovation and invention (TRIZ) and big data (the big bang of science and technology is inevitable)

Now we will talk about Internet plus words, big data, this is a very good thing, but when we are talking about, I think it is going to learn to do, because only do can become a reality. Big data is not today jumped out, a long time ago to do people, for example, previously I recommend the TRIZ theory, its essence is a big data of outstanding works: TRIZ is built on the basis of analysis of millions of pieces of invention patent. Archie Schuler's genius is that he did not have the case of modern data analysis tools, data mining, and finally come up with innovative solutions to solve the problem of innovation model. This model is the largest...
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2016 continue to forge ahead

And because linear algebra; MyMathLib algorithm to convert B; insist to continue) a weight C; a and continue) B each a polyphonic on this last year 2015 goal: "last year's target completion is not ideal, this year's goal to strive to complete: 1) life happy diligent life a day as competent, dad has to play the child his dad reached the standard target; (2) technology blogging technology exactly; two university mathematics book, rich in content nearly the end of the code debugging work.
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Internet plus not all business

My point of view is that all the people are business is no business, which is contrary to the social division of labor and specialization, is destined to be impossible for a long time. Now there are a variety of distribution platform, shopping rebate platform, seems to have entered all business overnight. Share economy, economic circle "can be heard without end but I think this, is just a symbol of the plight of the traditional business under the lost. Both derivative, distribution, direct marketing, legal not to discuss, these things have a nature of the place is the need to fight the head, since everyone can do, in fact, is diluted earnings, eventually except for a few people, most of the people who gains...
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Labor is very expensive behind what?

The country began to encourage farmers to start to say, to do a good job of migrant workers return home entrepreneurship service. Very strange atmosphere: on the one hand to recruit people is very difficult, the manual is very expensive; a cage for birds, machine substitution; but on the other hand, large amounts of plant closures, migrant workers can not find a job, cities could not survive and return is inevitable, but the countryside employment opportunities is original not much, to encourage entrepreneurship is the inevitable logic; but the problem is now everywhere is the overproduction, do what entrepreneurs do? It seems that only the whole people are business. Internet plus 4, industry, big data and so on are all very good things, but these things are need of knowledge and technology (...
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The situation is deteriorating

In fact, (1) from frugal extravagant easy, by the extravagance frugal difficult days of, sudden contraction, we are very does not adapt, and the situation has changed, we all want to do a frame to earn workpoint; 2) entities really deteriorating due to malformation of the allocation of resources caused by real estate), but to guide public opinion is the electricity supplier; 3) the Yankees Triffin Dilemma, shrinkage is a must, but others don't need to raise interest rates, because a country's exchange rate will be down; 4) the Russian soil dry frame is a good thing, but China's West should act, Isis from not far; 5) south Myanmar, Yinma Indian Ocean is a good option, but China...
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Accident is the inevitable logic

1) two child policy two child policy essence is used to alleviate the population pressure. Of course, it is in order to good real estate, effect there is not it? Of course, there is a point, but this policy has produced a very unexpected thing, that is, a great pressure on the employment of women. Very interesting, but in reason; in fact, a lot of policy formulation to design according to human nature, but not too many concessions to morality. Such as housing provident fund, the country will certainly want to everyone to pay provident fund, most of the staff also feel to fund their own on their own is also beneficial, independent people, of course, is standing on the moral high ground also let enterprise called provident fund, but essentially to the end...
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The information flow, capital flow and logistics.

Information flow, information flow here is not only refers to the digital information, information on the Internet, refers to all the information of the exchange; cash flow: This is an exchange of equivalence of social exchange, opposite to the direction of capital flow and commodity logistics exchange; logistics: here refers to is solid material, includes not only the traditional goods, also includes the people; the development of the society, of course, is the three flows are in development, but with the development of, the three flows, information flow position more rely on the money. The Internet actually represents a great breakthrough in the flow of information, so the modern society or the future of society, the information category of the integrated company will go beyond the traditional enterprise. Because it is very simple, the flow of information is...
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Information, objects and exchange in ERP systems

Information: human perception of the objective world; things: the foundation of human survival; exchange: the division of human society, the ability to expand the basis of. For humans, information is first, because you must know the material to make use of matter and exchange; the exchange of modern society is to monetary intermediary; eventually involves the exchange of, here can be virtual, can also be real; surface actually is the ERP often said that three flow, information flow, logistics and capital flow; in today's society, the flow of information flow and capital flow has been very convenient, the flow is still very limited. But in fact, in the ERP system...
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Intuition tells me that gravity can be blocked.

There is no reason, that is intuition. Does not understand the speed of light constant. Hope that the gravitational force can be blocked (gravity has a directional), so that it can be very easy to achieve interstellar travel. Hope that the development of science and technology faster, allowing more people to go to more places, rather than the small planet. ...
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High school graduation 20 years (Party Jiangcheng Ko * first meeting)

Goodbye to the autumn of twenty, hand hold, a difficult search. Memory is still, just stay deep. Do students talk about wine, laughter, love yo! Ignorant who in years? Sentimental, love sinus open. The most beautiful time to meet a margin. Thanks to the female teacher, Kong Zi, is love! Now write less technical articles, mainly to feel that there is No. Now is the time to show the comparative advantage: I am writing a poem of the people who wrote the best code; I was the person who wrote the code inside the poem written by the best;...
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TPP is not terrible, terrible is that we began to self closed

TPP is for China, which is well-known fact, in fact, there is no big deal, it was so many people against you, sometimes it is also a good thing, at least you are worth the. As long as the nest on this small earth, this will have more, very normal thing. But normally return to normal, if still use Confucianism that set of external, the result is not good. In a word, must the sword sword. If we have the courage to borrow Burma Road, Yin Ma India Ocean Pacific Partnership, what are the small things. I don't believe that it does not require the American aircraft carrier docked in the sea, can stay for a lifetime. ...
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Should remove the "mysterious" in Chinese medicine"

Tu won the Nobel prize in chemistry or Medicine Award, this is our pride. But this award is not given to traditional Chinese medicine. In traditional Chinese medicine, the biggest problem is that the "mystery", in my view is, as long as it is mysterious thing, the result is Fuji cassock liar. Because people are material, the medicine can play a role in the end are the things in the work, and now the research is not clear, do not represent the future research is not clear. While many people regard these temporarily unable to clear things, deliberately deification to achieve their purpose not to be divulged. This is the traditional Chinese medicine really criticized the place, in fact, is the most should be improved. Tu yo...
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At the beginning of the year (high school graduation 20 anniversary)

The 20 anniversary and the last * graduated from high school this beginning forty (1) Rong Jiang Nan Liu Yiyi to remain calm, the waves. Past into the shadow in the heart, the campus is still in, how much the same. Compete in the world for twenty years, the success of Mo heroes. Filial piety raise is the pillar, this life many things, pay laughing! The life needs to look into the past, more need to grasp today, looking forward to the future. Regardless of success or failure is a hero, is the miracle of life in the universe. Happy or painful, is the life of the note, we should be calm in the face: you can have success or failure, but can not be without anger. You can see the red, can also accept the reality, but not without ideal wings...
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110 Anniversary of the publication of the theory of relativity

This year is the relativity of the 110 Anniversary of the publication of, human science and technology has shrunk, but the feeling in this application of the theory has not been fully, and this is the 110th anniversary of the theory it is modified or overturned. But no matter what, thanks to these great pioneers. The future of humanity will not be lost because of the development of science and technology! ...
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