Sogou Internet of things operating system V1.79 HelloX issued a notice

Through the efforts of HelloX development team of nearly half a year, in HelloX V1.78 version, added many features, and further optimize the v1.78 versions of some of the characteristics of the official formation of HelloX V1.79 test version of the. After relatively adequate testing and verification, is now officially released. Related code, have been uploaded to the GitHub (, welcome to HelloX interested friends to download the test and trial, and further feedback...
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Sogou Internet of things operating system HelloX has been successfully ported to the MAX MinnowBoard development board

In the efforts of the HelloX development team, as well as the support of Tech Winzent company (headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden), the latest version of V1.78 HelloX has been successfully ported to MAX MinnowBoard development board. Related source code has been released to the GitHub (, welcome friends to download the test. MinnowBoardMAX is under the support of Intel, developed by Circuit, a base...
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Sogou Constructing the ecological environment of Internet of things based on Internet of things

Recently with the Internet of things industry and mobile Internet industry, a number of senior practitioners have done in-depth exchanges on the concept of the Internet of things operating system and the need for adequate depth of communication. First of all, the concept of the Internet of things operating system is widely recognized. At the same time, the function and status of the Internet of things operating system in the field of Internet of things, and has a further understanding. The following brief summary for the industry's friends for reference. The most basic function of the Internet of things operating system, and Android operating system in the field of mobile Internet status and role of similar. First look at the Android, the largest of its...
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Sogou "Operating system implementation of the road" source code download path and help seeking ways

"Operating system implementation of the road" with the book source code and other related documents, can be downloaded through the following path: Http:// Tip: because the attachment contains compiled China Hello kernel files, these files have a large number of privileged instructions, and therefore may be antivirus engine that is virus files or other illegal files. At this time ignore the virus program alarm, you will not have any impact on the computer. Other related issues for help, technical exchanges...
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Sogou Installation and use of China Hello operating system

As an operating system for fully autonomous development of embedded applications, China Hello has been developed to the V1.75 version. At present, there are more perfect kernel, file system (FAT32/NTFS), graphical user interface, network protocol, modular support and other functions. This paper describes the installation and use of V1.75 in PC, in order to make a communication with the majority of operating system enthusiasts, and hope to be able to test the operating system through practical application. The installation of China Hello on Windows 7 Chin Hello...
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Some thoughts on the development of the domestic operating system

Communicate with friends in the industry, the development and promotion of domestic operating system, there are some personal views, share, welcome friends to criticize and discuss. Here are some of my personal thinking, based on the personal understanding of the industry, as well as personal problems encountered in the operation of the Internet to push the operation of the system. Views are not necessarily accurate, some even some extreme, the purpose is to exchange collision, the "brick", to form a better ideas, the cause of basic software in China to do better. Internet of things is an excellent opportunity to point personal PC computers, smart phones, has formed a solid monopoly situation, and formed a relatively complete...
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Internet of things operating system HelloX Application Programming Guide

Through three ways can HelloX operating system application programming guide HelloX application development overview, in HelloX operating system on the basis of development and application: 1. In an internal command of the application, directly compiled kernel shell in the link to the HelloX. At this time, the execution context of the application code is the context of the shell thread. The application code itself will not become an independent thread; 2 to external command mode application. Directly compiled linked to the HelloX kernel, through the shell to start the application...
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HelloX operating system and China Mobile OneNET networking platform successfully completed docking

HelloX and China mobile physical network platform docking after HelloX project group colleagues to, especially the efforts of tywin (@ hurricane) and the latest version of HelloX V1.78 has been successful in with China Mobile OneNET networking platform for the complete docking. This marks the HelloX operating system has taken a big step forward to the application of the Internet of things. OneNET platform is a China Mobile network companies launched specifically for the Internet of things devices to provide services to the cloud platform, as long as they follow the OneNET access protocol...
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HelloX operating system network features and the use and development of the guide

HelloX network function introduction and use and development guide HelloX network function introduction as the Internet of things operating system, the network function is one of the essential core functions. According to the plan, HelloX implements two different types of TCP/IP protocol stack, a resource constrained embedded applications, the industry is mature and the use of the lwIP protocol stack. The protocol stack is simple and clear, the function is relatively simple, at the same time, the design and optimization of the embedded domain is specially designed and optimized, and the requirement of the hardware resource is very low. Another protocol stack from the BSD operating system protocol stack, for the complex network functions should be rich...
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Internet of things operating system HelloX Developer Guide

HelloX developer getting started guide HelloX is focused on the field of Internet of things operating system development project, you can search through Baidu HelloX, get detailed information. The current development team is being further recruited, welcome to your understanding and join. If you want to join HelloX of the development team, according to the following steps of: 1. First please personally familiar with the operation of HelloX operating system, this is we developed one of the core components, all other components (including the background component and terminal products) are around HelloX operating system deployment. This...
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Thinking on the characteristics and orientation of the Internet of things operation system

The network operating system feature and orientation of thinking in the weekend morning, sitting in the Wudaokou Starbucks coffee shop, slowly sipping a slightly bitter Iced Americano, chewing occasionally from the straw in the suction of caramel grain, looking to stay in the vehicle window shuttling back and forth, mood is lax. For a long time there was no such leisure and relaxation. I remember the first time to drink Starbucks's American (Americano) coffee, seemingly in 2004, in the Middle East of Bahrain to do the project, with the exchange of customers at the time. Time is the weekend, the exchange place in a Starbucks coffee shop. There are two customers, the name is very Arabia,...
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Internet of things operating system V1.78 HelloX beta version of the official release

After HelloX development team of nearly four months of efforts, in HelloX V1.77 version, increased many functional properties, and further optimized version of the V1.77 characteristics, officially formed beta version of HelloX v1.78. After testing and verification of the relative to the full, now officially released. Related code, have been uploaded to the githu (, welcome to HelloX interested friends to download the test and trial, and further feedback...
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The new year, let us go hand in hand

The new year, let us walk hand in hand in the twinkling of an eye in the past year, briefly summarize the main situation in 2014 and 2015 in some preliminary planning, the purpose of which is to hope that more colleagues to join networking operating system to promote the development and work in. In 2014, whether it is the HelloX operating system itself, or the concept and mode of the Internet of things operating system, there are more obvious progress. First of all, after a year of efforts, HelloX itself has a greater degree of improvement, has a direct application of the standard: 1 successfully transplanted to M3 STM32 based on MC Cortex...
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HelloXV1.77 network function introduction

HelloXV1.77 network function to do a greater degree of strengthening, the industry has been widely used in the industry lwIP protocol stack, and do a lot of optimization work, some of the amendments to the bug. At the same time, the realization of a network character interface application, you can debug the network function. At the same time, it implements an abstract Ethernet management framework (Framework Ethernet), which implements a set of standard network driver interface, which shields the difference between different network drivers. In this way, the different hardware, the driver code is different, but as long as you follow this...
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Internet of things operating system V1.77 HelloX (beta) version released

Internet of things operating system V1.77 HelloX released after nearly six months of efforts, the Internet of things operating system V1.77 HelloX version was officially completed, the source code has been uploaded to GitHub ( This version mainly supports the following characteristics: extended 1. Customized, by using the macro definition to the kernel tailoring to below 20K, to meet the needs of low hardware configuration. At the same time, if all the features are added, the size can reach about 500K,...
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Reply to several questions of XX Securities newspaper about the operation system of the Internet of things

XX Securities Journal asked a few questions about networking and networking operating system, personal expression of the some humble opinion, published here, and industry friends to communicate and discuss. ...
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Smart home system architecture based on the Internet of things operating system HelloX

This paper describes the framework of the smart home platform, is an experimental project is being practiced by the author, is also an attempt to establish a smart home order or platform effort. Written here, for the majority of friends in the industry to criticize. The establishment of rules and platforms, is a process full of random and random process, the need for all people who love the Internet industry or organizations to try. The results of the trial, for most people and organizations, will be a failure. But our attempt should not be aimed at the success of individuals or organizations, but the success of the entire industry. Standing on this point, you will find that, regardless of you try the results, for the development of the industry as a whole are favorable, from this point of view, any attempt at trying to build platform and rules are successful. Therefore, the author is holding the inevitable failure of the...
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GitHub project HelloX Collaborative Development Guide

In order to improve the efficiency of collaborative development, HelloX project has been hosted on the GitHub website. According to the progress of the development, create the following several sub projects: HelloX operating system kernel project: Https:// Https:// operating system GUI module project: STM32 transplantation version oriented Https:// Https://
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