Introduction to Python zero foundation, pure dry goods! [summary of Python basic knowledge points]

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Recently, the blogger has summarized and sorted out the basic knowledge points of python that are often used to deepen the impression, which can also be regarded as a summary and review of learning this language. Later bloggers will gradually share advanced content about python. Please look forward to it.

If you want to master the children's shoes developed in Python from zero foundation, you can also refer to the knowledge points shared by the blogger ~ ~ the following are the basic Python knowledge points sorted and summarized by the blogger, which are divided into 8 chapters:

Python basic introduction points summary portal

Chapter 1 understanding Python and pycharm, a common integrated development environment for Python

Chapter II notes, basic use of variables and naming of variables

Chapter 3 operators, judgment if statements, while and for loops

Chapter IV list, tuple, dictionary, string variable use, variable advanced

Chapter V function basis and function advanced order

Chapter VI object oriented Foundation

Chapter 7 three object-oriented features and single case design pattern

Chapter 8 file reading and writing operations, modules and packages, and exceptions

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