Basic introduction to linux series -- Chapter 1 basic use of common linux commands

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Basic use of common linux commands

01. Reasons for learning Linux terminal commands

  • When Linux was first introduced, there was no graphical interface, and all operations were completed by commands, such asDisk operationFile accessDirectory operationProcess managementfile rightSetting, etc
  • In the workplace, a large number ofServer maintenanceAll inlong-rangePassSSH clientThere is no graphical interface. All maintenance work needs to be completed through commands
  • In the workplace, as a back-end programmer, you must more or less master some terminal commands commonly used in Linux
  • There are about 200 commands in the Linux distribution, but there are only more than 10 commonly used commands

Learn the skills of terminal command:

  • There is no need to memorize. If you use more common commands, you will remember them naturally
  • Don't try to learn all commands at once. Some commands are very uncommon. If you encounter them temporarily, you can use Baidu temporarily

02. Basic use of common linux commands

Serial numbercommandCorresponding Englisheffect
01lslistView the contents of the current folder
02pwdprint work directoryView current folder
03CD [directory name]change directorySwitch folders
04Touch [file name]touchIf the file does not exist, create a new file
05MKDIR [directory name]make directoryCreate directory
06RM [file name]removeDeletes the specified file name
07clearclearClear screen


  • ctrl + shift + = enlargeFont display of terminal window
  • ctrl + - narrowFont display of terminal window

03. Automatic completion

  • Knocking outfilecataloguecommandAfter the first few letters of, presstabKey
    • If there is no ambiguity in the input, the system will complete it automatically
    • If there are otherfilecataloguecommand, click againtabKey, the system will prompt for possible commands


  • PressupperlowerThe cursor keys can switch back and forth between commands that have been used
  • If you want to exit the selection and do not want to execute the currently selected command, you can pressctrl + c

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