Blog integration rules

Blog points is CSDN recognition and reward for the user's efforts, is also an important standard to measure the level of the blog. Blog grade will be the only decision by the blog points. Integration rules are as follows:

  • 1, each published an original or translation articles: 10 points can be obtained;
  • 2, each published an article: can get 2 points;
  • 3, the blogger's article was once every comment: can get 1 points;
  • 4, each published a review: access to 1 points (their own comments, the blogger replies comment does not get points);
  • 5, the number of blog posts per more than 100 times: 1 points, the highest point of reading points added to 100 points, that is, tens of thousands of times the deadline;
  • 6, the article was voted: Top 1 votes plus 1 points, 1 votes to step 1;
  • 7, the article has been deleted by the administrator or blogger, the corresponding less blogger based on the scores obtained by the blog post;
  • 8, comments by the administrator or bloggers remove, minus the corresponding commentators and Bo main based on the review of their scores (bloggers reducing integral does not dynamically real-time removed is a fixed time each week to clean up);
  • 9, in addition to the creation of a corresponding copy of the report function, once the report confirmed that a copy of the original article, will be deducted from the article the corresponding score.

Blog class

Grade Required integral
V1 Zero
V2 One hundred
V3 Five hundred
V4 One thousand
V5 Two thousand
V6 Five thousand
V7 Ten thousand
V8 Thirty thousand
V9 Fifty thousand
V10 One hundred thousand
V11 Two hundred thousand
V12 Three hundred thousand
V13 Five hundred thousand
V14 Eight hundred thousand
V15 One million

C currency rules (trial operation)

What is the C currency?

C currency is the latest introduction of the CSDN exchange mechanism for rewarding users to contribute to the value of the community. Users in a channel to get C coins, you can change the forum available points, Download points, CSDN souvenirs, prizes, CSDN college courses, etc..

More points for gifts, please look forward to the CSDN exchange platform on the line!

How to get C coins on the blog channel? (C currency trial operation period, CSDN has the right to adjust the rules of the C currency)

behavior Get C coins explain
1 blog posts for each increase of 300 One Each to a maximum of 10 C money, namely post reading reached 3000 will no longer get C coins
博客专家每月原创、翻译文章数>=4 Twenty This is a monthly reward, in early next month, the settlement
普通用户每月原创、翻译文章数>=4 Ten This is a monthly reward, in early next month, the settlement
Apply for a blog post and add 5 or more posts Twenty One person can apply for a number of columns, each person can only receive 1 C coins reward
Get CSDN annual blog star One hundred This is an annual award for the award of the CSDN blog of the year
CSDN blog contest winners Fifty This is an annual award for the award in the CSDN blog contest winners of the user
Bloggers have been named CSDN blog experts Fifty Blogger was named after the blog experts, can be a one-time gain of 50 C coins reward
Blog from other sites to move to CSDN Thirty The blogger blog from other websites moved to CSDN, and can obtain 30 C Award

promptIf you delete a blog post, then you get all the C coins through this blog post, will be deducted from the system.

Blog expert

CSDN blog experts are currently divided into 4 kinds, namely, blog experts, special experts, industry experts, honorary experts.

Blog expert
"Blog expert" is the CSDN to give high quality, the influence of the larger IT class blog honorary title, on behalf of the CSDN official on its blog.

What will become a blog expert:

  • 1, the expert Medal (CSDN honor)
  • 2, hand docking (intimate service)
  • 3, the article recommended (excellent article and blogger promotion)
  • 4, the timing of gifts (CSDN custom)
  • 5, a variety of technical conference tickets (sharing exchange platform)
  • 6, community Q & a guest (to become a star)
  • 7, online training guests

CSDN blog expert is not a full-time or part-time management of CSDN blog, do not have the power to manage the CSDN blog, their views and acts on behalf of individuals, does not represent the official position of CSDN.

At present blog experts according to 9 technical areas to divide.

Special expert
If has greater influence in the field of it, but did not achieve the terms of the application of expert blog users can be recommended by the existing blog experts recommended, or CSDN editorial department, temporarily become "special expert", to be reached blog of experts, then turned into a formal expert bloggers. The user application as such as has not yet reached the CSDN blog experts should have the conditions, "special expert" identity removed within six months of a "special expert".
Industry Masters
"Industry experts" is a cooperative relationship with the CSDN website expert users.
Honor expert
CSDN blog expert within six months if not released any original or translation blog, the blog expert status will automatically be canceled, turn for the blog channel honorary professors, enter the blog channel honor list of experts, can not continue to enjoy the benefits of expert blog. Hope to restore the identity of the blog experts can be re applied,Click here to apply blog experts

How to become a blogger

Apply for CSDN blog experts should have the conditions
1.IT class of the total number of original articles more than 20, and within the last month released a new class of IT original article.
2 the total amount of blog browsing more than 50 thousand times.
3 the quality of the content of the article is very high.
4. Enterprise, team and other non personal opened blog, need original it in a total of more than 40 articles and last month released new original it articles, blog post total browses a quantity more than 10 million times to apply expert blog.
. if has greater influence in the field of it, but has not yet reached the application conditions of the users can be recommended by the existing blog experts recommended, or CSDN editorial department, temporarily become "special expert", to be reached in the above conditions, then turned into a formal expert bloggers. The user application to become the "special expert" within six months if not yet reached CSDN blog specialist should have the conditions, "special expert" identity to cancel.

CSDN has opened a blog expert online application function,Click here to apply blog experts

Blog Medal

Blog expert
CSDN to give higher quality, greater influence of the honorary title of the IT class blog, on behalf of the official CSDN on its blog. To become an expert in blog will get us a series of service, such as on the head and symbolic expert Medal of honor, hand docking provides the service, the article get more chance to recommend, not receiving regular CSDN gift, priority access to CSDN held various meetings of the tickets.
Associate expert
Grant to actively publish original or translation IT class blog, and the quality is higher, but temporary fashion has not reached the standard of blog experts active users. From the date of the award of the medal within six months, the blog articles to achieve expert standards will be directly promoted to blog experts, not to reach the standard is full six months after the "quasi experts" medal automatically recovered. Active publication of the original IT technology blog users can click here to apply.
Grant 4 or more than 4 or of the original or translation of the original or translation of the user. A thousand miles, not small streams to into a river, the process of life needs unremittingly to accumulate the wonderful! This medal will be based on the 1 day of the month according to the user's blog published by the system automatically issued by the system.
专栏达人Column up
Grant success to create a personal blog column and add more than five (including five) blog posts in the column. Blog column is the CSDN blog channel series of technical articles focus on display, concentration technology essence. This medal will be successfully created and added to the column after more than five articles, automatically issued by the system.
博客之星Blog star
Awarded in the "CSDN annual blog Star Award" in the "blog star" title of the user. In order to encourage professional, willing to share the majority of CSDN blog users. Each year in December the CSDN blog star selection, comprehensive expert assessment and the results of the public vote, named "CSDN" the star of the blog ".
微软MVPMicrosoft MVP
Microsoft is most value of expert (MVP) is Microsoft specifically granted to have one or more of the Microsoft technology professional knowledge, actively participate in community activities in online or offline, always share the knowledge and professional skills and other professionals, in the Microsoft technology community with outstanding expert. CSDN and Microsoft cooperation, to provide users with long-term application "Microsoft is most value of expert" (MVP) platform, hope for Microsoft is most value of expert "and already have corresponding conditions of blog users actively participate in, CSDN can generation is recommended. We will notify the user when the application starts at MVP, please pay attention to the latest CSDN blog home page.

Blog column

Blog column is CSDN blog channel series of technical articles focus on the show. Each CSDN bloggers can establish a blog column to organize, manage and display their own series of blog posts. CSDN blog channel editor will regularly recommend the essence of blog column. Bloggers can click here to apply for the creation of a blog column, after the audit, the blogger can continue to edit the column update, more systematic and the majority of users to share personal technical experience.
Bo Lord canclick hereApplication to open a blog column, after the audit, the blogger can continue to edit the column update, to the majority of users to share personal technical experience.
Column application standard
1 applicants CSDN personal blog original technical blog articles to more than 15.
2 application column theme clear, detailed and clear, and with the IT technology.
Column up
Grant success to create a personal blog column and add more than five (including five) blog posts in the column. Blog column is the CSDN blog channel series of technical articles focus on display, concentration technology essence. This medal will be successfully created and added to the column after more than five articles, automatically issued by the system.

Blog moving

CSDN introduced blog move function, currently supports the following site for the relocation of Blog: blog Park, ITeye, Sina, Sohu, with dispatch, ChinaUnix, Netease, 51CTO.
IT is the CSDN technology website, welcome to release the original or translated IT technology blog, non IT technology blog will not provide moving services.
Bo Lord canclick hereApply for a blog to move
1 original blog data will not be lost, still retained.
2 if you move after the blog pictures did not show that you can manually modify the blog, re upload pictures.
3 only a public blog or article can be imported successfully, the following conditions will affect the import effect.
1) your blog or the article set up access to the site;
2) your site outside the blog does not support the public view;
4 if detected malicious import, your blog use will be affected.
Statement: CSDN users to complete the need to move the blog to complete the relocation of the blog for the user's own blog, such as the relocation of non users of the consequences of my blog by the user himself.

Blog recommendation

All CSDN bloggers have the opportunity to recommend their blog to the blog channel home page. Select "Bowen released posted to the CSDN blog page" radio frame.
User recommended requirements:
A. Bo Master points need more than 100 points, or can not recommend their own blog posts to the channel.
B. ordinary users have 5 times a day to recommend their blog post to the blog channel home page, blog experts no limit.
C. recommended to channel home must be high quality, the original article for others to help.
D. released to the home page, once removed by the administrator, 3 days will not be allowed to recommend articles to the blog page.

CSDN blog user guidelines

First CSDN blog belongs to the CSDN website, is the communication IT technology based network community.
Second in order to protect the healthy development of CSDN blog, protect the legitimate rights and interests of users, regulate information release behavior, according to the relevant laws and regulations of the state, the development of this standard.
Third CSDN blog users to publish their own content independent responsibility, CSDN blog does not involve any political topic, please forgive my friends.
Blog behavior rules

First CSDN blog all users must abide by the relevant laws and regulations of the people's Republic of China and the provisions of the CSDN blog. Prohibited publication of slander, insult, slander others, inciting subversion of state power of speech and disclosure of state secrets; prohibited: violence, obscenity, pornography, superstition, advocate of racial discrimination, undermine national unity of speech and news; users: the only on behalf of the his personal point of view, has nothing to do with the CSDN. Users must undertake all because of their own behavior, and directly or indirectly lead to civil, administrative or criminal liability. In any case, CSDN does not have any responsibility for the accuracy, validity, completeness, and any loss or damage caused by the content of the content. The content published by the user only represents a personal point of view, has nothing to do with CSDN.

Second users in the CSDN registration need to follow the prompts to fill in detailed personal information, and to ensure the authenticity of the information. In the personal information changes, the user has the responsibility to modify personal information in a timely manner. If the user provides personal information is not accurate, CSDN reserves the right to end users to use the network service provided by the site. When users need help or dispute, because they can not confirm the user's identity and its use rights, not enough to provide users with the corresponding help brought about by all the consequences of their own.

Third without user authorization, CSDN will not open, edit or disclose their personal registration information, except for the following reasons:

  • 1 according to the requirements of the laws or administrative rules and regulations of the people's Republic of china;
  • 2 according to the requirements of the national security agency, public security department and other authority of the people's Republic of China, or in accordance with the requirements of the relevant legal procedures;
  • 3 to maintain CSDN's trademark rights and other lawful rights and interests;
  • 4 in an emergency, to maintain the security of the individual, the individual and the public;
  • 5 in line with other relevant requirements.

Fourth users to register and activate the success, they will become the official user CSDN. Official users have CSDN blog provides all rights should be enjoyed by the user. Users need to be responsible for the security of their user name and password. Each user should take full responsibility for all activities and events that are carried out by their user name. Users can change their passwords at any time. If users find any illegal use of user accounts, passwords, or the presence of security vulnerabilities, please immediately notify the CSDN.

Blog speech rules

First CSDN blog users enjoy the right to free speech; users must be responsible for their own remarks, the user has to modify, delete the right to publish their own articles.

Second CSDN blog users shall not be published in the CSDN blog contains the following content of the speech, otherwise the CSDN blog has the right to dispose of and shall not notify the user:

  • 1 violation of the basic principles of the constitution;
  • 2 endangering national security, revealing state secrets, subversion of state power, the destruction of national unity;
  • 3 damage to national honor and interests;
  • 4 to incite ethnic hatred, ethnic discrimination, undermine the unity of the nation;
  • 5 the destruction of the national religious policy, to promote the cult and feudal superstition;
  • 6 spread rumors, disrupt social order, undermine social stability;
  • 7 spreading obscene, pornographic, gambling, violence, terrorism or criminal;
  • 8 insult or slander others, infringe upon the lawful rights and interests of others;
  • 9 inciting unlawful assembly, association and demonstrations, and disturb the social order;
  • 10 in the name of illegal non-governmental organizations activities;
  • 11 containing other contents prohibited by laws and administrative regulations;
  • 12 in violation of the principles of the CSDN community, the release of non IT technical content and user complaints;

Third without the consent of the CSDN, the ban on the blog post any form of advertising.

Blog management rules

First CSDN blog management rights by the blog administrator -CSDN official staff as.

Article 2 all malicious damage to the normal order of the blog channel (including but not limited to malicious voting, brush flow, brush comment, using custom sections for the spread of the virus, advertisement, illegal information) user will be, as the seriousness of the case will be given a warning or ban processing.

supplementary articles

Any psychological, physical injury or economic disputes and losses that occur or may occur through a blog acquaintance, communication between the first CSDN blog users, CSDN does not assume any responsibility.

Second local rules and regulations which conflict with the laws and regulations of the State shall prevail in the conflict of these rules and regulations. CSDN has the right of final interpretation of this rule. This clause shall enter into force as of the date of promulgation!

Markdown help

Welcome to Markdown # blog editor
The Markdown editor using [StackEdit][6] to modify, use it to write blog, will bring a new experience oh:
- **Markdown and extend Markdown concise syntax * * * * *.
* * * code block highlighting * *
* * picture links and pictures upload * *
- ***LaTex* mathematical formula * *
- **UML sequence diagram and flow chart * *
* * offline blog * * * * *
* * * import export Markdown file * *
* * * a rich shortcut * * * * * * *
## shortcuts
- `Ctrl + B`.
Italic - `Ctrl + I`
- reference `Ctrl + Q`
- insert link `Ctrl + L`
- insert the code `Ctrl + K`
Insert picture `Ctrl + G`
- to enhance the title of `Ctrl + H`
- an ordered list of `Ctrl + O`
- out of order list `Ctrl + U`
- line `Ctrl + R`
- undo `Ctrl + Z`
- redo `Ctrl + Y`
## and Markdown extension
>Markdown is a lightweight markup language, which allows people to use easy to read and write in plain text format documentation, and then converted into rich format of HTML pages. -[Wikipedia]
Some text markup for * * * * (bold or italic * and create a link [] with reference grammar help ( Using simple symbols to identify the different title.
This editor supports Extra** **Markdown, which extends a lot of good use of the function. Specific please refer to [Github][2].
### table
Extra** **Markdown table syntax:
Item price
| -.
Computer $1600
Phone $12
Pipe $1
You can use a colon to define alignment:
The number of the price of the project of the project of the
|: - - |: |:: |
Computer 1600 yuan to 5 yuan of
Phone 12 yuan to 12 yuan of
Pipe 1 yuan to 234 yuan of
### definition list
Extra** **Markdown definition list syntax:
Item 1
Item 2
Definition of A
Definition of B
Item 3
Definition of C
Definition of D
>Define D content
### code block
The code block syntax follows the standard markdown code, for example:
Somefunc def (param1='', param2=0):
if param1 >Param2: interesting #
Return (Param1 - param2 + 1) None or
SomeClass: class
>>>Message ='''interpreter
### footnote
Generate a footnote [^footnote].
[^footnote]: here is the * * * * * *. The content of footnotes
### directory
Use `[TOC]` to generate the directory:
### mathematical formula
Use MathJax rendering *LaTex* mathematical formula, see [][1].
- line formula, the mathematical formula: $\Gamma (n) = (n-1) n\in\mathbb N$\quad\forall.
Block level formula:
\dfrac{-b \pm \sqrt{b^2 - x = $$$$4ac}}{2a}
For more LaTex syntax, please refer to [here][3].
Figure UML ###:
Can render sequence diagram:
张三->Li Si: Hey, fourth, write a blog?
Right of Note Li Si: Lee four Leng for a while, said:
李四-->Zhang San: busy vomiting blood, which have time to write.
Flow chart:
st=>Start: start
e=>End: end
op=>Operation: my operation
cond=>Condition: confirmation?
- * * * * * * * * syntax syntax, refer to [here][4],
* * * * * * * syntax, reference [here][5].
## offline blog
Even users without network, also can through the off-line editor to write a blog (directly in the browser have been used in the input [] ( can be. **Markdown editor * * * use the browser to store the contents in the local offline.
In the process of writing a blog, the content is stored in the browser cache in real time, and the content is not lost when the user closes the browser or other abnormal conditions. When users open the browser again, it will show that the last user is editing not published.
After the blog is published, the local cache will be deleted.
Users can chooseSave the written blog to the server drafts, even if you change the browser or clear the cache, the content will not be lost.
>* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * although most of the time the browser is more reliable, but for your data security.
## browser compatibility
1 at present, the editor of the Chrome browser to support the most complete. Suggest that you use a newer version of the Chrome.
3 IE9 the following does not support
4 IE9, 10, 11 have the following problems
1 does not support offline features
1 IE9 does not support file import and export
1 IE10 does not support drag and drop file import
[ 2 ]:”下一页额外的”
[ 3 ]:
[ 4 ]:
[ 5 ]:
[ 6 ]: