[mobile development] L2CAP data sending and receiving expert

ACL link in Bluetooth is very important, some important applications such as A2DP, based on the application of BNEP, RFCOMM and so on are to establish the ACL link, send / receive ACL packets. Together with everyone to analyze the ACL packet transmission / reception process, and related to the important command/event. ACL packet send The following figure (click the big picture) is a variety of application layer using API:L2CA_DataWrite L2CAP to send data flow process, this A...

[comprehensive] [my book] Shader Unity book - Directory (2016.1.29 update) expert

Write in front Thanks for all the friends who came in. Yes, I'm going to write a book about Shader Unity. Purpose of the book are the following: Summarize the course I have been in contact with Shader Unity, and give a reference to other people. I am very aware of the difficulties of learning Shader, in the group also met a lot of people put forward the problem. I feel that learning shader or a things to follow the law, but the problem is Chinese data tapes, and everybody is not willing to go to English. What good will it do to me? Force me to sort out the knowledge, to grasp the details of the problem more clearly...

[Web front end Input-file Bootstrap expert

Input-file Bootstrap is an excellent photo manipulation plugin. ...

Bootstrap Input-flie

[programming language] Image editing Poisson algorithm to achieve the Matlab code analysis expert

Before I sent a series of blog posts to carefully study the Image Editing Poisson algorithm, each time to re-examine and in-depth, as if there is a more profound understanding of the very big harvest. This should be regarded as the end of my series, will use the Matlab code one point one points of the demonstration, the author in the end is how to design and implement his powerful and far-reaching algorithm. I hope you look at this article before you must refer to the article to understand the principle of the algorithm, this paper will be mainly to explain the problem of programming. ...

Poisson image processing algorithm Image Editin Poisson Matlab

Cloud computing Kicked off the big change (bottom): the framework of distributed computing and big data expert

Because of large data processing needs, making our continuous expansion of computing capacity and cluster computing requirements lead to birth in the framework of distributed computing, cheap cluster computing resources within a short period of time to complete the past few weeks or even months of operation to wait, have said who mastered the huge data, who is leading the demand. Although in the past 10 years, through the accumulation of the past few decades, the birth of the MapReduce, the birth of the distributed file system, the birth of the dominant level spark, do not know this is not distributed computing framework, which is the end of, if there's a next generation framework that must come from larger scale data, I think...

Distributed computing Spark

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[mobile development] About App programmers bubble expert

Development for almost seven years, for programmers, layman total tens of satire and misunderstanding, but we are too lazy to explain. Code handling workers or workers worth mentioning, as they go to say. But the programmer of the recent spread of the Internet bubble, especially app programmers foam article led to many of our young colleagues had doubts, so I this to hide the long eloquent old programmer reinstated to chat chat the topic of this app programmers foam. ...

programmer App Android

Cloud computing 2016 mathematical modeling of the United States and the title of the original text and translation -A [personal ideas]

Use the model to determine which of your strategies depends on the shape and size of the barrel, the shape of the person / volume / temperature of the bathtub, and the extent of the movement of the person in the bathtub. If the other side uses a bubble bath additives, and initially filled the bath in the wash assist, how will this affect the results of your model? ...

mathematical modeling MCM ICM

[comprehensive] Tu drug approved the thinking behind expert

Today, a news said Tu youyou of approval for a new drug for the treatment of lupus erythematosus research achievements, but between the lines but read the title other than the meaning. It is worth our thinking. ...

learning Research review

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[programming language] The beauty of the _ algorithm source code release (5) expert

Quest world algorithm, search data structure; collection of classic problem, free to enjoy the fun of programming techniques; coaching job focus, knocking world famous enterprises the door opened. This thesis has compiled the algorithmic beauty, hidden in the data structure behind the language "(published by publishing house of electronics industry in 2016) a Book 5 of chapter code (P149~P183). The maze, Hanoi problem, the eight queens problem, the problem of infectious diseases, one for the classical problem is struck! Classic written interview questions, see link reference answer Q. ...

data structure C++ algorithm recursion

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[programming language] Java multi threading (a) Condition Race phenomenon and the causes of the phenomenon

Reproduced please indicate the source http://prog3.com/sbdm/blog/xingjiarong/article/details/47603813 What is the race condition first, what is a race condition, the race condition Chinese translation is competitive conditions, refers to multiple processes or threads concurrent access and operate on the same data and the implementation of results with access specific sequences of related phenomena. In other words, it is the order of the data between the thread or process that determines the data modification...


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[comprehensive] Python build chat robot micro channel subscription number

Python uses AIML and tornado build chat robot micro channel subscription AIML, full name for artificial intelligence markup language (artificial intelligence markup language) is a creating a natural language software agents of XML language, by Richard Wallace, and around the world of the free software community in invented from 1995 to 2002. Its prototype is called "A.L.I.C.E." ("Linguistic Artificial"...

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[mobile development] According to the dynamic calculation of the iPhone6 value of the REM design expert

REM units in the mobile terminal to do the H5 development is the most frequently used units. In order to solve the adaptive problem, we need to dynamically add font-size value to the document node. Using mediaquery can solve this problem, but each file is referenced to a large string of font-size value is very cumbersome, and the value can not achieve a continuous effect. Using the JS dynamic calculation to document the fopnt-size dynamic assignment to solve the problem. / * * * [to iPhone6 design draft for example JS dynamic setting document rem...

Rem Iphone6 Javascript Font-size

Cloud computing C MCM-2016 title

PROBLEM C: The Challenge Goodgrant Goodgrant Foundation The is a charitable organization that wants to help improve educational performance of undergraduates attending colleges and universiti...

mathematical modeling MCM ICM

[introduction] ANDROID development of BUG specifically speaking

Said Zhu Geliang is an excellent program ape, each kit is prepared with different case! But good program apes are no match for better bug! Alstroemeria prayer mountain, seven into the Central Plains, spared no efforts in the until Zhuge Liang only because of a wrong case Ma Su, the whole structure is break!   BUG is really a very boring thing, it is always in your thinking that you have to beat it out when you jump out to laugh at you. How can I get these annoying BUG? I want to start from DEBUG. Here to just contact the novice programming...

[mobile development] Design EditText learning Material (powerful, better than the system comes, thanks to "throw line")

Reprint please indicate the source: Daniel king in a hurry before continuing the material design process, today is the EditText, source material in http://www.rengwuxian.com/post/materialedittext (then the code explain part you can see the original author of the document, I here to instilling knowledge theory on OK, conducted by the authors is very comprehensive, I don't know to say what the only 6666666) Daniel of the library has the widespread recognition and acceptance, the EditText part...

Design Android library Material

Cloud computing 2016 mathematical modeling of the United States and the title of the original text and translation -B [personal ideas]

PROBLEM B: Space Junk Amount of The small debris in orbit around Earth has been a growing concern. It is estimated that more than pieces space of debris also called orbital debris a...

MCM ICM mathematical modeling

[programming language] RMI Java from the basic example to the use of securityManager and then to RMI spring in the RMI SSL

What is RMI, refer to the RMI remote call section. Well, a lot of people say that RMI is no use, the direct use of WebService on it. But I think simple, only for remote invocation between developed their own series of Java software when RMI or has its own advantages, so I did some research, online reference many examples, to figure out a way to do secure RMI remote call. A simple example, through this example, the first to build a simple RMI call environment. RMI package...

RMI SSL SecurityManager RMi spring Spring

[mobile development] On the image load of the three level cache (a)

The principle of image three level cache is introduced briefly. 1, memory cache 2, the local cache 3, network cache...


[comprehensive] Oracle is about to remove the Applet plugin expert

Oracle announced that it will end the browser Applet plug-in. The move is expected to come later than expected, in recent years, the browser Applet plug-in has become the best target for hackers and malware writers. CISCO in a security report in 2014 pointed out that up to 91% of the attacks are targeted at Java...

Oracle Applet plug-in unit remove security

[programming language] Using nngraph LSTM to achieve Torch

What is RNN RNN: multi layer feedback RNN (neural Network Recurrent, recurrent neural network) neural network is a kind of artificial neural network which is connected to the ring. The internal state of the network can display dynamic time series behavior. Unlike feedforward neural networks, RNN can use its internal memory to process arbitrary timing input sequences, which allows it to be more easily processed such as non segmented handwriting recognition, speech recognition, etc.. - Baidu Encyclopedia Here we look at the abstract out of the RNN formula: Ht= 6 (HT - 1) + X...

Torch machine learning LSTM

[Internet] 2.6.3 BlockPlacementPolicy Hadoop analysis

BlockPlacementPolicy is the BlockPlacementPolicyDefault implementation class, you can achieve their own class, with the dfs.block.replicator.classname parameters to configure your implementation class. Let's look at the interface instructions: Following method to store a data block copy writer choose numOfReplicas data node and data block size for the blocksize. If the quantity is not enough numOfReplic...

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[mobile development] A simple example to explain the invalidate (), requestLayout () (commonly known as the need to know)

Reprint please indicate the source: Daniel Wang miscellany pays these days are in that painting material design things (portal: http://prog3.com/sbdm/blog/ddwhan0123/article/details/50595766), then inside has appeared invalidate () method today wrote a simple example that talk about this method. First up and down the effect of the experiment: Reason: the progress of the operation of the progress bar yesterday, small partners have asked why there is no animation instead of turning + re painting, re painting is what the operation...

Android View UI

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[mobile development] [Native React development] Native React control of the DrawerLayoutAndroid drawer navigation switch components to explain (13) expert

(a) objective [good news of] personal website has been running on the line, behind the blog and dry goods, such as excellent articles will update, please attention: http://www.lcode.org today we with the view of a drawer DrawerLayoutAndroid navigation switch controls the explanation and basic. Creation react's native technology exchange group 282693535, welcome you Daniel, react native technology enthusiasts.

Native react Drawerlayoutandroid Drawerlayoutandroid group drawer Navigation switch

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[mobile development] Bitmap Android is too large to cause ImageView does not display the problem

Today we smart albums of the project encountered very magical. When the picture is too big, cause ImageView.setImageBitmap does not show, on the online search a lot of ways, feeling is not so reliable. Finally, the simple and crude means: //Bitmap too large to be uploaded into a texture BM Bitmap = BitmapFactory.decodeFile (imagePath); Display...


[mobile development] IPC Android mechanism (four) using ContentProvider to process inter process communication expert

ContentProvider provides a unified interface for storing and acquiring data, which can be used to share data between different applications, and is suitable for the process of inter process communication. ContentProvider bottom implementation is also Binder, but it is much easier to use than AIDL. The system also made a lot of ContentProvider, for example, the address book, audio and video, etc., these operations itself is the process of cross communication. This article is mainly for us to realize the process of using ContentProvider to communicate between the process, rather than the introduction of ContentP...

Android IPC signal communication

[mobile development] Android about some of the things on the screen

Android thousands of resolution so that we developers have a headache, then we can not solve its veil to appreciate the essence of it? The following is to take everyone to make such a wonderful sightseeing. First, an overview Android of the screen adaptation is a problem of concern, and the UI, UE is generally in accordance with the IOS from a set and Android also control the to do, to art little sister want to speak clearly DP is a prohibitively difficult to do. First come to understand the relationship between these points. ...

Android screen Screen physical size Mobile tablet judgment

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[comprehensive] (translation) 2016 American Mathematical Modeling F MCM (Policy) translation: Refugee migration policy modeling

PROBLEM F:Modeling Refugee Immigration Policies Hundreds of With thousands of refugees moving across Europe and more arriving each day considerable attention has been given to refugee integ...

policy Mycell mathematical modeling

[comprehensive] CSDN blog column decoration expert

Chinese new year, the companies are in the sun at the end of the year award, the annual meeting. Millet company is said to be in the annual meeting, there are free to decorate the house. As a loyal user of CSDN, today I will teach you how to free your own CSDN blog for decoration. Add a reward function before I wrote an article about CSDN blog added a reward function needs the, address: http://prog3.com/sbdm/blog/xmtblog/article/details/50371814 although so far CSDN is not achieved, but as a programmer we can indirectly.

A reward CSDN blog post Custom columns CSDN

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[comprehensive] A proof of departure and competition terms expert

If you just from a company in Guangzhou turnover and to the new company in Beijing entry. As a result, you don't have in Guangzhou do prove to leave, so that you may be quite "sad reminder of the, you probably need to return to Guangzhou to find an original company for, and had not" bird "you. While competition terms more people miserable, a monthly salary of only a few thousand yuan to sign your occupation competition terms? You sign or not to sign, signed as if eating a fly, do not sign and temporarily can not find a better job. ...

leaving certificate Non competition clause

[comprehensive] Along the way, the sword like dream expert

In the growth of the road, looking back to whether the feeling is a sword like dream? Kill you mercilessly knock on the keyboard keys, and finally see the program is expected to output the correct results, long spit a sigh of relief. Point of a cigarette, looked around, alone, it is a long night. In a fix bug and empty lonely sorrow, you have lost. Can not remember this is your first repair of the number of bug, and even remember that this is your participation in the development and maintenance of the first few systems. As a swordsman walk for many years in this arena, do not remember how many people died in his sword, the sword...

grow up