"His grace" OR "and the rain descends this summer," you say

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Summer has been to, all free.

Summer in the eyes of the ancients VSSummer in your eyes

The summer in the eyes of the ancients:

Energy-saving, Furong to face both sides. Wang Changling: "this song"

Every season in Huangmei, rain, grass, ponds, frogs everywhere. Zhao Shixiu: "about customer"

At first, Yan Song, pillow, let me drunk sleep. Zhou Bangyan "Mantingfang - Lishui Wuxiang mountain" for the summer


Summer in your eyes:

Or, yes:


One thousand people have one thousand "summer" in their eyes". Some people in the summer "bridges", some people in the summer air conditioning "Wi-Fi", some people "a watermelon to eat a bowl, a bed and a summer", some people every day ""......

However, this summer, for many developers, will be more challenging for a year - the HUAWEI AnyOffice mobile operators report development competition on June 2nd -7 31 fiery strikes, in the warmest two months, whether you want to "get" or "grace", as long as the rain equitably with your creativity and dream, everything is possible (Nothing is impossible)!


-- -- -- -- -- -- -- I am the dividing line of AnyOffice mobile operation report development contest -- -- -- -- -- --

I'm a developer

Once, there is a idea right in front of me, I would like to cherish,

But suffer from no supporting environmental support landing attempt,

Creative sparks go out, I'm too late to regret,

The most painful thing in the world......

If God could give me one more chance,

I must make the birth of "idea"

If you have to give it a life time limit,

I hope so, ten thousand years!



Down down down

"HUAWEI AnyOffice mobile operating reporting contestOfficially opened

Down down down

This contest, designed to help developers, the dream into reality, provide technical support for all participants, including the "AnyOffice experience" cloud environment, data dictionary, interface documentation, development guide, help achieve business innovation landing, achievement self value.


For every one who had dreams, AnyOffice mobile operators report development contest "and the rain descends".


Developers enroll in the competition, you can join"Mobile crowdsourcing development contest group""Group of professionals to receive advice; at the same time, during the competition, HUAWEI AnyOffice will host many gamesOnline trainingandOffline SalonActivities, developers have the opportunity to work with the industry leader face to face, to understand the technology and industry trends, to join the BYOD circle, with like-minded people to exchange views, to promote their own development.


For good developers, AnyOffice mobile operators report development contest also gives you the opportunity to "get the grace".


1., ranking TOP3's winning entries will be shortlistedHUAWEI developer contestFinal competition for millions of awards; excellent works will be preset in the AnyOffice products after quality reinforcement; to provide customers with quality operation and maintenance services, and achieve their own value;

2. TOP6 integral value of the developers, can be respectively MateBook enterprise top Version (1), MateBook Standard Edition (2), Mate 8 mobile phone (3); set the total prize money of 50 thousand yuan award, outstanding works have the opportunity to get;

3. outstanding developers invited to become a partner of HUAWEI BYOD alliance, access to HUAWEI AnyOffice developers in solution sales points, preference for customer communication, product recommendation, ISV business incentives and other rights, access to Unlimited Business Opportunities.


To have the most simple life and the most distant dream, even if the sun is hot tomorrow, Lu Yao died.

HUAWEI AnyOffice, willing to do your bole, found your light.

Scan the two-dimensional code or click on the link to open the dream!

(I'm the creative idea portal.)


Click on open link


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