Function name in batch replacement freeimage.nim

1 first from the freeimage.dll to replicate the name of the function is to open the text of the text freeimage.dll, to find the FreeImage_Initialise, and then a large part of the nearby function are copied down, get free.txt file _FreeImage_AcquireMemory@12 _FreeImage_AdjustBrightness@12 _FreeImage_AdjustColors@32...
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Nim FreeImage not import: could FreeImage_Initialise

Originally saw Nim language image processing wrapper is lib page FreeImage, address After the nimble install FreeImage utility, then download the above source in test and pictures, compile, run error! Not import: FreeImage_Initiali could...
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Programming is just a word game.

Author: paste Time: Friday, August 14, 2015 In my opinion, programming is just a word game. Because most of the time you are in the string, is the combination of words dianlaidaoqu, split, merge, judgment, filtering, and so on So I summed up some of the questions, feel as long as you are learning programming language to achieve the basic programming language you are getting started! Why do I do not to mention computing (or call), because it is...
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Nim language entry

Download the nim-lang-win32.exe installation package to manage the nimble, and set up the environment variable to update the package installation...
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Windows Error pytesseract 6

Today, the test of the pytesseract, used to identify the verification code, the result is a small problem, records are as follows:.Try: Image import ImportError: except PIL import Image from Pytesseract import IMG = ('a.jpg','r') Print (im (pytesseract.image_to_string...
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Python format string

Python2.7.9 The tests are as follows: For X in'abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz': Try: '%'+'%s'% x print, Print ('%'+x)% 25 Except: Continue %a%b%c  %d 25 2.500000e+01%e %f 25 %g 25 %i%h 25 ...
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And made a small tool, personal communication record management

And made a small tool, personal communication record management Batch add contacts Need this thing, to my group to download it:...
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2015 in the first half of my financial management experience

As the saying goes, you don't money, money ignore you. In fact, I first heard about 2007, but at that time my wages are not high, so, is not how to finance the people, but also afraid of financial management, because I do not know how to manage. I really start to finance or this year in May, because the stock market entered a bull market. See others are in the stock market to earn money, I would also like to rushed to earn money ah, however, due to the timid, did not rush into. So, just outside the play spin. First of all, first is monetary fund. I use is...
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Out on the road - why Mao is the greatest person and how to use the word ""

Chairman Mao is the greatest person. I draw the conclusion that no one is "in the way", which is used to him. From ancient to modern times, Qin Shihuang management to what level? The system determines the pipe to the county, the county, what? No tube to. To the Qing Dynasty, or to the county level, the county is responsible for the management of the squire. Chairman Mao here, forces, "branch is built in the company"; place, below the county level is a village, every village has a village Party branch, village Party branch) and the party tube to the village, financial by Party members and the letter to the comrades as. That is...
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What is the best way of national policy?

What is national policy? Do you know? This is not nonsense? My definition: national policy is a group of people in order to solve the problem and the new formulation of the new policy. To be fair, who is the most fair in the world? Of course, is the nature of the world, that is, God, you say. Because whether you are fat or thin, is beautiful or ugly, is poor or rich, the nature will not give preferential treatment to you, everyone is not fair, but also equal to everyone is fair, equal to all, it is equal to everyone...
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The Enlightenment of the road -- talk about things between changed and unchanged and under the tree

Or to talk about the same change. I believe that some people may know the constant view is a straight line, straight line on a horizontal plane graph The vertical axis is measured, observed value | | |------------------------------------------------------------------. | |______________________________________ time (Shi Xu), denoted as t...
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The market slump is a good opportunity to make money?

Heard that the surge in the market is a good opportunity to make money, I heard someone say, stock market plunged money is also the good opportunity, then, is a good opportunity to? Through Baidu, the search has the following good opportunity: 1 hunters. The stock market crash, stock prices fell, for hunters. 2 good opportunity to filter stocks. Not explained. 3 early short. That you predict the stock market may fall, you in advance with the securities company broker "borrow" 10000 shares, and then sell, and then wait for the stock market crash, and then buy back 10000 shares, back to the securities brokerage. However, in the Chinese stock market, can only do more, not...
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Selection problem of finite sequence

Recently participated in a development activity, more than 100 people form 9 groups, each group to take a name, a total of 10 names can be selected. Then, the host began to pave the way: 1. The name of the first, if ranked first in the group do not turn, second place, second place not and round to the three. If the names are not, the name loss. 2 from the beginning of the second names, regardless of the name is good or bad, the first name will be can not, the second can not be, is the last one can not,...
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What is the number?

From the government work report, you can hear a lot of figures, what the national product is how much, the rate is how much and so on. So, what is the number? Digital is the measure of things. The use of digital human is to measure, this has two meanings, one is a degree, is the amount of. The degree is the standard, the standard, the amount is measured. For example one meter standard is light in a vacuum in how many points of a second distance, distance to the standard actually and time pull a relation. Then is that you use this one meter gauges.
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Chengdu male driver to hit the driver of things - the Chinese people in the end need not need to be managed?

News media continued to render the Chengdu male driver to hit the driver of things, all kinds of exposure privacy, exposure to other things that I do not have to say. I want to say is, Jackie Chan said a few years ago, the words, the Chinese people is need to tube, offended many people, of course, I also listen to the bad. Now, I think, the Chinese people may still really need to be in control. In addition, Chinese love with unreasonable demands. 1 female drivers will change the way, who control? Two
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