The use of JSON server and client analysis

Server side use: jsonString= String""; Action_flag=request.getParameter String ("action_flag"); If ("action_flag=request.getParameter") ("action_flag"); { JsonString=JsonTools.createJsonString ("person", service...
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Class QQ side pull delete

1 side _ delete slide 1 initialization ViewDragHelper----* [java] view Plaincopy / * * * side delete control * @author poplar * * Public class SwipeLayout extends FrameLayout {     Public...
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Android callback example

An example of a popular online I have a question, and then I call you, you think, after the answer to tell me, For this example we will implement our callback function. 1 we first realize the callback of our example / * * * contact interface * xuqunxing @author * * / Interface ContactBack public { Answer the questions / * * * / Void answerQuestion public (Stri...
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Custom view - the use of circular animation

First of all, we want to use the three round animation 1, circular loading progress bar. Three, 2 circular parallel loading animation. Two, 3 circular replacement variable load animation First of all, let's look at the idea: Circular accelerated the progress of the first of all we have to draw a circle (I draw a gray circle). Then we can draw a red circle in the grey circular top cover, Finally, we can draw a relatively small white circle in red in the center of the circle, so that the red circular seem to feel the middle is empty, only left a red circle on the outside, You can...
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Material style to achieve a sliding refresh to Refresh Swipe

Design Material user interface guide is a very good design is Swipe Refresh UI pattern to. In fact, you may have seen or used this effect. In many popular app have this effect, than facebok, Newsstand Google, Trello, Gmail and so on. Similar to the following effect: To Refresh UI Swipe is very suitable for adapter based controls...
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CallBack instance exercise

We are often used in the development of callback, we may not be so concerned about, for example Void onCreate protected (savedInstanceState Bundle) { Super.onCreate (savedInstanceState); / / your code } There or btn_forget.setOnClickListener (OnClick new...
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Imitation QQ slide to the left to remove the case Xiangjie

1 first we create an Android project, and then create the SwipeLayout and let it inherit FrameLayout, initialization method SwipeLayout}public (context Context, attrs AttributeSet) { This (context, attrs, 0); } SwipeLayout public (context Context) { This (context, null...
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Micro channel official share demo successful operation and share

Recently has been calling the micro channel API, but found that has been call is unsuccessful, entangled for a long time, various aspects to find tutorials, now drying out and everyone to share Recently has been calling the micro channel API, but found that has been call is unsuccessful, entangled for a long time, various aspects to find tutorials, find the official, the official document is written very fuzzy, said to be in three stages. 1, the application of App_ID 2, fill in the package name 3, Gets the MD5 value of the program's signature, These three steps as long as you go to the will be able to adjust, but we all do not know...
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SwipeBackLayout initial experience

Use Baidu stick and know almost people should know the two app has a right sliding off the effect of a single activity, so today we come to experience. 1 download git above SwipeBackLayout 2.git seems to be a version of the studio, here I re transformed into a eclipse version of swipebackLayout 3, first introduce swipebacklayout, create a project to add SwipeBackLayout as your item...
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Baidu map development (1)

The development of Baidu map must first go to the Baidu website there for key, The most important of these is the security code. Security code is composed of a digital signature + + package name composition, the package name is you create the project package structure, is refers to the androidmanifest.xml manifest tag package package name is you create the project package structure value, is refers to the androidmanifest..
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After the machine read card page Jump problem (such as jump to the login page)

Recently made the phone card reader device app which has a problem In the login page read card, read ID to login and input account login, if input is ID to login Again in the back of the staff registration page card reader often jump to the login page In view of this problem, I found in the login page breakpoints, each will jump to a method in the login page, .... To find out in the end that is probably does not turn off the reading card broadcast (or service), resulting in the back of the card program will continue to use to login when the card or the radio service And then jump to the login page, ...
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Multiple adapter in the data processing after shielding the message is no longer displayed (can not be deleted)

Thread new (Runnable new) { Void run public () { AR ArrayList = ArrayList new (); For (I int = 0; I < map.size); {//map (i++) is a data set of adapter Case_id = (String) map.get (String).Get (I) ("case_i")...
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Adapter no problem, but multiple clicks (30-100) error problem picket

After the recent company project well, when the tester to a bug is multiple clicks, the application will flash back, Originally thought to be pictures of oom, changed, testers or test to the problem, then went to see the log, found to be index out of bounds. Repeatedly click dislocation occurred, then it is likely that adapter, tracing to the adapter found no problem. Then it might be the item's list click event. Tracking found that the original data is a global variable, and then according to the location of the class when the click...
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About viewpager delete pictures after the page refresh problem

Recently made a demand is photograph shows a picture of the demand, is used viewpager. But when delete always will appear problem, baidu is also long. Plus several debugging, and finally to solve the problem. Here and at the expense of sharing: First of all, we must be sure to close the current view when we delete it. Void delete_image public (view View) { (//Toast.makeText (getApplicationContext), "dasa", 0...
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Slidingmenu simple implementation

Now the frame of the fire is slidingmenu. Basically a lot of software will be used. Now, let me gradually lead you do a slidingmenu small projects, will slowly update, please look forward to (use item slidingmenu jar package what, everyone on their own to the next. On the Internet a lot of. Achieve can not find I won Class MainActivity extends SlidingFragmentActivity public { @Over...
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