Sogou Data bank storage mechanism in Sybase SQLAnywhere[ASA] SAP database

SQLAnywhere[ASA] database (hereinafter referred to as ASA) in the database file, is how to store the record of the ordinary table? Insert, update, delete, the record line of storage will be what changes? Knowing that, in order to better understand how the tuning of the ASA database, especially physical storage. 1. ASA database do everything possible to less than rows of a single page of data for storage in a database file always store on a single page, if the page does not have enough space to accommodate the row for new records, the database will insert a new row wrote a new page. For example, when a...
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Sogou <<Sybase ASE15.x in Action for the whole market practice "

A few days before finally get the book from the press, I was on the forum version of the friends but also to honor the commitment finally. Once said, to write a Book ASE Sybase. Because Sybase's book is too little. Buy address: (East) of the Amazon website:
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Sogou What is the true virtual memory of the operating system (three. Memory committed)

1 limit commit and commit charge current connect to the above, we see the -r testlimit switch, just reserved for virtual memory, and there is no actual commit (commit). Reserved virtual memory does not store the data or code, but sometimes used to the reserve (like seats), used to create large virtual memory, and in time of need to submit, to ensure that the submission of memory in the address space is continuous. When a process is submitted to a virtual memory, the operating system must ensure that the data stored in the memory is all in memory...
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Sogou Sybase ASE database resource management, a problem please at the end of this message.

Sybase's online help URL:, inside and Chinese questions, can be to discuss CSDN Sybase layout: to or ASA database questions, Sybase ASA layout: http: / /
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Sogou Official release jmyetl-1.0.2: a table data import and export of ETL tools

Use of spare time, toss a, the interface is not good at, relatively simple, but I believe that we will use. There is no limit to the current function. There are several buttons to change the ash is what I will do, but also not to achieve. Download address: at present, basically support: Oracle, ASE Sybase, ASA Sybase, Access MS, MySQL, PostgreSQL, 8 or more...
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Sogou MySQL non installed version of an automatic installation of scripts and tools (updated version)

Personal labor, but also please respect, if reproduced please indicate the source. Iihero@CSDN see some old friend asked the installed version and installed version of what is the difference between (of course, is the windows platform) simply wrote a script automatically create mysql5 service. Script, put it into the directory inside can be executed after decompression. Off @echo This "is a demo script for auto echo installation of noninstall version of...
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This is also the world's ten largest software vendor ranking in 2013

Gartner:2013 global top ten software vendors ranked according to the data released by Gartner company in March 31, in 2013 the global software market was $407 billion 300 million, an increase of 4.8% compared to $388 billion 500 million in 2012. Software revenue ranked ten of the manufacturers were: Microsoft, Oracle, IBM, SAP, Symantec, EMC, HP, VMware, CA and Salesforce. Among them, the growth rate of SAP and IBM is very powerful. Slow development. 10 years later, do not know what is the total amount of Oracle development of the scene...
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Sybase IQ16.0 SAP (Central Sybase client), to provide a command line client

Recently, it was found that Sybase central client (Java client) from the inside IQ16.0 removed. New client may only use the SCC?! for older users is undoubtedly painful. View, only from IQ15.4 or 15.3 inside pick a client out of use.
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Methods a chart hit for creative thinking

[Methods] a common creative figure. Creative thinking is a method, the following 15 worth trying: Brain storm method Three three two two discussion method Six six discussion method The mind map method The mandala method The reverse thinking method The legal The attribute listing method I hope points listed The advantages of enumerating defect enumeration method?? checklist method? Seven what review? Directory? Creative problem-solving method... (see chart)...
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Make good use of software: text editor

Text editor is an old topic. Saying, when you pick up the keyboard, want to enter the character, I am afraid the most common place to accommodate these characters is a text editor. Start with the operating system, Linux/Unix, with the most, Emacs, VI, of course, there is a gedit. They are all GNU, and they are free to pay any fee. In addition to GEDIT do not need you any special skills, Emacs, VI to be skilled in use, it would have to spend some time. Gedit is similar to the windows tablet or notepad with a graphical interface...
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Wang Yin: the story of my authority

Many years later, see Wang Yin to write the story of study. Write very real. Can be given to those who are interested in doing academic scholars or students to enlightenment. Study of the computer to study abroad, you can take a look at the. Below is his original: Standard: Wang Yin: Story ZZ everyone I and authority of the heart is without authority, as everybody when also do not believe in advertising. But the authority is like advertising, you listen to it, do not believe it, listen to the two times do not believe,...... , until the one thousand time, it suddenly began to play a role, but this role is more and more strong. The best way to eliminate the illusion caused by advertising is to...
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On how to simulate the batch processing under the Sleep Windows

Good batch, actually did not have a formal Sleep can be called. Sometimes, it's really boring. 1. Method 1: Ping simulation managed easily from the stackoverflow find an answer (known as the answer is because it is marked as the answer), is realized by that: Ping - N 1 - 60000 > nul this said, will sleep for 60 seconds. Really so? It is based on the assumption that will never be the target machine pin...
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Release SQLite under win automatically download and compile the open source project

In order to maintain convenient, it will be open source. Code in: the principle of is simple: provide a version number, executing the script SQLite build.bat will automatically from the official website of the SQLite download source code. Ultimately, you compile the generated you want sqlite3.dll and independent sqlite3.exe. At the same time you also have a complete source code, very convenient. Currently supports the following version number: 3_6_163_6_2...
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OpenSSL under the Windows to create a CA certificate and client and server certificate

Due to the need for experimental and need to manually create the CA certificate and the client and the server certificate, are summarized as follows: the last two days, check some information on creating the certificate and found that many online is not very complete, is not fully operational. Create a certificate, as far as I know, probably just a few: 1.keytool cannot create certificate 2.Sybase ASA comes with createcert.exe doesn't seem to be able to create pkcs12 type certificate 3.OpenSSL function the most powerful. So, here simply introduced OpenSS...
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ESD#2 ASE15.7 no longer supports WinXP professional version of the

15.7 is not supported on Windows XP Home. Arsenic of 15.7 ESD #2, support for XP Professional has been dropped. you can install the product but the server binaries (backupserver, dataserver) will fail to start up.
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[SAP Sybase ASA16.0] weekend egg welfare Developer Edition Download

I had thought that SAP's official website developers trial version download in China has been good, at home in a test, found by the end of the last is shield lived. No wonder outside few people use ASA16.0. original download and fill in registration information and download URL in campaign/na/usa/CRM-XU13-CST-SQLDEVEDM/index.html unexpectedly the man does not. I can only through the external network, download down. Here only available for Linux. Put it here.
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File splitting and merging not commonly used (using split and cat)

I found myself some of the earth. A friend sent me the 4 part file, I 7-Zip to extract or misuse, the solution doesn't open. Ha-ha Later, I asked, did not know that he is using the method of natural cutting, and no compression volume. The original file name: Ase1502_xe_linux.tgz Xe Ase1502_xe_linux.tgz using the split command segmentation: F:\>split A-B 90m alpha 2 Ase1502_xe_linux.tgz Xe Ase1502_xe_linux.tgz Ase1502_xe_linux.0 Xe Ase1502_xe_linux.0 file: applies to 20:53...
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Support ASA9 Sybase (SQLAnywhere9.0) database access to the Central Sybase client

1. To make the reason many legacy systems using asa9, but not upgrade, want to continue to use the new 64 bit machines, using the package can be right for client management, support the ODBC data source to create the connection. Support Sybase central connecting the basic functions of the Sybase central of management of distal ASA database. Access management asa9, 8, 10 should be. Create ODBC data source for a 64 bit operating system below use this command to open the ODBC data source management, 32-bit machine direct input odbca...
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Just finished Sybase ASE15.7 [Sybase Central] SAP client

Support both 32-bit and 64 bit Windows systems. Without any other package. Authentic. Support version of the database should support from 15.0. Download address: simple instructions for use: directly to the zip to C: \ below can be. Do not modify the directory structure, not to extract to the other letter below. In total, also does not calculate big. And then enter the C:\ScjviewASE157\Shared\Sybase centra...
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Installation of Sybase ASE15.7 SAP in XP Windows (x86_32bit) 32 bit environment

See a lot of people say that ASE15.7 can not be installed under the XP, it is very strange. In my impression, 15.7 is to support the 32 bit XP, although mainly for the 64 bit system. Because it relies on VCruntime 2005 runtime library, many people do not see the installation requirements, direct installation, the results lead to some unexpected errors. 1 simply look at the needs of the complete demand in:
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Contrast between HANA SAP and Exalytics Oracle

U.S. analyst Dobrin David (president of b2banalysts) wrote an article about OracleExalytics and HANA SAP contrast article. Oracle latest launch of Exalytics imitation has been the trick Oracle. When competitors invent new products or develop new markets, Oracle will try to "people have my best" concept instead. So when Microsoft launches Sharepoint and Outloo...
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