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Graduated from the Department of mathematics, Fudan University. Has in the company of much home Internet as wireless technology department director, trek in Android, IOS, WP, multi wireless technology in App item There are many years of practical experience in project management. He is a Microsoft MVP in 2008, author of "research and development of APP recorded: architecture design, crash analysis and competing products technical analysis", and adhere to a written six years of Technology Blog: Http://
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Graduate of Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications. On the big data machine learning / data mining has a strong interest, keen to use algorithms and machine learning data mining useful business letter Interest. Years experience in machine learning / data mining. Done NLP, text retrieval, recommendation system, click rate prediction, deep learning image classification / retrieval related projects. Willing to organize and share knowledge, to maintain good quality blog column, Ensure the quality of each blog.
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[mobile development] [Native React development] Native React control of the Switch and Picker components to explain and use (16) expert

(a) objective today we look together switch selection switch control and introduction of picker picker control to resolve completely, and best practices. Creation react's native technology exchange group 282693535, welcome you Daniel, react native technology enthusiasts to join AC! At the same time blog left to welcome the micro channel scanning concerned about the number of subscribers, mobile technology dry, wonderful article technology push! (2) switch selection control 2.1. This is an switches.

control Native react control Switch switch Picker selector

[architecture design] Analysis of Tomcat cluster mechanism and its production deployment model expert

Why do you want to use clusters? Why do you want to use clusters? There are two reasons: one is for some of the core system requirements can not be long-term interrupt service, in order to provide high availability we need to cluster consisting of multiple machines; on the other hand, with the access more and more and the logic of the business is getting more and more complex, single machine ability is not enough to handle so many and complex logic, so need to increase the number of machines so that the entire service processing capacity has been improved. Where is the difficulty of cluster? If a web application does not involve a conversation, then it is quite easy to do a cluster, because the nodes are stateless...

Tomcat colony Cluster mechanism Session synchronization

[programming language] JavaSE entry learning 21:Java object-oriented interface (Interface) (two)

An interface implementation of the polymorphism In an article on the blog: javase entry learning 20:Java oriented object (Interface) interface mentioned in the interface to achieve polymorphism, then This article is mainly to analyze the polymorphism of the interface. Example source code: Class Test{public Static void main public (args String[]) { /...

Java Java object-oriented polymorphism Java interface JavaSE object-oriented

[programming language] Introduction to video and audio data processing: FLV package format analysis expert

The first two of the article describes the audio stream processing program and the video stream processing program, this article describes the data they are packaged together - package format data processing program. The location of the package format data in the video player is shown below. The program in this paper is an analysis program of FLV package format. The program can be obtained from the FLV analysis of its basic unit Tag, and can be a simple analysis of the Tag header of the field. By modifying the program can achieve different FLV format data processing functions. Principle FLV package format is made up of a Header FLV file header and one of the Tag...

FLV Package format separate audio frequency video

[Internet] The way to learn! expert

The whole industry began to transition, the future of the world belong to the internet. So this year resigned and went up to participate in the training of Android, good teacher, but he still did not enough brains to quickly turned the corner, behind slowly learning the teacher of each case, I will slowly analysis of these cases to everyone, peers down the road and you enjoy learning the dribs and drabs in, also hope to and we can grow together, later on Microsoft series of courses I will slowly update. I hope you can buy under the purchase, support me from the traditional industry transformation to the Internet, thank you. ...

[programming language] HDU 5617 maze Jam's (DP)

Title Link: click on open link It gives you a n*n matrix. Obtained from (1,1) to (n, n) palindrome string composed number. Ideas: sucker has written d[x][y][s] state, s said on that map stored, and later found not feasible, because the state is simply too great, including the string s all. Only the equivalent of a DFs in the pruning. Later think, in fact, on need not be recorded, as long as we statistical number, so you might as well in the process of DP judge palindrome string, then...


[programming language] Data structure -- Practice "for the two set a wrong intersection analysis expert

This article reviews a student based on linear table storage set, then the set for and operational misunderstand, for learning reference. [] - for set union project Assuming that there are two sets of A and B are represented by two linear tables LA and LB respectively, that is, the data element in the linear table is a member of the set. Algorithm design and function unionList (list La, LB list, list &LC) function realization of the algorithm, for a new set C=A U-shaped B is the union of the two sets placed in a linear table LC. prompt

data structure Linear table algorithm merge

[programming language] Leetcode 136 Number Single expert

That is to say a bunch of digital sequence, basically every number has appeared two times, only a number appeared once. Please find out the number. Additional memory is not allocated. The title of the tag is table Bit, manipulate Hash. This question is not difficult.. Water is very much, although the topic prompted by hash and bit operation to solve.. But in practice the purpose of STL, I still another way, using the accumulate STL algorithm to solve the problem. First, the sequence is sorted (NlogN), and then the equal elements are adjacent. At this time because the number of positive and negative can offset each other. As long as we take A-B+C-D+E-F...... This is not the last addition, offset is definitely the single element. ...

Leetcode STL Accmulate Sort One hundred and thirty-six

[comprehensive] How to use the AOP record log from scratch Spring-1.8 expert

Since there are users before the use of Aop, we discuss this chapter to discuss the use of AOP log. We will be using the user login as an example of 1.domainUser class: com.raylee.my_new_spring.my_new_spring.ch01.topic_1_8 package; Class User public { String name private =""; Int i private...

Java Spring

[programming language] Unique Binary Search Trees LeetCode

Given 1 to n the number of N, using them to form a number of different shapes of the two fork search tree. ...

LeetCode Python algorithm number dynamic programming

[comprehensive] How does the Spring-1.7 know how to inject Bean through attributes? (2) - how to inject a reference to an object by a property to another object? expert

This chapter we continue with the above topic. 2 how to inject a reference to an object by a property? (1) domain in addition to the cake class, but also need to refer to the chef in front of the class com.raylee.my_new_spring.my_new_spring.ch01.topic_1_7 package; Class Cake public { Final int ID private = index++; Static I private...


[comprehensive] How does the Spring-1.7 know how to inject Bean through attributes? (1) - how to inject a value to the object by the property? expert

In this chapter, we discuss how to inject Bean through attributes. This chapter is divided into two parts. In the first part, we inject the value into the object through the attribute. In the second part, we inject the reference of another object into the object through the attribute. 1 how to inject a value to an object by attributes? (1) com.raylee.my_new_spring.my_new_spring.ch01.topic_1_7 domainpackage; Class Cake public { Fin private...


[database] The fourth chapter MySQL program

catalog 4.1 MySQL Program Overview 4.2 using MySQL program 4.2.1 call MySQL program 4.2.2 connect to MySQL server 4.2.3...

Mysql call Invoke program

[Web front end Mobile terminal H5 development related content summary (three) expert

Previously written two issues encountered in the development of the problems and solutions. Was written by CSS and JavaScript separately. Now writing this article, I feel a lot of content is intrinsically linked, so not good to separate. To share with you the feelings of the six months to share it: know and understand that there is a great distance between. Others talk about a point of knowledge, can be connected to the mouth and can express their views, which is known. Encounter problems can think of what knowledge to solve the problem, this is called understanding. So there are a lot of knowledge that he did in the book have seen but usually encountered problems when they do not know how...

[programming language] JavaSE entry learning 20:Java object-oriented interface (Interface) (a)

One Java interface Interface (in English: Interface) is a set of abstract method and a constant value, in the Java programming language is an abstract type, interface usually to interface to sound Ming. A class is a specific implementation, and the interface defines a class that is required to comply with the specification, the interface does not care about these types of internal data, do not care about these The implementation details of the class method, it only provides that some methods must be provided in these classes. A class or interface that inherits the interface by inheriting the interface. Abstract method. ...

Java JavaSE Java instance object-oriented Java interface

[mobile development] App Cordova - Hybird (original PhoneGap) installation configuration expert

Environmental support 1, Android development environment (JDK+ Ann Zhuo SDK+AS/Eclipse) 2, node.js first under phonegap with Cordova: phonegap is the original name, Cordova is phonegap was donated to the Apache project name, phonegap's name has also been retained... Do not go into specific.. Two, install installation...

[programming language] Image enhancement algorithm based on histogram (HE, CLAHE, Retinex) expert

Histogram is an abstract representation of image color statistical features. A lot of interesting algorithms can be realized based on histogram. For example, image enhancement by histogram to adjust image contrast, use histogram to carry out large-scale lossless data hiding, and by using the gradient histogram hog to construct the image features, and then achieve the goal of testing. In this section, we discuss the important histogram equalization algorithm, which is important because it has a lot of practical and interesting algorithms. In this paper, the program uses Matlab to achieve. ...

algorithm image processing Matlab histogram equalization image enhancement

[programming language] Java&Xml tutorial (ten) XML as a property file to use

We usually save the configuration parameters of the Java application in the attribute file, and the Java attribute file can be...

XML Java

[mobile development] App Hybird concept understanding expert

Recently the platform side APP to redo, due to the initial mobile APP technology to do the selection, so you have to make a rough assessment of the various mobile terminal framework. I first do is web app, I VS+Chrome+user agent development tool is switcher. Later, did the development of APP Native, recently started using the App Hybird framework. Following the Hybird App definition: can...

System operation and maintenance CRM 2015/2016 Web API Dynamics: new data query method expert

Today we are going to see web API function of data query, although before the introduction of crud in the article mentioned how to read data, but did not with to delve into the details, today we have to look at the specific. Actually, web API data query interface is OData protocol based, so the OData URL query construction rules no great changes. For example: $top, $select, $filter, $expand, $order function or in the, but also added some new things, such as $count - the total number of records returned Mechanism Paging (paging mechanism) - to things, now...

[programming language] Introduction to video and audio data processing: AAC audio stream parsing expert

This paper continues on the content of an article, introduces an audio stream processing program. The position of the audio stream in the video player is as follows. In this paper, the program is a AAC code stream parsing program. The program can be analyzed from the AAC stream to get it's basic unit frame ADTS, and can be a simple analysis of the frame ADTS header field. By modifying the program can achieve different AAC code stream processing functions. Principle AAC the original code stream (also known as the "bare flow") is composed of one of the frame ADTS. Their structures are shown in the following figure. Which each A...

AAC audio frequency Stream analysis

[programming language] You always ask, all-round development or specialized? This is the answer. expert

What comes from: Public number "change yourself" micro channel ID:wechanger on each of the skills you may have, there will be a level, in this level, people are willing to pay for this skill. You may need to spend money to do it at a level. This line, I call it the value line. Only those far, far beyond the value of the line of talent can make a lot of money. First briefly explain the value of junction of every one of you may have skills, will have a horizontal, on this level, people are willing to pay for this skill. Under the level of,...

WeChat Non Technology Born to wander

Cloud computing Mahout test Naive Bayesian classification example

Mahout test Naive Bayesian classification example...

System operation and maintenance [freeradius2.x] installation and learning expert

CentOS virtual machine installation and learning radius2 version is the use of 2.2.x and other knowledge Installation in order to test, yum installation -y install freeradius* yum The location of the configuration file is /etc/raddb/ compile and install may be in the /usr/local/etc/raddb # /etc/init.d/radiusd usage: /etc/init.d/radiusd {start|stop|status|resta...

3A Free Radius study

[mobile development] Cause analysis and solution of v3.4.9 Cocos2D particle effect can not be displayed

Panda pig, Hou Pei original or translated works. Welcome to reprint, please indicate the source. If you think that writing is not good, please advice, if you feel good, please support a lot of praise. Thank you! Hopy; In the game in the app to foil atmosphere, we often use some special graphical effects, particle effect is undoubtedly one of the most common and most convenient. Under normal use, the particle effect indeed very stable, but the cat recently in the RPG game has encountered a particle effect cannot be displayed, debugging really spend some effort. Now phenomenon, analysis and solving method to record down and...

Cocos2d RPG game particle Cannot display

[programming language] HDU 5616 balance Jam's (violent enumeration subset)

Title Link: click on open link As a no vernier scales, and the weights of N, m asked, every time a K, ask could weigh out the weight K. Weight can be put on both sides. Idea: because n Max 20, a subset of violent enumeration. Because it can be placed on both sides, so every time to run again, subtract the weight of each, the answer will be saved. The game forgot to limit the boundaries, although the final test data, but was used big data hack (RE), or their own program is not robust enough to think about the imperfect. See code for details: #incl...

HDU ACM-ICPC Binary enumeration subset

[mobile development] Swift algorithm -8 notes expert

Answer==nil{if / / calculation equation P0:Double=leftbound var! P1:Double=rightbound var! Q0:Double var = comresult (P0) Q1:Double var = comresult (P1) ...

[comprehensive] Github+hexo+node.js to build the basic process of personal blog and problems encountered expert

A required tool 1, 2 GitHub account +Git client + configure SSH key installation node.js. 3, install Hexo. Which GitHub pages is used to deploy our local blog to...


[comprehensive] Self redemption of a college student expert

[preface] Receive a letter. Is my online course "customer", he asked me a specific knowledge points on the problem. He gave the analysis is very thorough, I need to see it again, with the idea to live after a. Half an hour later there is a small meeting to open, this time to share some of the things he made me excited. What makes me excited is that he attached to the back of a record of their own learning process. This scene is really everywhere, but he walked out, really admirable. Self help, God save. Share share with the readers of the letter, together, will grasp the initiative in their own hands. [letter] A...

college student

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