Interface test Core -Swagger

Today we come to learn the first tool of the Swagger system: Core Swagger, want to learn this, need to have the help of swagger-simaples project. Swagger-simaples provides a lot of examples to explain the role of swagger-core in order to help you understand the project in Core Swagger, with me to find out what it! Swagger-coreswagger-core contains items such as: for the different web framework, provides a variety of targeted jar package. ...
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Micro channel public number to apply for a page to get the verification code BUG

Environment operating system: Browser: Network: WiFi steps 1 after the success of the registration, the number of micro channel public 2. Choose the number of subscribers, following [Select and continue, click OK. Select [person], will let you fill in personal information 4. Complete the name and ID number, fill in the phone number, [to get verification code button should by grey turn to highlight, but no, but this time can click, obtain the correct verification code. Frequency will now (3/3) harm slightly, anyway, does not affect the use, but the user experience is poor, it does not meet the demand, because when you click on the acquisition, a minute after the...
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Interface test -Swagger introduction

Official website: swagger Swagger an open source interface framework, provides a variety of tools to help you solve the problem with API's different situations, including sub projects are as follows: the core tool name GitHub address Function Core Swagger Https:// Java dependency library, used to generate or read definitions Swagger, can be understood as Swagger...
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Interface test -runscope interface test service platform

Runscope is a charge of the interface test service platform, but provides a free experience for 30 days When you login, login to the platform, will appear as follows: We present all the test tasks, as well as the implementation of the task. Support batch import file format such good to meet the needs of our, especially mentioned in my article yesterday, when the number of interfaces, in particular, the app's interface is can be derived by Charles har format, and then into the platform can be implemented. Add the left corner area of the interface use case to add the test...
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Baidu glutinous iOS client login BUG

Environmental equipment: Network: WIFIApp version: operation steps 1 to enter the login screen 2 enter the phone number 3 click [to obtain the verification code], waiting to receive the verification code 4 Click [X] to exit the login screen 5 repeat 1-2-3, prompted the phone number entered is incorrect or verify the code sent failed, please try again later Frequency will now endanger second 1 log in, when you do not click to get verification code, using the first authentication code can occasionally login successfully, which may have account security issues 2 try several times, after the restart App try to login again, has been reported to enter the phone number is incorrect or verification code...
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Interface test -postman+newman+jenkins combination

This combination allows you to quickly start the interface test, a look at the children's beautiful interface test tool bar Postman- recording Case installation PostmanPostman is now a separate App, a plug-in used to be Chrome, and now a separate out. After downloading the Postman, install Interceptor Postman remember to install the Interceptor Postman plugin, so that the information on the Chrome browser will be in the app postman...
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Interface test - parse har file

Before I arrived at through different ways to obtain the tools we need har files for testing business, now we got business tests provide har file, we first need to parse these files stored in the information, especially information entries in the field and in the universal GitHub really found out a toolkit Address har because Maven repository is not the jar package available for download, you need the source code download to a local, packaged uploaded to the company's own private library, for other developers to download the source code of the class, and command.
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Java command line build tool -airline

Before the Java command line program, I was very large, the command line program trouble is parameter analysis, and some of the help today in the study of interface test accidentally discovered the a tool that allows you to quickly build a program from the command line GitHub address airline import jar package jar airline In the Maven repository search for your build system code statement I am looking for a project of analytic har file, to explain the development process to customize their own command my command line to doctorq as command and parameters for the company, command complete...
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Interface test - access to the APP interface har file

Before the recording is the PC side of the visit, but if we want to record our own APP backend request interface information, if you get this har file? In fact, very simple, that is, through the Charles, so that the phone's access to the Charles agent on the request to go on the line Charles open Charles agent IOS development tools -- network packet analysis tool Charles according to the configuration, the phone is connected to the PC to the agent open recording click the image above to red boxes marked the second button, you can turn on / off the record, the first is empty.
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Interface test - record har file

Yesterday we used the way of selenium automation, access to the har file, today we find a common, do not understand the code of the business test can also record the way case Principle is used browsermob-proxy executable file as a local agent, a monitor port and in the system set Web server proxy URL, let every web request ahead of our local agent, such data will be first in the proxy server to save the data, we through the rest API obtained the har data saved to local steps start the service agent on an article...
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Interface test -browsermob-proxy

Reference article: Browsermob-proxy Lightbody Selenium Browsermob-proxy is the way to provide a command line or embedded into the Java project through the API way to generate the HAR file plug-ins, belonging to a sub project selenium. The specific process is somewhat similar to Flidder or Charles. The principle of opening a port to monitor a port under all HTTP requests for data capture. API compile dependent Java...
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Interface test -HAR

Reference article Design of HttpApi interface test framework for snowball HAR (Archive HTTP) specification Artifact - Chrome developer tools (1) Har is what a word: http all information about a file save format har obtain I use Google Chrome, according to Option+Command+I to open the developer options, select network options: this time we couldn't see information about the network, we need to re refresh the URL address bar, re launched a...
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JS- pages in the page bar

Recently wrote a page, using JS to write a page column Effect HTML code &laquo; Href= Javascr "<a...
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React-native demo (8) - the list view

ListView attribute name type significance Default value dataSource ListViewDataSource data set nothing InitialListSize Number Sets the number of elements in the first page to initialize nothing OnChangeVisibleRows Function This function is called when there is a change in the visibility of the elements (visibleRows, chang...
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The first Shell script -lint check and report collection

Action in the case of the Android project is not required to modify the configuration file, the implementation of the lint Android inspection, after inspection, the various AAR packets under the inspection results from the remote machine copy to the node machine. Source #! /bin/sh# for Android lint check project, will build a task of lint file copy to the current job # from PMO machine will all build files saved to the local machine up The root directory of the #lint file Work_dir=$1 # need to move to the target directory...
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