Sogou Talk about "core Windows programming guide" series

Talk about "core Windows programming guide" series   About Windows core programming series was finally released.   Released the purpose of these articles: Is used to sum up, when you need to quickly find out. Two is also in the record the trajectory of learning. Slowly formed a habit, do not seem to write notes will not read the book. When reading will not consciously speed up the speed, and sometimes not very carefully, and sometimes even see a lot of times or...
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Sogou C++ learned so many years, you still don't know!!!

C + + learn so many years you know why when we define a class, the class defined in the. H file, and the class implementation in cpp file. Why are they able to relate to them? You know what can be put in the.H file, what can't. What can be put in the CPP file. If you forget or don't understand, then read this article you will be clear and incomparable!! The difference between first on the declaration and definition of the. Statement is a name into the program. The definition provides a unique description of an entity in the program. Declarations and definitions are sometimes...
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Boost separate extraction of regex and automatic link

The project needs to use regular expressions to verify the effectiveness of complex string. So think of the use of regex in the boost. Later found in the specific implementation of the boost file is too large, not only because it is necessary to use the regex will need to be included in all the documents, but also to upload SVN (here is controversial, followed by introduction). Try to manually extract regex dependency files, found that the workload is too much to give up. Due to the use of VS2008 development environment and the installation of the Sp1 patch, the thought of Tr1 (technical report C++ 1...
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A letter to the programmer

The following is a letter to a freshman, posted here hope to be able to help later. XXXX, please forgive me for a long time to give you back to the mail. The first is because the previous work is very busy, at night to work overtime until very late. Furthermore, some feel fear of personal prejudice with profound respect and humility, I will mislead you. From your email I can feel that you are a person with a goal and a strong executive. After many people enter the university like a fly without a head, there is no goal. Compared to your target is very clear. Keep going and keep working hard, I believe you will achieve your goal. Solid foundation...
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Reconstruction technique

Restructure Reconstruction means that the existing code is modified to improve its internal structure without changing the original behavior of the program. When should reconstruct Add functionality to the reconstruction, repair bug reconstruction, code review and reconstruction; when not to reconstruct Both the code is too confusing or can not be normal operation, the project is close to the deadline. The benefits of refactoring 1 refactoring can improve software design After the end of the project, the late bug repair, increased demand will lead to the gradual deterioration of the code of the code. Redundancy, structural disorder, difficult to understand, difficult to maintain, it is difficult to expand. If you want to modify an error, it may be related to the need to modify the...
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What is refactoring

Reconstruction means that the code is modified to improve its internal structure without changing the original behavior of the program. After the code is written, improve its design. For small applications, fast and with the construction of a simple procedure, not what big deal. But if the code we build is part of a complex system, it needs to be evaluated. Program can work properly, the compiler regardless of the code is the United States is ugly. But when we're going to change the system, fix the bug, or expand the function, the problem will appear. This needs people's participation, people care about this. Ugly code is...
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LIVE555 study of five: RTPServer (two)

Live555 research: RTPServer (2) above. The main function of a few lines of code to create the objects of RTSPServer DynamicRTSPServer. RTPServer class is the base class of the server class, DynamicRTSPServer represents the specific server sub class. The server program we introduced today is based on the class implementation. When creating the DynamicRTSPServer value for the incoming port number 554. This is because RTSP is the default...
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LIVE555 source research four: MediaServer (1)

Live555 source of four: MediaServer (a) from this article start we will from a simple server as the breakthrough point, in-depth study of live555 source. From the previous article we know that any live555 library to implement the program based on the need to achieve their environmental classes and class scheduling. Here, the server program on the use of the BasicEnvironment database to achieve a simple environment and simple class scheduling class. It is simple because the environment class implements only the error message output to the console. And tune...
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LIVE555 study three: LIVE555 based

LIVE555 based LIVE555 is a cross platform C++ open source project to provide solutions for streaming media. From today on we will be officially started in depth LIVE555 code. , each library are briefly introduced live555 contain livemedia, UsageEnvironment, BasicUsageEnvironment, GroupSock library, MediaServer simple server program and other test demo. LiveMedia library package...
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LIVE555 study of two: RTSP, RTP/RTCP protocol introduced

Live555 RTSP, RTP / RTCP protocol, RTSP protocol overview RTSP (real time stream protocol) is an application layer protocol based on the text, in the grammar and some of the message parameters and so on, the RTSP protocol and HTTP protocol similar. RTSP is used to establish the transmission of the control media flow, it plays the role of "network remote control" for the multimedia services. RTSP itself is not used to send media streaming data. The delivery of media data can be done through the RTP/RTCP protocol...
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Source code compilation of Live555 research

Live555 learning one of the source code compiler live555 is a streaming media provides solution to the cross platform C + + open source projects, it achieves the standard of stream media transmission protocols such as RTP / RTCP, RTSP, SIP and other support. Live555 to achieve a variety of audio and video streaming, receiving and processing of the audio and video data, including MPEG, H.263+, DV, JPEG video and a variety of audio encoding. At the same time due to the good design, Live555 is very easy to extend the support of other formats. At present, L...
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WinDbg common commands

Basic knowledge and common commands (1) WinDbg download address installing execution WinDbg - I will WinDbg set as default debugger (2) WinDbg command is divided into standard command, original command and extended command, enter a question mark (?) can display help information for all the standard commands. Command to a point (.), enter the he...
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What you don't know about the C and the C++ runtime

What you don't know about the C and the C++ runtime Friday night, light rain, rare not to work overtime. Boring, hence to prepare to write a blog, introduce the C and C + + runtime library, only for the discovery of several years of work in this regard a smattering of plenty. In the construction of the project by using VC, often encounter the following link error: beginners face these errors often don't know what to do: libcmt.lib is what? Msvcrtd.dll and why is it used? When using VC++, we often have to configure the following configuration items...
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Some analysis of problems encountered in the use of LeakDialog

Problems encountered by the use of LeakDialog leads some analysis earlier time in leakDialog detection calls to malloc and new use the allocated memory leaks and found that it doesn't work at all! It makes I 100 think not to get its solution. At the weekend, there was time for a study to find out why. In the spirit of sharing, it is written in a blog post, I hope useful for all of us. LeakDialog is used for the memory leak detection tool. Using LeakDialog does not need to add any code, you can capture a variety of shapes...
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With me to learn the windows early advanced debugging (1) - why do you want to learn to debug

This series of articles using the C/C++ language, vs comes with the debugger and WinDbg and other related debugging tools, the introduction of windows under the user state of the beginning of the advanced debugging, does not involve the kernel debugging...
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If a program run 10000 times only once, you will be how to debug?

In front of the debugging bug magic weapon: through WinDbg conditional breakpoint collected log this article, I told how the conditional breakpoint collect all kinds of information to determine where exactly is the bug. However, this method is not very effective, because it is not able to perform a certain procedure. Here I want to talk about a technique that can be used to debug such a problem, this technique is mainly applicable to the following situations: in the process of error, some information, the state has been lost, can not be inferred through the current error in the state of the state. A little bit more specific is that, for example, a variable into a N...
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WinDbg conditional breakpoint collection by Log

Some days ago spent a few days has been using WinDbg to debug a more difficult Bug. This C# is found on the other side of Team Bug, their Testcase run about 10 minutes or so will be out of a CLR inside the ASSERT. More difficult to debug the main reason is that ASSERT shows a global data structure problems, should not run out of the array has been used up (because in accordance with the design, this array is used to clean up the edge, it is not used up). The initial thought has the following several programs to debug: 1 set data breakpoints 2 step by step...
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