Sogou 2015 task list

Write this article 2015 has passed more than 1/4, no matter how, plan (Zhuang) (BI) or to some A driver's license: can not be dragged, the day has been registered three eight Two, learning Maven: a cow force programmers can not understand maven, then learn the Three, reading: including but not limited to the following books Four, cook: learning at least ten courses above, has: scrambled eggs, green peppers, leek scrambled eggs, Xihongshi Chaodan Five, exercise: This is a long and arduous task, the ultimate goal is to have the opportunity to run a marathon. Six, to be added...
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Sogou Twenty years old, you have nothing, but you have everything

I have never seen a word, so let me resonate. Twenty years old, you have nothing, but you have everything, because you have the dream of the cattle force. But that is how, only action, to lift all of you.   (a) the life of the mouth    When I was at home when he kept to a hard disk plug "dunk master", my mother a sniff at face Looked at me, seems to be saying: "such a big person actually still so like to watch anime."    I don't know how to respond to her, so I just shrug my shoulders, because I really can't do it...
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REGEXP_REPLACE Oracle function simple usage

REGEXP_REPLACE allows you to search the string of the regular expression pattern REPLACE function. By default, This function returns source_char and replace_string to replace each instance of the regular expression pattern. The returned string is source_char in the same set of characters. grammar The syntax of the REGEXP_REPLACE function in the Oracle database is: REGEXP_REPLACE (source_char, pa...
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REGEXP_INSTR Oracle function simple usage

REGEXP_INSTR function lets you search for a regular expression pattern string. Function to calculate the character string defined by the input character set. It returns an integer that indicates the start or end of a match, which depends on the value of the return_option parameter. If no match is found, the function returns 0. grammar The syntax of the REGEXP_INSTR function in the Oracle database is: REGEXP_INSTR (source_char, pattern, positi...
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Set the document mode for the IE browser in the page

Project in the IE browser to open the default is the Quirks model, resulting in a good compatibility is not good Of course, you can manually modify the Explorer8 Internet model, but we can not guide the user to do so Can be in the code by setting the DTD declaration to allow the browser to decide what mode will instead So the problem is solved. Extended reading: browser-mode-and-document-mode-in-ie Author: itmyhome...
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The sort of numbers and Chinese characters in Oracle (perfect)

Before writing a Oracle in the number of Chinese characters and the sort of REGEXP_SUBSTR introduction Later in the process of development and encountered similar problems, the data is not the same, according to the previous usage is not applicable. Before the number is in the former Chinese characters in the post, the most important difference is that the number does not repeat, and now the data in the figures are repeated For example: Rose Garden 1 floor Rose Garden 2 floor Hing home 1 floor Hing home 2 floor If it is only to extract the number of sorting will result in 1 two floor in the first 2 two floor in the rear The desired result is the same as the first...
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JS to determine whether the JSON object and the existence of a field

$.ajax ({ 'POST'type, URL url, Success (function) {(data) { To determine whether the JSON object / / If (typeof (data) & & = = "object" (data).ToLowerCase ([o) = = "...
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JQuery custom content scroll bar

Using method: First download the plugin: One, HTML Introduce the following file Link rel= "stylesheet" href= "/jquery.mCustomScrollbar.css" / > Type= text/javascript "src=" js/jquery-1.11 "script...
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Maven - build the Struts2 project

1, MyEclipse set the local Maven and warehouse 2, the new Project Web 3, modify pom.xml Delete the original pom.xml content, add the following struts dependency Xmlns= "xmlns:xsi=" "project"...
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Maven - Download JAR package

Into Spring's official website if we want to download Spring found only Download it via Maven or Cradle. Below to Spring as an example of using JAR to download the Maven file Method 1, any directory to create a folder, the next to create a pom.xml file (this case: D:\maven-jar) 2, modify the default download location Maven...
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Maven - environment configuration

Maven is a Java based tool, so the first thing to do is to install the JDK. 1, check the installation of Java Open the console, execute the following Java command, and if the platform outputs are as follows 2, set the Java environment Set the JAVA_HOME environment variable, and point to the Java installation directory on your machine. For example: Add the Java compiler address to the system path path. Variable name: Path Variable value:%JAVA_HOME%\bin...
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Baidu maps API custom icon

Through the Icon class can be achieved through the custom labeled icon, the following example through the parameter icon MarkerOptions attributes to set, Can also use the marker.setIcon () method. "Text/javascript" > Baidu maps / API function Var map = new BMap.Map ("allmap"); / / create an instance of Map Map.centerAndZoom (BMap.P new...
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Baidu maps API to determine whether the point is in the circle

/ * * * GeoUtils @fileoverview class provides a number of geometric algorithms to help users determine the point and rectangle, A formula for the relationship between a circle, a polygon, a polygon, and a formula for calculating the length of the line and the area of a polygon. * the main entry class is GeoUtils, * based on Map API Baidu 1.2. * * Baidu Map Api Group @author * @version 1.2...
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Baidu maps API to determine whether to click on the map or cover

Circular area on the Baidu map to retrieve, return to the circle coverage of the "company" search results, and show on the map When you click on the search results (annotation) to view the time will again as the origin for retrieval The reason is that the cover on the map, click on the cover is to click on the map So to judge whether to click on the map or cover. View map events We see click events through the above parameters, these parameters can be judged by clicking on what. For a chestnut: First create a Marker / / cover...
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JQuery gets the this object for the current object child

Id= city "select" > Value= Beijing "option" > Beijing option> Value= Shanghai "option" > Shanghai option> Value= Shenzhen "option" > Shenzhen option> Select> $(function) { $("#city").Change (function) {...
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JQuery auto trigger event trigger usage

Sometimes, the need to simulate the user operation, to achieve the effect of the click, for example, after entering the page To trigger the click event, without having to take the initiative to click. For example, the following code: Body> A href= "#" onclick= "javascript:document.getElementById ('d').InnerHTML='x1'" > click on 1a> A href= "onclick=" javascript:document.g # "...
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DeferredExpression java.lang.NoSuchFieldError:

Using c:forEach's JSTL tag JSP to report the following error: DeferredExpression java.lang.NoSuchFieldError: Org.apache.taglibs.standard.tag.common.core.ForEachSupport.release at ( Org.apache.jaspe at...
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