Install Oracle database under Linux

PDF version download address: This document is applicable to the installation of Oracle11gR2, other versions can be used as a reference, but should be the official document for the. ...
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Deal with the problem that the Oracle table cannot be exported.

Oracle11g default to the empty table is not allocated to segment, so the use of exp Oracle11g database, the empty table will not be exported. This article will introduce how to allocate segment for an empty table, and then export the null table. ...
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Data JPA Spring

Data JPA Spring paging query encountered a problem, the page query can not be found in the data, the console only output query record number of SQL and not the output query data SQL. ...
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Maven modified version of JDK

Two methods for modifying the default JDK version of the Maven project...
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Java program in Linux to achieve the background operation

Through Java to make the nohup program in Linux background operation...
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Openjdk will switch to the problem of Jdk Oracle Tomcat Centos can not be normal.

Use tomcat-web1 start service to report the following error The JAVA_HOME nor the JRE_HOME environment variable is defined. At least one of variable environment these is needed to run this program Neither...
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DDL monitoring using DDL Oracle trigger

The main purpose is to create this trigger is to control the database version, although the DDL statement will be retained but will inevitably be omitted, so create a DDl trigger record DDL operations, mainly used to check the database changes SQL statement to create a user and authorization...
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The use of Oracle (2) Timesten memory database

This paper mainly talks about how to realize the synchronization between Oracle and Timesten...
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The use of Oracle (1) Timesten memory database

In this paper, we will start the Timesten, configure, create database, users, etc....
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JS page to jump to the address behind the non display parameters

Using () and window.location.href jump, the new page address bar will display parameters, as follows: action=add? Http:// This will expose the parameters, and the user can modify the parameters of the address bar. If you commit the parameter changes may appear on the business of the error, and even can skip the authority to verify that the original did not. ...
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Java use ShutDownHook to shut down system resources

Java close the hook in the Java program can be added to close the hook, to achieve the function of the resource when the program exits. Use Runtime.addShutdownHook (hook Thread) to add the void addShutdownHook public Thread (hook JVM) { SM SecurityManager = System.getSecurityManager ();...
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Linux common commands - extract

1. Use tar to extract -c: the create of a compressed file; -x: the parameter instruction to unlock a compressed file! -t: check the tarfile file! Special attention is given to the parameters of the c/x/t, which can only exist one! Can't exist at the same time! Because it is impossible to compress and extract at the same time. -z: do you have a gzip attribute at the same time? Do you need to use gzip compression? -j...
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Create interface with Hessian

Hessian is a lightweight onhttp remoting tool that provides the functionality of RMI using a simple method. Compared to WebService, Hessian is more simple, fast. The use of the binary RPC protocol, because the use of a binary protocol, so it is very suitable for sending binary data. ...
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Using Spring timing tasks and monitoring tasks through AOP

In this paper, the task scheduling is realized by Spring. As long as the spring-context package is introduced, the task scheduling is able to use the annotation method in the project. ...
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Achieve automatic proxy through SpringAOP+

Recently in a data docking project, through the Hessian and other business docking data. But the company can not access the Internet can only through the internet. If each method is to write the code is too cumbersome, and the project is released to the server when the server is able to access the internet. Even if the configuration file is configured to use a proxy, the contents of the configuration file will be more than the time of publication. So we think of the way through the +AOP to achieve automatic call agent. ...
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