Sogou 9 complete app open source Android project

Photoup, Introduced: A open source photo app is photoup, the main function is the local picture was submitted to the Facebook page up, even though his Facebook and function of the remote service, but itself is can is used as a photo album application, with most functions album application needs can be very smooth to browse by album, image cropping, image scaling, image editing; not only that, with face recognition the features, if we were able to absorb the knowledge, write a personal photo album application is handy.
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Sogou Programmers to senior programmers, only 10 steps!

What The software engineer's career will go through the following stages: beginner, intermediate, and final. This article is mainly about how to use 10 steps to help you become a senior software engineer. Why Get more pay! By the way, your year-end bonus is in the bag? Because your salary will increase with the increase of your level. Enhance your career. After becoming a senior software engineer, you can move on to the architect, the team leader, CTO and other positions After a greater...
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Sogou Android beautiful collection of UI Library

This is a GitHub library, someone else finishing, I can only say that the shock, too much, I will not copy, click on their own: Https://
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Sogou Android open source project second - tool library articles

Through these projects you can greatly reduce unnecessary development and focus on the more important place.   One, dependency injection DI Reduce View, services, resources, simplify initialization, event binding, and other tedious work by dependency injection 1 AndroidAnnotations (Diet Code) Android rapid development framework Project address: Document introduction: https...
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Sogou Android learning website Focus - on Android, Java, Open, Source Trinea, Optimization Performance

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Sogou Android application development related download resources (2014/10/19 update)

(1) SDK Android (SDK Android main installation package, including Manager AVD, Manager SDK, kit tools, after the release of the root folder for android-sdk-windows): 22.6.2 revision Http:// Http://
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Sogou Not everyone understand the main points of learning

Http:// Learning is a basic ability. However, "I have a career, and know it is not a career." If you do not pay attention, learning methods, will be "boundless with men".   Learning is a kind of ability. See this title, some people will say: "study, who will not?" Indeed, learning is like eating and sleeping, is a human instinct, everyone has the ability to learn. ...
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Sogou Android project transplantation / resolution adaptation and use of dip (DP)

Http:// If you want to do with the same application in different models of mobile phones, if you do not use all the XML in PX DP, then the adapter is still very likely a problem! Numerous people there are errors, that they are using DP, why the phone A above and above the phone B looks not the same proportion, why the A phone shows just the phone B but it is displayed on the outside of the screen Each explanation is very tired, the...
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Sogou A three stream school programmers struggle

Article is reproduced, I am not a strong perseverance, some people have to inspire the article to inspire their own   I also in a three flow of the school, looking for the relevant section of the article to see this article Feel good, not exclusive, out to share......   After I realized again that Qinnengbuzhuo, the success of a person, often is to adhere to There is no setback, do not experience the difficult days, there is no better tomorrow...... Forget who said: when you feel the hard times, it is when you are walking up the road...
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Sogou Recent study blog! MOMO Program Research Institute

Http:// Http:// MOMO program research institute...
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Sogou Android version of the client open source collection

Http:// blog Android officially open source version of the client Http:// imitation cool dog player [] for learning purposes Http:// Android small applications (with a series of beauty for dressing...
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Sogou Several good Android website

Http:// program "life love spell Android mobile programming...
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Sogou To look forward to the future, summed up the past 10 years of the programmer's career, to the programmer's little brother, little sister, some of the summary of the advice

Looking to the future, summed up the past 10 years of the programmer's career, to the programmer's little brother, little sister, some of the summary of the advice Through the road, recall is so twists and turns, put their own some experience sharing to the programmer brothers and sisters, although era in change, but it is very likely that you will come I've done 10 years away, some experience experience you can learn, that speaks the truth. You receive, that didn't the truth, you must abandon, the following is from the bottom of my heart and give you advice, especially for those little brothers and sisters. 1 their account files, pension insurance...
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Sogou Technology expert blog

The first *&&* Chinese 50 most popular technology blog Http:// Doc-view-136426? Think twice *#@ notes, with ORACLE website Http:// @ Alibaba database master Http://
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Sogou Collection of several good learning Android blog!

Wanglong0537   Little drops of game knowledge more! Http:// new wood     Http:// Android source code (very good) Http://www.cxfor...
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Android beautiful dialog item sweet-alert-dialog

Today saw a beautiful dialog, reproduced share, the original link: Beautiful dialog sweet-alert-dialog Project address: This is a AndroidStudio project, and it is also dependent on...
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Reflection on the Android application development of allowBackup sensitive information leakage

Reproduced: In fact, the articles may be some make a mountain out of a molehill, but think back is very necessary, point the gutter capsize the feeling of. I believe everyone knows that the API Level Android 8 provides a function for the application to backup and restore data, and this function can be used by the allowBackup attribute of the AndroidManifest.xml file in the application...
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RecyclerView viewpager to achieve Android effect

RecyclerViewPager ViewPager implemention base A on RecyclerView. Support fling operation like gallary. perfect substitute Features: On RecyclerView.Custom fling f Base...
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Android custom View control

Turn from: Why do you want to customize the control 1 specific display style. 2 handle unique user interactions. (textView supports some sliding features) 3 optimize our layout. (nesting layout is relatively slow) 4 package. (tab page button does not look good) How to customize the control 1 custom attribute declaration and acquisition. ...
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Android for the application to increase the floating suspension window

Requirement description: When using the mobile client to browse the embedded web page, the interface appears a suspension of the refresh button, click on the page to reload. Layout: Xmlns:android= "<LinearLayout" Match_parent "android:layout_width=" Android:layout_height...
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React-native development react-native-android-guide

React-native-android-guide Committed to help Android developers to develop react-native. Address: As a Android developer, my feeling is that one step one card, smart card. But I still want to learn react-native, do not ask me why, because I believe that a solution...
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Build errors

When the studio Android compile time is too long and there are problems such as the following tips: Java.exe''finished with non-zero exit value 3 At this point you should check with the contents of the following build.gradle inside the Dependencies { ''classpath ...
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Android slide switch Activity animation effects

Baidu has Post Bar sliding switch Activity function, the feeling is very convenient:   This function to write their own or quite complex, fortunately, there are more mature open source projects, project address:
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Android upload pictures to the server (using Base64 byte stream in the form of transmission through the AsyncHttpClient framework)

Turn from: AsyncHttpClient a can likely asynchronous transmission, used to download android-async-http-1.4.4.jar import the package to the project library provide a framework for Download address: Public...
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OnMeasure ViewGroup method and onLayout method

ViewGroup drawing process: ViewGroup drawing includes two steps: 2.layout 1.measure In the two step the callback function call: 1.onMeasure (respectively) (2.onLayout) 1.onMeasure () in this function, ViewGroup will accept the size of the request of childView, and then through the measure childView (newWidthMeasureSpec, heigh)...
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Android 4.4 in the use of WebView note

Since Android 4.4, started in Android WebView based on chromium. (this is probably because Android department person in charge from Andy Rubin became chrome department director Sundar Pichai the bar). This change, so that the performance of WebView greatly improved, and the HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript and has better support. So, as a client developer, when we write code...
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CC Adobe 2015 Mac version of the full set of solutions (can be updated online or offline)

Activation mode 1: CC X-Force 2015 register (here to upload the latest version of the 2014 version of the same applies to the 2015 version): MAC Adobe crack, upgrade tool   Activation mode 2: Amtlib.framework replacement file Draw out version: amtlib.framework A key to crack version (strongly recommended this method): the version of the support 6/CC Lightroom 2015, and the correction of Pr...
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Android custom ViewGroup control sub line and automatically add delete

Commonly used layout type does not meet all the requirements, then it will be used ViewGroup. ViewGroup as a view placed in the container, and we write XML layout, tell the container (usually in a layout for the start of an attribute are used to tell the container), our width (layout width), highly (layout height), alignment (layout) gravity; and, of course, margin, etc.; therefore, ViewGroup need to do...
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Studio jar Android package can not find the kind of solution

Today updated universal-image-loader-1.9.5.jar file, the studio anyway find not to which related to the class, the Internet Baidu tried a lot of ways, and finally solved the, specific methods with a foreigner's post almost, here to share. Solution steps: Went wrong in incremental Something build system. One of this should help: Buil Menu...
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View in scrollTo (Android) and scrollBy () the difference between

Turn from: First of all, need to know is that View can be extended to the outside of the screen, you can imagine the ListVIew or GridView. That is, the size of the View can be more than the size of the screen. View size is onDraw () in the size of the Canvas canvas. Canvas can do translate (), t () clipRec and other transformation, it can be said that...
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HeaderAndFooterRecyclerView ExRecyclerView, Android, PullRefreshLoadRecyclerView

ExRecyclerView on Android RecyclerView of the expansion, to add RecyclerView head, bottom and other operations, set the item click event listener, listening to slide to the top and bottom of the event, can also monitor sliding distance.     Tianzhijiexian / ExRecyclerView Watch342 Fork76 Project Description: extended R...
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Mac using ADB to Failed get ADB version error; = 13

Failed Get ADB version error; to = 13 Ubuntu in 11.10 Change the permission: To Chmod -R $sudo 777 platform-tools In order to make the MAC on the normal use of the ADB command, the need for terminal input: VIM ~/.bash_profile And then enter the file: PAT export...
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RecyclerView Android update a / a data

Note: before using notifyItemRemoved (position) to update data, you must also remove the data in the collection: mDatas.remove (position), otherwise not updated. Update the data Here to update the data set is not adapter.notifyDataSetChanged () but notifyItemInserted (position) and notifyItemRemoved position() otherwise...
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Android status bar integration, immersive status bar (compatible with low version)

Google in 4.4 to the full screen to read text or play games this scenario increased transparent status bar and transparent navigation bar features. First two applications on the screenshot, the actual results you can download the experience, link:      Note: This article is a custom status bar, do not use the default Android own status bar. Step 1: set Acitivit...
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Material Design CoordinatorLayout+AppBarLayout Android implementation of the hidden ToolBar

Http:// Copyright statement: This article is the original article for the blogger, without permission may not be reproduced. Reproduced indicate the source: Sunzxyong OK, today continue to update the Design Material series!!! Nonsense do not say, first look at the effect of the bar: Well, now to talk about how to achieve the above! Talk before you talk about...
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