Do management or do technology

Do management or do technology? If you ask me now, I will not hesitate to tell you, do management. Be a manager. To be an official, even if it is a small head. Maybe you will say, engage in management or engage in technology, can. For example, Ericsson, there are two lines of management, technology, and some engage in technology, higher wages than the management. Fart. Big company, maybe. But in small and medium-sized companies, managers not only have a higher pay, but more importantly, there is the ability to allocate resources. This resource, in addition to the decision, under the salaries and benefits of the right of suggestion, can also be responsible for the piece of technology say. You are the project manager, for example...
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project manager

What is the project manager? The project manager is a person who is responsible for the project. ...
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Oracle export import specified table

From the source database derived: exp user1/pwd@server1 file=c:\temp\exp.dmp tables= (table1, table2) imported into the target database: exp user2/pwd@server2 file=c:\temp\exp.dmp tables= (table1, table2) Oracle is the benefit that can directly export the remote data to a local; or the local data file into the remote database. While SQ...
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Operating system learning notes: distributed coordination

ZYT[ZZ MN, ewerwrkkkk, "" "m" -- what is the centralized synchronization mechanism that I wrote for my son's 7 year old 1 month extension to the distributed environment; and how to deal with the distributed system deadlock? First, event sort Distributed systems, there is no public memory and public clock, so sometimes can not determine the order of the two events. Need to put forward a kind of distributed algorithm to sort the whole event. 1, ex ante relationship If there is no cause and effect relationship between the two events, the two event is called concurrent execution. Since they do not interact with each other, which is the first...
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Operating system learning notes: a distributed file system

Distributed system is a set of processors that do not share memory and clock, that is, each processor has its own memory, communication between processors can be realized through a variety of communication networks. ...
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Operating system learning notes: distributed system architecture

Distributed system is a set of processors that do not share memory and clock, that is, each processor has its own memory, communication between processors can be realized through a variety of communication networks. First, the background Distributed file system (DFS) clients, servers, and storage devices are distributed on a machine in a distributed system. Therefore, the service activities must be carried out on the network, the system has a number of independent storage devices. But for the client, DFS is better able to behave like a traditional centralized file system. The most important performance measure of DFS is the time required to meet the service request. ...
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Solve the Oracle table is locked problem

Would like to modify the Oracle under a table, suggesting that "resources are busy, but specify the way NOWAIT access to resources, or overtime failure" seems to be locked up. Login with the system administrator into the database, and then Sid serial#, SELECT, username, FROM v$session where Sid osuser In (session_id from v$locked_object select); --kill off related session ALTE...
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Configuration file for unit testing

Web project, there are often profiles and the like. If you perform unit tests, the configuration files are slightly. Web.config, changed its name to app.config, copy to \bin\Debug\; other configuration files, such as some XML files, should be directly copied to the \bin\Debug\. Little digression said, as we all know, is a web project configuration file web.config, but if a lot of configuration, all put here crowded; can set up a folder and all kinds of self defined configuration...
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Understanding of unit testing

I understand that the unit test is for developers. Is a developer to test their own writing function, method of means. Agile development theory called TDD, test driven. That is, before the development of functional code, the preparation of the unit test case. Note that it is the writing unit test case, not the unit test. Unit testing should be done after the function is written, to ensure that the quality of the test. The so-called test cases, is the function of the specific into a series of conditions and results. For example, login function, I enter a what, according to the submission, what will appear, and so on. Not long ago, the Internet to see a master said, the demand document should be...
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Operating system notes: Security

Protection is a system of internal problems, and security is related to the external environment. If there is no user authentication, or unauthorized access to the user, then the internal protection is useless. First, security issues Security breaches of the system is divided into intentionally or unintentionally. There are threats to security (potential hazards, such as vulnerabilities), attacks, and attacks: Attack confidentiality: theft of private, confidential information Attack integrity: modify unauthorized data Violation of usefulness: damage to not available Theft services: using unauthorized resources Refused service (DOS): prevent legitimate use system means including impostor, tampering with the message and replay attack repeated transmission data.
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Benefits of unit testing

For unit testing, I'm using more slowly. Not long ago, for this thing is hazy, feel very mysterious. Now, I think the unit test is really excellent. But where is it? Is good to be good! This is not a D on a more reasonable doctrine. How a good law, to say the reason. OK, I think unit test can 1, to ensure the quality of the code 2, improve the efficiency of development, for example, these 2 days I work with another colleague to develop a module. He's got the front end, I write the server side, and he's going to call my method. Development is parallel, I am writing methods, his interface is not good, how to ensure that i...
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Injection development (two):.NET anonymous function

In fact, the anonymous function is a delegate. Only to write more concise. Why use an anonymous function? Just to force it? Luigi Nono, for example, we write code, write and write, and found that there are 2 very similar functions: methodA string (data string) { Same code 1... MethodA specific parts of the same code 2... } MethodB string (data string) { Same code 1... MethodB specific part...
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MVC ASP.NET provides access to Api Web

MVC ASP.NET provides access to Api Web one, provides a Api Web Create a new project, type "Api Web"". I use the MVC5, the results of the project a lot of things, but also compiled, really fuck. Fitted with nuget for a while before running through. I estimate the Web MVC project can be, and even Form Web should do. Here is a Action. Mainly want to return to the JSON data. ContentResult GetUser public ()...
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Oracle pluggable JDBC database connection string writing

When I was on the server's database of a third party system, the server database version was 12C oracle. The way I'm using is to create an instance. Normal access. Later, the person in charge of the project told me that oracle12C supports the so-called plug-in database. Plug and play? What the hell is this? I immediately on the Internet searching, find a sketch, it will draw the database into a U disk shape. Wow! Really can pull it out! Tall on! I think you are. However, the so-called plug, is not a database instance, hanging a database it? SERVE SQL...
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Operating system learning notes: Protection

Protection is the mechanism by which a control program, process, or user accesses the computer system resources. Processes in the operating system must be protected against interference from other processes. To this end, the system uses a variety of mechanisms to ensure that only from the operating system to obtain the appropriate authorization process can operate the corresponding file, memory segment, CPU and other resources. First, the protection of the target The reason for providing protection is the first need to prevent users from malicious actions; secondly, the use of system resources in a manner consistent with the provisions of the policy. Two, the principle of protection Principle of least privilege. Three, the protection of the domain Process can only access those already...
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Conditional compilation symbols and publishing

The function of conditional compilation is to set up some usage scenarios in the code. The most common is that if it is DEBUG, how about how; otherwise how. If you want to add some scenes, such as TRACE, DEBUG, conditions, you can define their own. The definition of the method is: right click on the item, attribute, in the generated page, enter a custom conditional compilation symbol. For example, now we do the project early on the login module to put up, and get regular login, tired, waste a lot of time. Well, I can set a conditional compilation symbol, say, NoLogi...
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Operating system learning notes: I/O input system

Two main tasks of computer: IO operation and calculation. In many cases, the main IO operation is that the computation process is only incidental (while the two main task of the operating system is to manage physical devices and provide an abstract of a virtual machine for the application). Operating system in the role of IO is to manage the operation of IO and IO devices. First, an overview There is a great difference between the function and the speed of I/O equipment, so it is necessary to use a variety of methods to control the equipment. These methods form the core of the IO subsystem, which makes the operating system kernel other parts do not need to involve complex IO device management. IO device technology presentation...
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How to empty the file upload control in the selected file (path)

I have to pull the trifles. Saying, life is too short to be trifles, but my work is composed by countless trifles What can be done about it?? Today the chicken feathers and garlic skin is: how to empty the file upload control in the selected file (path)? The scene is jiangzi: There is an upload control and a button, which upload control hidden. Click on the button to trigger the upload control click event, then the pop-up file selection dialog box, select the file, then trigger the upload control onchange event. In this event, the file upload. A little loaded force, is to hide the upload control. It may be out of bounds...
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How to become an architect?

How to become an architect? To find out the problem, I think it is better to figure out what is the architect. Because to learn what technology, or to become an architect, it seems like a bit tricky: to become the architect is not a definitive list, if that you wouldn't care only make up a prescription of Chinese herbal medicine on the line, the architect run the streets become 10 2 yuan a cheap goods. But it never appeared. So, what is the architect? Ray, I don't know, because I'm not an architect. I can only say that in the eyes of the architect is Jiangzi: 1. First of all, this is a technical expert. Will be a lot of a lot of...
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SQL in and IQueryable LINQ of the corresponding written into Dictionary

ArID string[] = {"0001", "0002"}; Var dict = this.service.GetMyList (M = arSatID.Contains (m.ID)) / / equivalent to SQL ID in in ('0001','0002') .Select (M = > New {m.ID, m.Name}, m.Age) .ToDictionary (s = > s.I...
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