Sogou Network engineer's daily work summary

Summary of daily work The netstat command If you in the windows operating system, you can use the netstat command to query the PID, which can then be open Task Manager to check the PID corresponding to the name of the process; if the PID is not displayed, the menu "view, select the column" the PID can be selected; after that process, we can kill the process. In the windows console window: netstat -nao | findstr 161 Look at the bottom line 1,3, you see is the PID for 4996 of the...
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Sogou Some of my LINUX notes (virtual machine +Ubuntu14.04)

Ctrl+Alt+T open terminal Ctrl+Alt+F2/F7 open / close the graphical user interface Shell open: ctrl+alt+t New folder: c_code MKDIR New Notepad editor: GEDIT hello.c Compile: hello.c -o Hello GCC Run:./hello Shutdown -h now immediately shut down -r now shutdown...
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Cross text wrap

{div 10px padding; 200px width;...
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JavaScript object oriented programming

Http:// reprint address this Days to review the javacript, to bring you a piece of JavaScript Bowen, I believe the javacript have a certain understanding of the people have heard of the concept of prototype today we depth analysis of the prototype and proto. Well, here's a very simple example: ...
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Mouse suspended frame dynamics out effects

JQuery response lines slip out of the list of special effects - extraordinary Gallery </he...
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Best to go back to the top of the plugin gotoTop.js instance demo

Charset= UTF "<meta...
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Set the text to the left and right

{div 800px width; 50px height;...
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Z-index bizarre incidents and Countermeasures

Aid assistance Visible overflow:! Important; if less! Important will be written on! Important:.textbox...
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JS 3D stereo effect home carousel figure (instantly make your website tall, grid full force)

JS 3D picture slide switch stereo effect {background:#000} HTML UL, {margin:0 padding:0}; body {list-style:none} li...
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Pop-up login box effects, so that your website login more force grid

Rel= styleshee "<link...
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Waterfall flow Click to load more (remember Tomcat start, do you know why the waterfall flow)

By opening / closing notes 235 lines can be automatically loaded and click to load more, is a waterfall flow of the most classic example, is fully applicable to a variety of waterfall flow projects JQuery production pictures waterfall flow click button to load more...
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Analog terminal printing effect

Analog terminal printing effect Analog terminal printing effect Type= Te "<style...
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How to open WebGL function on the chrome and determine whether the browser supports the current

1 open mode: First: open CMD, switch to chorme installation directory and typing chrome.exe - enable -webgl, enter will open a Chrome browser window. The second: find a shortcut to the Chrome browser, if not create a shortcut (right click on the chrome.exe, select "create a shortcut way" or "send to" - > "desktop shortcut"), right click on the shortcut and select properties. In the target box, behind the double quotes, add - enable-...
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File input upload picture preview

# download # </script...
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Mobile phone date plug-in mobiscroll wanton skills &mobiscroll Chinese API

Mobile phone time selection ...
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Click on the mouse who who

CSS2 implementation tab effect *{margin:0; padding:0;} Li{list-style:none, UL;} .box{position:relative; auto margin:100px; background:#ccc; width:600px; height:32px; line-height:32px; overflow:hidden;} Li{float:lef.Box...
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Mobile date plug-in mobiscroll jQuery instance

Net view engine can be directly rendered mobiscroll control   (Html.BeginForm) (@using) { @Html.LabelFor (M = m.Name) @Html.TextBoxFor (M = m.Name)        @Html.LabelFor (M = m.Birthday)    For...
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