MongoDB create / update / delete document operation

Polyphonic polyphonic, insert \ document is created when the insertion of a document that does not exist, will automatically create a document [root@racdb ~]# mongoMongoDB shell: 2.4.14connecting to test> show collections> db.cols.insert ({bar: "Baz"}) > db.cols.find () {"Id": objectid ("56aac1df4e61b6...
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NUMA mongodb problem

In mongodb log log shows as follows: [loguser@32_180 180 ~]$Mongo - U root - xxxxx --authenticationDatabase adminMongoDB shell: 2.6.4connecting to testServer has startup warnings: 2015-07-16T04:35:34.694+0800 [...
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MySQL semi synchronous replication configuration

First, the concept of semi synchronous replication   Starting with MYSQL5.5, support for semi auto replication. Previous versions of MySQL Replication are asynchronous (asynchronous), the main library in the implementation of some of the transaction, it is not the progress of the preparation of the library. If a standby database unfortunately lagged behind, and more unfortunate is main library now has emerged crash (e.g. downtime). When preparing the data library is not full of. In short, we cannot continue to provide data consistent with the repository when a fault occurs in the main library...
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11g DataGuard client TAF configuration

Check.   System environment: Operating system: OEL6.5 11gR2 Oracle:Oracle DG architecture model for DG Physical, data protection mode: MaxAvailability   First, the client TAF to configure   1) first in the main library to create two services for the service TAF These two services will send a notification to the client when the database is in trouble, and allow the query to be sent to the client...
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MHA to achieve VIP switch to use the script

In the Manager MHA configuration, if you implement the VIP MHA switch, you need to enable the following three parameters in the configuration file /etc/masterha/app1/app1.cnf: Master_ip_failover_script= /etc/masterha/app1/master_ip_failover #master failover /etc/masterha #shutdown_script=...
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MUTT Linxu mail configuration

First introduce the mutt the software. It is a text interface based mail client, very small, but powerful, can use it to read and write, reply to save and delete your mail, can send and receive e-mail attachments in the Linux command line mode.   For more usage, please refer to the official website:     First, the installation of mutt   -y install sendmail yum # need to install sendmail and 25 port open the firewall, if you need to mail 11...
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MySQL study notes VIP -Keepalived configuration using

If we use the MHA, master_ip_failover_script in the app1.cnf and master_ip_online_change_script two did not match, that is not the way to use the VIP MHA, you can use the keepalived to set the VIP. Master end and backup end of keepalived in this example ip: Master: Backup:   See MHA configuration:...
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MySQL learning notes -MHA installation configuration

Configuration master slave synchronization 1 in this case, the master slave IP and port Master: Slave1: (candidate Master) Slave2:   2 Slave configuration parameters Log-bin = mysql-bin Log-bin-index = mysql-bin.index Read_only=1 Relay_log_...
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MySQL study notes -- a method of copying a new Slave: cloning Master\Slave

That is to establish a new method of Slave In front of the article has been in the "simple configuration MySQL replication" in the configuration of Slave, did not specify where to start, so Slave is read from scratch binlog Master log. But if Master has been running for a period of time, to reproduce all the logs before the event, and the log may have been lost or dumped. So one of our common practice is to copy the log from scratch. Instead of a one-time initialization of the Slave operation, the establishment of a new Slave (also known as the boot Slave)...
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MySQL study notes - Master Slave replication fault reset operation

Observation replication synchronization In front of a simple replication synchronization configuration has been completed, here we have a number of test observations   1 first in the master library for some operations, - built database table and insert some records Create database licz mysql>; OK Query, 1 affected row (0.00sec)   Use licz mysql>; Changed Database Create mysql>...
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MySQL study notes - simple master-slave replication configuration

Configure Master server 1 configuration my.cnf master file # VI /etc/my.cnf [mysqld] User=mysql Pid_file = /var/lib/mysql/ Socket = /var/lib/mysql/mysql.sock Port...
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MySQL study notes - installation configuration (RPM)

1 download MySQL 5.6 Download page: Here select "Hat Enterprise Linux Red 6 / Linux Oracle 6 (x86, 64-bit), RPMBundle" Download   Note: MySQL-5.6.28-1.el6.x86_64.rpm-bundle.tar contains the MySQL that needs to be installed...
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Hive Specified key was too long max; key length is 767 bytes problem solving

When the hive installation is complete, the hive in the implementation of table show and any other commands, will be reported the following error: [grid@racdb hive ~]$ Initialized using configuration in Logging jar:file:/home/grid/hive-0.8.1/lib/hive-common-0.8.1.jar /! His Hive...
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MySQL study notes - source installation and configuration

catalog 1 MySQL source installation... One 2 problems encountered in the installation process:... Two 3 create MySQL services... Three 4 create management scripts... Six 5 set the boot automatically... Eight     1 MySQL source installation --cmake download and install Http://   # wget
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To solve the problem of Mysql import code

Method: by increasing the parameter - default-character-set = utf8 to solve the garbage problem -uroot -p yktgl use GL C:\Users\Administrator>mysql; 2.m...
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