Sogou SharePoint 2013 tutorial [update data

The following article is their own in the process of learning SharePoint, continuous accumulation and summary of the blog, now sum up a directory, to share with you. This blog is also from the SharePoint entry, to a SharePoint development of the growth record, which records are the growth of the footprint. In the process of learning, there are doubts, there are too much to give up, there is too much trouble, but after continuous accumulation and efforts, or harvest. I hope that the learning process of the bit, to share to the people who are about to enter the SharePoint, to help you. ...
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Sogou SharePoint 2013 graphic development series of introductory tutorial

SharePoint has been doing for three years, we often ask, how your SharePoint is to learn, think of their own level, but it is a primary development. Because, SharePoint development needs to contact the thing too much, Windows operating system, AD, network knowledge, Office series, as well as Lync and Exchange, and the two development will often encounter a variety of problems. In general, I feel that the study of the SharePoint is to use and accumulate, with more skilled, a lot of Shar...
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Sogou SharePoint 2013 installation diagram

Introduction: the article is the SharePoint2013 installation process diagram, including steps and simple instructions and the installation of small problems, if you have to complete, and no problem, please skip this article, start your SharePoint trip, thank you. Installation environment: Server Microsoft 2012 DataCenter + SQL Window 2012 (SP1) + Server SharePoint 2013 Simple introduction: A, Windo...
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SharePoint 2013 management view permissions through HttpModule

HttpModule working principle HttpModule is responsible for monitoring HttpRequest, when a HTTP request to reach HttpModule, the entire Framework ASP.NET system has not made any processing of the HTTP request, it is at this time, we have the right to judge if there is no relevant authority oriented jump page. Create HttpModule and deploy 1, open Studio Visual 2013 (of course you can install any version of VS), select a record...
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SharePoint 2013 JavaScript object to determine user rights

A scene in the near future, judging the current user has no editing authority for the project, the use of JavaScript to complete, get a long time to get out, share, there is a need to expand it, as follows; getPermissions function () { Mycontext new = SP.ClientContext var (); MySite var = mycontext.get_web (); Myli var...
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SharePoint 2013 PowerShell command backup restore error

A screenshot of the error description: Text: Restore-SPSite: 0x80070003At line:1 char:1+ Restore-SPSite http://localhost/sites/test -PathD:\backup\DBT123... + ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~...
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SharePoint 2013 to modify the form authentication login page

Speak before the blog we introduce how to visit the SharePoint configuration form, however, landing page is ugly, ugly and very ugly and very ugly! We are now about how to customize the SharePoint form landing page! SharePoint form authentication page, in each of the App Web port of the _forms folder, as shown in the following figure: go into a page and a configuration file, we mainly modify this page can be, as shown in the following figure: mainly to modify the format of the table, we usually...
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SharePoint 2013 form authentication using ASP.Net configuration tool to add users

In the previous statement above a blog, we understand how to configure the SharePoint 2013 configuration form authentication, but add the user is a troublesome thing; in fact, we can also use the Asp.Net configuration tool for SharePoint 2013 to add a form user, let us simply introduce, how to operate. Open Studio Visual, new projects, select the web application type, as follows: Click OK, enter the selection template page, as shown in the following figure: create...
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SharePoint 2013 configuration based on the form of identity authentication

Before the words here is simple to introduce for SharePoint 2013 configuration identity authentication based on form, simple said, is using the net provides the tools to create the database, and then configure SharePoint management center, STS Service, web application three web.config can be. Below, let us know the way to create a picture of the specific process. Using Microsoft to provide the tools to create a database, to find the Framework64 aspnet_regsql, the following figure: Here I found C:\W...
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SharePoint 2013 solution contains third party assembly

Introduction to the polyphonic polyphonic when we use a SharePoint farm solutions, often assembly that contains the third party, and third-party assembly will often have a strong signature, if there is a strong signature can be deployed to the GAC, not can also deployed to the application. Then, many beginners to deploy, will be entangled with the DLL to follow the deployment of GAC to WSP or applications, in fact, is very simple, the following steps to see. I am here to create a solution, is a List template, including a third party DLL (I'm here to measure...
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SharePoint 2010 site additional data upgrade to SP2013

First, go to the SharePoint 2010 database server, to find the site's database, backup, restore to SharePoint 2013 environment; if you do not know the database server is which, you can view the server through the server field, if you do not know which data base, to manage the contents of the site database, restore to SharePoint 2013 site (database backup SharePoint...
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SharePoint 2013 is inserted into the master page WebPart

Recently in the QQ group, a friend asked how to insert their own development in the master page WebPart. In fact, very simple, the mother version of the page is not allowed to insert WebPartZone, but Designer can be inserted into WebPart; or manual registration, and then insert the WebPart can also, but the time of the Designer insertion, will be automatically registered in the head. First we develop a test with the WebPart, the code is very simple, just enter a text, and then deployed to the site, as follows: I would like to modify the PageTitle...
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SharePoint 2013 build load balancing (NLB)

Server architecture (three virtual machine: AD and SQL in a. The front two) DC, SQL server, including: AD, DNS, DHCP service (non essential); SPWeb01, including: IIS, SharePoint; SPWeb02, including: IIS, SharePoint; a brief description of the first, to install three virtual machine operating system, here I choose is Windows Server 2012 datacenter R2 version; secondly, configuration of virtual machine, including the revision of the...
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Feature ID SharePoint conflict resolution

The deployment step "adds a solution" in the error: the function that has been installed in the ID for the 735efe4e-8b50-4310-b588-c6ae2ba0759f in the server farm. Use a mandatory property to explicitly re install this feature. Occurred in deployment step'Add Solution'A: feature with ID {Guid} has already bee Error...
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SharePoint 2013 configuration based on Form AD certification

SharePoint 2013 AD based Form authentication, the main three steps: 1 modify the management center of web.config; 2 modify Application web.config STS; 3 modify the Web application web.config and open FBA; first, modify the web.config CA, generally do not know the port number (because when we create CA, even if we modify the port number, after the creation will use the default, but access to use...
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SharePoint 2013 custom EventReceiver for the user group

EventReceiver is a very important part in the development of SharePoint. However, there are no corresponding templates when there are some of the events that need to be used. Because EventReceiver is the only one that is created, we are not able to use EventReceiver. In fact, let us take the user group as an example, the creation of other types of EventReceiver. 1, a new Project, select SharePoint...
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Online SharePoint to create a portal series of custom columns

Online SharePoint comes with a database of two pages and detailed pages, which is the Allitems page and DispForm page, but it is not beautiful, especially for the portal site, it is unable to accept the. Below, we begin to learn how to customize the two level pages and pages of SPO. One, Online SharePoint custom list of two pages in the "news center" of the list page to create a view, used as a two page, as follows: view type, select...
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Online SharePoint to create a portal for the creation of a series of columns

Online SharePoint column, a brief description of each module on the home page information, here, we mainly introduce our home page, including the type of news, news list type, picture type; below, let us start in the Online SharePoint portal to create a column. A, Online SharePoint creates a list of news centers for columns, as shown in the following figure: we create a content (multi line text) field that holds the contents of the news...
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