Interview questions to measure the level of Android Developer -android learning tour (91)

General interview time is 30 minutes, more than 1 hours, so a little time to fully investigate a person is very difficult, need some skills, here I am not limited to answer questions, but to share my personal experience on how to do a good job Android technology interview: preparation before the interview 1 resume research Resume to your hand, you have to do a full investigation and analysis, is not only responsible for the company, but also on their own and the time of the candidate's respect, obviously not match resume, do not hold the "or shout to try to see" the idea, the candidates may be good, but such as...
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Regular expression theory basis

Regular expression - what is the theoretical basis of the regular expression? Can be called a rule to describe the character pattern of the object, the regular expression of the letters and numbers, are in accordance with the literal meaning of the match. Powerful string matching tool How to establish a regular expression? Use the RegExp () constructor to create the RegExp object Literal syntax to create special, defined as contained in a slash (/) between the characters Example: reg var = /s/; varreg=newRegExp (s/; reg var =...
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Every Android developer should be aware of the list of resources

Preface This is a piece of translation, the original address resources every Android Developer must know, at the beginning of the translation, it is recommended that two equally suitable for Android developers for reading the list of resources to Android Developer site navigation and stackoverflow Android tag, translation of this article is recently in the know almost received many similar questions about how to learn Android development, Android learning routes (Android in the university is not...
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Android learning trip -android system service startup process and classification (90)

Read the Android Development Essentials of this book, so I put a screenshot is wonderful place in the book, a share...
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Android related sites over the wall host-android study tour (89)

Most of the time, we need to download Google over the wall...
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Binder Android communication mechanism Java layer on the -android learning trip (88)

Manager Java 1.Service proxy object in the Java layer, Manager Service proxy object type is ServiceManagerProxy. It inherits and implements the IServiceManager interface, where four member functions and one variable are as follows: CheckService, getService: access to Java service agent object AddService: registered Java service ListService: get registered ja...
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Aidl inter process communication mechanism -android learning trip (87)

Aidl Android AIDL (Interface Definition Language) is a kind of IDL language, used to generate the process between the Android device can be carried out between the two processes of the code. If you want to call another process (such as Service) in a process, such as the operation of an object, you can use AIDL to generate a sequence of parameters that can be used as a Activity. The following describes the use of the method described below the use of 1 server needs to create a package, the package inside a new suffix...
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[interview algorithm title] comparison of the similarities and differences between the two fork -leetcode learning trip (5)

Problem description two binary trees write, a function to Given check if they are equal or not. Binary trees are considered equal if they are structurally identical and the nodes have the same value. and Bina Balanced Two...
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[interview algorithm title] ordered list of deleted nodes -leetcode learning trip (4)

问题描述写一个函数来删除一个结点(除尾)在单链表中,只有进入节点。该链表是1 > 2 > 3 > 4,给你第三的节点的值…
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二叉树的最大深度算法面试题- leetcode学习之旅(3)

标题最大深度描述二叉树的最大深度是从根节点到叶节点的最远最长路径的节点数。C++实现方法代码1。递归实现,时间复杂度为O(n)空间复杂度为O(logN)/ * * *定义…
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目录前言及知识准备 服务组件结构 客户组件结构 与粘结剂驱动程序交互 总结 粘结剂进程间通信实例 问题本次主要介绍Android平台下粘结剂进程间通信库。所谓通信库,就是Adroid在应用程序框架层中将各种驱动操作封装成一个粘结剂粘结剂库,应用程序可以方便地调用库中提供的接口进行通信。这次将介绍粘结剂库的结构以及相关知识在粘结剂库中,硒…
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通过编译android4.1.2的源代码,添加一个fregserver的系统服务,以及一个服务代理fregclient具体分为三部分,客户端,服务器,客户端,共同中规定了和共同的接口,和一些公共方法客户端部分代码#定义log_tag”fregtest”#包括 #包括<<粘结剂/电极…
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算法面试题- leetcode学习之旅(二)

题目:给定一个非负整数num,反复添加的所有数字直到结果只有一个数字。例如:给定数= 38,过程是这样的:3 + 8 = 11,1 + 1 = 2。因为2只有一个数字…
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