Sogou The purchase of HUAWEI's first book, book win awards

In order to thank wide readership friend has been love, now to take advantage of the new book -- the Huawei switch learning guidelines listed, again held the award to write a book review. This book is the first, and only the Huawei switch authoritative Bible study is specified materials Huawei ICT certification training, by Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd., the official and authorized to conduct a comprehensive technical review, published. At present already in Dangdang and Jingdong online can be officially booked. Dangdang online link: Jingdong online link: http...
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Sogou HUAWEI first books: "HUAWEI exchange study guide" in the pre-sale

Long-awaited Huawei's first book, Huawei official ICT certification training specified materials, domestic first the Huawei switch authoritative study guide -- the Huawei switch study guide, in through the joint efforts of the posts and Telecommunications Press, Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. and I finally coming to market soon, currently in Dangdang officially opened to booking. Click here to view: book is real thousands of pages of masterpiece (actually the initial layout of nearly 1100 pages, after a compression of row spacing and font to compression up to now this page), is the...
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Sogou The latest network equipment book "four King Kong" in a comprehensive sales

Network equipment field of books, the most popular "four big King Kong, the two big mainstream brand of switches and routers perfect configuration technology white paper upgrade edition again a strong debut, they are: the Cisco switch configuration and management, fully manual (Second Edition), the H3C switches with set and management completely manual" (Second Edition), the Cisco router configuration and management, fully manual (Second Edition), the H3C router configuration and management completely manual "(Second Edition). Each book length is nearly 900 pages, priced at 108 yuan. And has been in the official sale of Dangdang and interactive publishing network! Thank you...
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VLAN configuration information in the VTP is not synchronous troubleshooting

VTP (use. Protocol use. Protocol) is a Cisco dedicated a for maintenance and management of dynamic VLAN (such as based on VLAN MAC address, IP address, network protocol, VLAN management strategies Division) and the second layer message protocol. It can be used to automatically spread and exchange VLAN configuration information on the Trunk link, so that the VLAN configuration of the switch in the same VTP domain is consistent. VTP benefits can be only in a switch on the desired configuration after VLAN,...
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HUAWEI certified so hot, you can not miss the official recommendation course

Friends, if you are a network engineer, to future career like you; if you are a plan to become professional network engineers, college students are, you can't miss Huawei, and this is your best and finally become a national first echelon network engineer specialists the opportunity...
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He CSDN college on the line, the new course low-cost true feedback

After six months of waiting, CSDN college finally in the beginning of the new year formally launched. All of my first course was completed, and I have been looking forward to my friends at CSDN college, and now I can buy it...
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Tired and happy 2014

2014 has passed, the time passed quickly! 2014 for me is a very special year, because this year is I nearly 15 years not only to write a book, but the full recording books matching video courses a year. And I just started to record the course of March 2014 as if just yesterday, too fast, really too fast! ...
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Experiment: HUAWEI VLAN MUX configuration and management

Huawei MUX VLAN function can be implemented in the same IP segment of the different VLANs (all from the VLAN and primary VLAN users of communication, but also different from the inter VLAN layer 2 isolation, and with a switch on the same VLAN between users within the second layer isolation, make different replacement on users in the same VLAN does not take place in isolation. Through this technology can be achieved at the same time, multi VLAN users to share the server, to isolate the same VLAN between different users of the host. ...
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HUAWEI IP NAT and Server Easy to achieve the principle of

This paper introduces the HUAWEI router connected to the articles, to the other two NAT realize the working principle of the. ...
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HUAWEI NAT Basic and NAPT to achieve the principle of

NAT is a very important router, and the application of a very wide range of technology, but many readers of the NAT to achieve a variety of ways to work has not been clear, in fact, very simple. This article introduces two kinds of NAT working principle, the re introduction of the other two kinds of working principle of the. ...
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Science and technology can not be fragmented

Recently there is a voice, that is, learning to fragmentation, the main consideration is that people's work and life rhythm is accelerated, it is difficult to have a relatively long period of time to specialize in learning. For this reason some people shouted, the future books will fragmentation, video courses will fragmentation, that way you can make full use of a few minutes before dinner, ten minutes before going to bed, even a few minutes on the toilet and all available time to learn, and to ultimately based on the product, tired of the way to achieve the purpose of comprehensive learning. ...
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Lifetime membership card on-line three major concessions!

Today is the most worthy of celebration of a good day, because many of my friends eagerly look forward to, I am in 51CTO college life membership card finally formally launched!! Three major concessions only three days!! ...
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Experiment on the support of two versions of the RIP protocol to the discontinuous sub network

The following excerpt from my new recording of video courses: (currently available for free viewing oh), full demonstration experiment, repeated verification.
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Hamming code encoding the history of the most popular calculation, error detection and correction principle analysis

Following is the section of video courses PPT, meticulous and very popular explained Hamming code encoding computation, error detection and error correction principle, if because the PPT is relatively simple look not to understand, combined with the video of my point of view, video links to this section of the course are as follows (currently available for free viewing):
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HUAWEI switch VRP user interface configuration and Telnet login experiment

Here is the video lessons a day ppt curriculum content, the introduction is Huawei VRP system user interface configuration method, at the same time, to a real telnet remote login experiment we verified the correctness of these configurations. This section of the video link is as follows (free to watch):
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HUAWEI router learning guide for the first time exposure

After a year long writing and editing, publishing, the much anticipated "Huawei router study guide is with you meet. The book is equally by Huawei Company direct authorization and review published, Huawei's ICT certification training specified materials, book market is also the first book and so far the only devoted to authoritative reference books Huawei router configuration and management...
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My two month "lecturer" way to look back

Since the Spring Festival this year after come back, has been in consideration of one thing, that is how to arrange the task of this year is to complete the did not write the book, or try many readers look forward to the "video teaching". To tell the truth, this is not a good thing to do, because this year's new book plan is in the original and HUAWEI determined. Don't write it, gotta find a viable reason convince Huawei, write it, the video teaching this way I may will never have a chance to try, because once in the next year, the more time, then there will have a lot of books to plan revision, and can be expected in the next three years basic won't have time to do this thing. ...
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From zero, one year to achieve your professional network!

In order to help many readers as soon as possible to achieve the dream of their professional network equipment engineer, of the few years invested all the energy compiled the most comprehensive, the system of network equipment configuration and management series, include Huawei, Cisco and H3C three mainstream brands. Now, in order to further help readers better learn these books, the author also intends to invest a few years time to record the configuration of video courses. Of course, this video course is not a simple reproduction of the contents of the book, but the sublimation of the content of the book and improve, because in the video using the full combat mode, combined with the various brands of equipment simulator to conduct experiments to explain. Is the most comprehensive, the most systematic, but also the only set of a full range of practical mode of large-scale video courses! ...
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