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Everyone wants to enter a big factory, and of course I'm no exception. As early as the spring recruitment, I had to send a lot of resumes to a large factory. Unfortunately, there were remote interviews during the epidemic. In addition, I also had problems at that time, resulting in repeated investment and failure. I suddenly realized that I didn't have any goods in my stomach. Everything I asked was Kaka. In the later stage, I made up my mind to make up for my knowledge and IQ. I stuck in the pile of books every day. Coupled with practical practice, I felt good and made progress.

In particular, this [core knowledge set of Java Advanced Architecture] (which is introduced at the end of the article and can be shared) that I chewed for 58 days was shared with me after my friend entered the big factory in the interview. After touching nearly 30 tiktok Java knowledge, in late July, I was courageous enough to attack the rear end of the jitter. The 123 side (video) came down like a lucky one. After finishing, I have arranged tiktok 3 sides, I think you can refer to it.


1: Open source framework and underlying source code analysis

Learn Java technology architecture, design patterns, popular frameworks and components

  • Common design patterns, coding is necessary
  • Spring 5, the latest framework essential for application
  • Mybatis, an essential component for playing database

2: Distributed architecture

High concurrency, high availability, massive data, and no distributed architecture knowledge are sure to play:

  • Principle of distributed architecture
  • Distributed architecture strategy
  • Distributed middleware
  • Distributed architecture practice

3: Microservice architecture

Business is becoming more and more complex, service layering, and microservice architecture is the only way to upgrade the architecture. What are the Java technology system and microservice related technologies?

  • Microservice framework
  • Spring Cloud
  • Docker and virtualization
  • Dubbo application and source code interpretation
  • Microservice architecture

4: Performance optimization

Any ppt architect who deviates from the details is a rogue. He can plan strategies upward and solve a linear problem downward. Java technology system needs to understand:

  • Performance index system
  • JVM tuning
  • Web tuning
  • DB tuning

Write at the end

As a programmer about to apply for a job, where will your employment opportunities and outlets appear in 2019, which may be very different from recent years? In this new environment, should I choose a large factory or a small company? How should veterans with several years of work experience maintain and enhance their competitiveness and turn passive into active?

In terms of the current environment, the difficulty of job hopping success is much higher than in previous years. An obvious feeling: this year's interview, both on one side and on the other, tested the technical skills of Java programmers.

Recently, I sorted out a review interview questions and high-frequency interview questions and technical points into one“Java classic interview questions (including answer analysis). PdfAnd an online collection“Java programmer interview written test real question bank.pdf”(actually, it took a lot more energy than expected),Including distributed architecture, high scalability, high performance, high concurrency, JVM performance tuning, spring, mybatis, nginx source code analysis, redis, ActiveMQ, MYCAT, netty, Kafka, mysql, zookeeper, Tomcat, docker, Dubbo, nginx and other advanced dry goods!

Due to the limited space, in order to facilitate you to watch, here we show you some directories and answer screenshots in the form of pictures!Friends in need can get it here for free

Java classic interview questions (including answer analysis)

Alibaba technical written test experience


Alibaba technical written test experience

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