Science and technology net red asks for Chinese mobile phone source code for foreign developers?

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Some time ago, an embarrassing thing happened to umidigi, a domestic intelligent equipment company, which was recently rejected by a technology bloggerNaomi Wu(mechanical monster) asked for the source code directly. The blogger put the relevant videos on the Internet, which immediately aroused heated discussion in the science and technology circle.
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The incident originated from Polish technology enthusiast patrycja tweeted that he hoped umidigi could disclose the kernel source code of its umidigi F2 mobile phone (based on Android 10), especially "ft8719"_ dsi_ Fhdplus "display / screen driver and sent a mail request to umidigi.

China Science and technology BloggerNaomi Wu(mechanical monster) asked patrycja: "if umidigi does not provide relevant source code, will they violate the list of relevant licenses?" Patrycja said that these source codes belong to the Linux kernel branch and are based on the gplv2 protocol of Linux. Gplv2 is an open source protocol. According to this agreement, any modification of the source code by any developer needs to be open source.
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Patrycja also disclosed the screenshot of umidigi's reply email, saying that he was very helpless:“This is his favorite enterprise interaction so far!”。 The screenshot of this email shows that a umidigi internal employee who calls himself Ben said that most of these codes belong to MediaTek and they have no right to disclose them. Patrycja can ask for the source code from their Shenzhen office during working hours, but Ben specially stressed that their employees can only speak Chinese and attached the company address: 405-407, 4th floor, Jinqi Zhigu building, No. 1, tangling Road, Nanshan District, Shenzhen.
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last,Naomi Wu(mechanical demon Ji) said she could help patrycja get the kernel source code from umidigi.On August 20, Naomi Wu published a short video on the push, which showed that Naomi Wu neither found the employee claiming to be Ben nor got the corresponding source code file.

So far, this matter has aroused extensive discussion among netizens.

Some netizens said that this practice of umidigi company violates the open source spirit of the open source community, emphasizing that its employees can only speak Chinese and hope that foreign developers come to the door in person to urge developers to give up sharing the source code.

Some netizens believe that only by doing so can these manufacturers comply with the open source agreement.
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The original thing came to an end, and the whole process seemed very peaceful.

On August 26, the machine demon Ji sent a document saying that the source code of umidigi kernel has been obtained. She uploaded the details of the event on her personal YouTube channelFull videoIt can be seen from this video that the staff of umidigi company finally received the mechanical demon girl. Finally, after subsequent communication, the mechanical demon girl got the source code

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At present, the source code can be downloaded fromUmidigiOfficial website (as shown in Figure 1) orGitHub(as shown in Figure 2), qualified developers can personally check whether there is a problem with the code.

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As shown in Figure 1

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As shown in Figure 2

Our protagonist patrycja finally tweeted: "thank you for your help! These resources are really helpful for porting various things to umidigi F2. At present, the postmarketos port is being processed (she doesn't have another mobile phone to take photos, so she can only take a screenshot)

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So far, the matter of asking for source code has come to a successful conclusion.

But this small matter has taught us Chinese open source enthusiasts a lesson on how to face open source disputes. Chinese programmers show the world that Chinese people respect open source agreements and have open source spirit.

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  • gplv2_ compliance_ from_ a_ chinese_ company/
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