Can't you upgrade Win 11 without buying a new computer? Old PC kicked out of Win 11 preview plan

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Microsoft started removing PCs in the windows insider test plan that do not meet the upgrade criteria. If the user has been testing windows 11 with a machine that does not meet the minimum hardware requirements, he may see a message warning in windows update, hoping that the user needs to reinstall windows 10.

However, according to Microsoft's release of windows 11 in June, insiders testers who said they did not meet the hardware requirements could move from dev channel to release preview channel. However, this week, the windows 11 testers on Dev and beta channels received a message, "your PC does not meet the minimum hardware requirements of windows 11, and your device does not meet the conditions for joining the windows preview experience program on Windows 11. Please install windows 10 to participate in the windows preview program in the publish preview channel. "
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In fact, when Windows 11 was first released, Microsoft released the minimum hardware requirements: a new version of CPU and TPM 2.0 security processor are required to install the latest operating system. According to Microsoft's latest statement, Intel processors are the oldest to support some models of generation 7 core, and AMD is the second-generation sharp dragon. Motherboard manufacturers only support Intel 100 series and AMD 300 series for TPM 2.0. However, Microsoft said last week that it would not impose restrictions on users' forced deployment of win11 through ISO image, but the result would be to close the update channel, that is, no quality, driver and security patches would be distributed in the future.

Whether Microsoft will continue to allow windows 11 devices that do not meet hardware requirements to receive cumulative updates in the future. Brandon LeBlanc of Microsoft, senior program manager of the windows insider program team, responded: "devices that do not meet the minimum hardware requirements will continue to receive cumulative updates, but will no longer receive new windows 11 versions."
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Fortunately, according to the test screenshot of netizens, even after being kicked out of the windows 11 insider program, users can still download the latest cumulative updates of the operating system, as shown in the figure below.
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Recently, Microsoft has just announced that it will officially launch windows 11 on October 5, 2021. Qualified windows 10 pcs will be upgraded to windows 11 for free, and various new PC devices pre installed with windows 11 will also be on sale. Windows 11 testers who do not meet the minimum hardware requirements should install windows 10 because the windows 10 operating system will be supported until 2025.

According to the analysis of industry insiders, Microsoft tries to prove that the minimum hardware requirements of windows 11 are reasonable by promoting security and reliability, but it still makes some PCs sold a few years ago unable to be upgraded. In an official blog post, Microsoft also blamed the problem of old processors and drivers for limiting windows 11 to newer machines. Microsoft's move may also remove some obstacles on the sale of PC devices pre installed with windows 11.

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