GJB150-2009 military equipment laboratory environmental test methods new version of the standard

Http://www.kekaoxing.com/m/view.php? Aid=22604GJB150.1A-2009 military equipment laboratory environmental test methods - Part 1: General requirements (instead of GJB150.1-86) GJB150.2A-2009 military equipment laboratory environmental test methods - Part 2: low pressure (altitude) test (instead of GJB150.2-86) GJB150.3A-2009 military equipment laboratory environmental test methods GJB150.4A-2009 military clothes...
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AXI bus profile

Advanced full name eXtensible Interface AXI, is Xilinx from the 6 series of FPGA began to introduce an interface protocol, the main description of the main equipment and data transmission between the device. Continue to be used in ZYNQ, version is AXI4, so we often see AXI4.0, ZYNQ internal devices have AXI interface. In fact, AXI is the ARM AMBA (Microcontroller Bus Architecture Advanced)...
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Commonly used RGB to turn YUV code

Common YUV RGB [java] view plaincopyprint? Public class YuvToRGB {private static int r =; private static int g =; 2 private static int b =; //I420 is YUV420 format, three plane and arrangement for (y) (U) (V)...
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Ubuntu12.04LTS installed after a blank desktop solution

After the installation is completed, obviously slow to death, after landing turned out to be a blank desktop environment, Ctrl+Alt+T simply do not have any reaction. The only reaction is the right button to create files and documents. At the same time the window is not maximized, minimize and close the button. GOOGLE turned over and found that many foreign compatriots have also encountered the same problem, the conclusion is: graphics driver problem. Solution: 1, to the manufacturer to Ubuntu12.04 graphics driver, is actually a shell, a stack of package to install. 2, ready to install the new driver, that is, the implementation of the SHELL...
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RTlinux3.2 installation

(1) after 2003, the RTLinux Free fmslabs version of the 3.2Pre, and the previous RTLinux 3.1 comparison, no longer need to be installed from the 2.4.4 kernel. RTLinux 3.2 supports the Linux kernel for 2.4.19/2.4.20/2.4.21Pre5 (2). To prepare for the current computer already exists on the system for the Linux Vine 2.5, the kernel for a total of 2.4.18. hard disk...
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Linux kernel porting X86 platform example

Bootloader support to start multiple kernel of Linux Installation (X86 platform) 1, cparch/x86/boot/bzImage /boot/vmlinuz-$version2, CP $initrd /boot/3, modify or /etc/lilo.conf$version /etc/grub.conf to compile the kernel version file linux- in directory /home/x86. JX #tar...
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Boot loader contention: LILO and GRUB

What tools will be used by all Linux users without considering their work or professional situation? Boot loader. Through the understanding of boot loader working principle, understanding of the two popular bootloader Lilo (Linux) LOader and GNU grub (grand unified boot loader), and study their respective advantages and disadvantages. What is the boot loader? Most simply, the boot loader (boot loader) will guide the operating system. When the machine guides it...
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Linux kernel upgrade (ubuntu12.04 upgrade from 3.4.0 to 3.13.0)

Spent a day at a time, finally put ubuntu12.04 Linux kernel version upgrade from 3.13.0 to 3.4.0 upgrade, the system is more stable. Concrete steps: # WGet http://www.kernel.org/pub/linux/kernel/v3.x/linux-3.4.tar.gz# tar zxvf linux-3.4.tar.gz C /usr/src# CD / usr / SRC /linux-3.4# ` make '...
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Detailed Linux Initrd

In the Linux operating system, there is a special function - to initialize the memory disk INITRD (Ram Disk INITial) technology, and the kernel to support the compressed file system image. With these two features, we can make Linux system from the initial memory disk to start, and the memory system as a part of the root file system is mounted. Ramdisk is a part of the memory allocated to a partition and as a hard drive to use. For the continuous use of the system to run the program, they will be placed in the Ramdisk will speed up the operation of the computer, such as large amounts of data...
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Research on CAN bus based on stm32

1, can bus initialization void can init (void) {can CAN_InitTypeDef can CAN_InitStructure; can CAN_FilterInitTypeDef can CAN_FilterInitStructure; switchblade can register init. Can CAN_DeInit (); can CAN_StructInit (...
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