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Remember these words, Knowledge has no limit. (stop learning. Never) communication is essential. (is critical. Communication) is better than delivery. (promise over, deliver. Under) "I was wrong." ("was wrong. I") if the code is not tested, it will not run normally. (it is not tested it doesn't work. If) programming is not your work. (isn't your job shipping, is. Programming)

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It seems that my children are not suited to be a programmer. In order to keep this originally for my new programmer son or daughter to fatherly advice lost by the wayside, I intend to impose this advice to you. If you had just set foot on the road to become a programmer, you might have suggested that your father had told you that if he had been a programmer. This is something I learned through hardships.

Continuous learning:Read Attend a meeting. Subscription journals. Attend class;class begins Whatever you do is to let you continue to learn, to pay full attention to learning. Learn every language you can find. Take time to learn any new frameworks, algorithms, techniques, models, paradigms. Every time you add a tool to your toolbox, it will help you solve the next programming problems more easily. To apprentice, is much stronger than you people, then they can learn to teach you everything. Knowledge has no limit

Communication:I often joke that as a programmer you can learn the most important skills you can draw on the white board. Communication is essential to the programmer's work. Communicate with buyers, clients, customers, colleagues, boss, vice president, chief executive officer, director of the board of directors, venture investors, etc., these communication will become very important in some time in your career. Learn how to speak in public. Learn how to write in english. Learn how to communicate effectively with others. Learn how to be in a calm mood to persuade others, but don't make a hullabaloo about, fly into a rage, or be confound at. Learn how to speak in a speech. It will help others understand what you are doing. Learn to break things down into simple pieces. Learn to communicate by means of metaphor and symbol. Communication.

Make predictable:To figure out how fast you can comfortably program. Until you get to know a certain task, then you can predict how long you will be using this task. To calculate the unexpected. Make arrangements for holidays and rest time. Learn to adapt to your predictions. I would break down a task into a number of sub tasks, and each of these 3 days (usually less than 1 days), and I would not think that I have a full understanding of the problem, so it's not to predict how long it will take. Please follow this rule to live, to fulfill commitments, better than delivery. It is best to deliver the work you need to do in 10 days, rather than 10 days of work, and not just 5 days. People depend on you, and the schedule and the plan will be around you. Do the best you can and make sure you can do it, otherwise you will be required to perform those predictions that make you uncomfortable. You are not good at it at first; to ask for more experienced predecessors together with you to make up, check your prediction. Learn to be better. Make predictable; because others are counting on you.

Admit your mistakes:You can make a lot of mistakes. How do you handle your own mistakes is the basis for others to evaluate you. Learn how to say "I was wrong." If you underestimate yourself to do something long, once you understand this, you will tell you the time. If you break a version, fix it. If you make a bug, do it. Don't deny the mistake, don't look for an excuse for making mistakes. Don't think about how to hide the mistake. Don't blame others for correcting mistakes. To be responsible for your own mistakes, otherwise youWillRecommit the same error

Never let the bad code slip away from your desk:As a programmer, your job is to write code that can work, so when you're not sure that the code is in line with this, you must not let the code slip away from your desk. As soon as you get the problem code out of your desk, it will not only make you embarrassed, but it will be more expensive and more difficult to find out. Learn to fall in love with unit tests. Learn to fall in love with code coverage. Learn to test your code more than you pay someone to test code. If you sign into the code and found bug, should feel embarrassed. If buyers find bug, should feel ashamed. Don't expect others to find out for you bug, to rely on yourself to find and repair bug. Don't expect code to run properly. Test code. Do not estimate the code can run normally. Test code. Don't take any chances. Is to test the code. If you have not yet tested the code, the code is not running; for youProbablyKnow. However, even if you're a hard test, some of the bug will pass away from your eyes. Although you can make mistakes, but to do your best not to make mistakes.

Although programming is very interesting, but it is a product that is your job:Programming is very interesting. That is the joy of discovery. That is the joy of creation. That is the joy of achievement. That is the joy of learning. To see their own hands to complete the work displayed on the screen is very interesting. Some colleagues are very interesting for your code. Some people praise your products, your neighbors, your products, and your products in the media. Programming should be very interesting, if not so, to find out the cause of the problem, and then solve the problem. However, there is no fun to release products. I often talk about the feeling of releasing a product that feels like someone who's not playing you. Your job is to finish the product, fix the bug, and then release it. If you need to change bug, it will be changed to bug. If you need to write a document, write a document. Test code if you need to test the code. All this is part of the release of the product. Programming will not give you a reward, the only product will give you a reward. Do your work.

Remember these words,

  • Knowledge has no limit (stop learning. Never)
  • Communication is essential. (is critical. Communication)
  • To fulfill a commitment, than to deliver. (promise over, deliver. Under)
  • "I was wrong." ("was wrong. I")
  • If the code is not tested, it will not run normally. (it is not tested it doesn't work. If)
  • Programming is not your job, the product is released. (isn't your job shipping, is. Programming)

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Jazdzewski Chuck

Jazdzewski Chuck has served as Delphi's chief architect and chief scientist at Borland, and with Delphi and.NET Hejlsberg Anders. In 2004 from Borland company to join Microsoft.

The translator.

Chuck how old is this advice?

At first, this thought that this is not a problem, useWikipediaCheck it. But did not want to, the query results of Wikipedia was no one.

Although the achievements of Chuck to see, but he is a very low-key person. When using the Google Chuck image search will find that the search results can be really very small, and the results of many of his old comrade in arms Anders photos.

Finally use Google search to hark back to the subject, an article on the ChuckSummary information, which revealed some details:

Joined Borland right out of college and has worked at the company for nearly years.He 13 lives with his wife Kristin, and, three children in, Jonathan, Joseph, Rebekah and, Soquel California., Chuck

Chuck joined the Borland company, and has been working for nearly 13 years. He and his wife Kristin, as well as three baby Jonathan (boy), Joseph (boy) and Rebekah (girl) living together in California, Kerr.

In addition, the above content from the Borland company in 2002, the General Assembly speaker Jazdzewski Chuck profile.

It can be inferred that Chuck is a Borland company in 1989, * * * * assuming that **Chuck university graduate, 22 years old, then Chuck's birth year is about 1967. The text was released on 2006, when the Chuck is about 39 years old, at the age of 40.

Make an unworthy continuation of a great work

Chuck's six point advice can be described as uttering the proverbs is not only him for more than ten years programming life essence, and for the later researchers pointed out the direction. Is the so-called "it", the road is their own work steadily go out, wish you all the way......

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