Sogou Cluster MySQL preliminary study data finishing - installation and deployment of new performance testing, etc.

1.1 introduction to mysql-cluster Simply, MySQLCluster In fact, it is a completely distributed database system, which is implemented in the case of non shared memory devices, and it is mainly realized by NDBCluster (NDB) storage engine. MySQLCluster Just when the birth can be said to be a persistent data for the memory database, all the data and the index must be loaded in memory before they can operate normally, but the latest M...
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Sogou Using Mongodb to set up a copy of the high availability of sub chip, Sets Sharding + Replica build process

Mongodb, copy set, high availability slice, Sets Replica + Sharding...
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Sogou Replace into MySQL Insert into on update duplicate key... The real difference

Today listen to colleagues Oracle to MySQL data migration, he used the insert into... On duplicate key update.... I thought why not replace, then come back to carefully check the next, they really are different, look at the following example: 1 into Replace... 1.1 input raw data Use test mysql>; Changed Database...
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Tomcat to achieve the domain name access

**tomcat context, to achieve the effect, is in the browser to enter the IP or domain name can be accessed directly, not to enter the project name Normal initialization is, to become a direct access to **1, remove the port number 8080 to add port mapping, because the 80 port can only be enabled root account, Tomcat account can not be enabled -t NAT -A PREROUTING -p iptables tcp...
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Waiting for commit lock MySQL5.6.12 led to the problem of living from the library hang analysis

Alarm Nagios, online a from the library to detect not to the slave state, and remotely up to view the problem: 1, stuck show slave status\G: type'help; 'or'\h' for help. Type'\c'to clear the current input statement.mysql> show slave status\Gshow slave status stuck the, unable to move, this is the first time...
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Mongodb using aggregate, group, match to achieve having in the MySQL (count (1) >1) function

Relational database in the packet to the weight is generally by group... Having (count (1) >1)... Race out of duplicate records, and then a SQL to get, but in the mongodb inside, not so convenient, you need to write a script to achieve, you can through the aggregate, group, match to operate the processing. 1, ready to enter the test data db.stu.insert ({cid:1, age:14, name:'gom1'}); Db.stu.insert ({cid...
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Mongodb group query statistics to remove duplicate records

Mongodb version number is, shell version: 2.4.4 MongoDB The operating environment, the shell window, as shown below: [mongo_user@mongodb_dbs Mongo --port 30100 ~]# Shell version: 2.4.4 MongoDB To: connecting Mongos> Use POS mongos> Swi...
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DataGuard failover Oracle11g reconstruction after the archive log has not been applied to the problem of NO

1. The main library from the library archive records inconsistent, as follows: finish after a failover, the bad old main library into the new from the library, but the new inconsistent from Library Archive logging, is the archive log list; and V$archived_log log out on. As shown below: 1.1 the main library: SQL Archive log list; Log mode Archive Mode Database Archival Automatic...
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Mongodb batch change the time stamp common date format

1, the official website provides mongodb traversal script: the official document address: Arr >var = "ab", "CD", "EF" Show >var = function (value, index, AR) {print (value)} >arr.forEach (show) AB CD EF 2, mongo...
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5.7.10 MySQL latest version of the source code to install the details of the process

1, download address: installation package download address: can download WGet, can also be downloaded on the PC local web page and then remotely to linux. Installation document address: document...
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Decrypt mysqlbinlog parsing binlog garbled.

MySQL library binlog log out is garbled, as shown below: BINLOG ' IXZqVhNIAAAALQAAAGcBAAAAAHoAAAAAAAEABHRlc3QAAno0AAEDAABUOcnY IXZqVh5IAAAAKAAAAI8BAAAAAHoAAAAAAAEAAgAB//4BAAAAcu+UpA==, if forced to use -v out of the specific implementation of the SQL statement, this problem has been plagued by a very close, in-depth study of today...
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@ the road slowly come -- soy sauce

One, I am with the soy sauce difference 1, soy sauce with a profit in playing the stock, I was playing the stock with the principal 2, soy sauce do not cover the quilt, not flesh, flesh will cover me 3, I will not soy sauce basic convertible, convertible 4, soy sauce only buy small cap stocks, I will buy the stock market gem 5, soy sauce fell out of the general heart is not urgent, I will be anxious to be sad mood is not good 6, soy sauce basically do not watch the disk, I will stare at the empty disk to see shares up and down unless the closure plate limit. 7, soy sauce salary is my 2 times. Two, I and 1 difference flash, flash knows more than me, technology 2, flash is decisive...
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Mysql5.6.12 to switch binlog binary log path

Preface A MySQL students said because they binlog produce too big and need to log path to put the additional disk above, ask me what time of the operation of the program, share get a MySQL binary log log path switching examples to him. Just today is empty, take mysql5.6.12 to do an example, give you a demonstration. 1, check the binlog address of [root@wgq_idc_mon_1_12 more /usr/local/mysql/ ~]#...
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Closing interface eth0: error: disconnect the device 'eth0'

1, [root@pdshow Ping ~]# problem description Connect: network is not reachable [root@pdshow [root@pdshow Ping ~]# ~]# Connect: network is not reachable [root@pdshow ifconfig eth0 netmask broa ~]#...
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Cannot backup or copy ORA-19602: active file in NOARCHIVELOG mode

1, the error record is as follows: impdp]# bash -x /oracle/backup/scripts/ [root@testoracle1 Date + + +%F DATE=2015-12-02 + export + DATE=2015-12-02 BACK_DIR=/pddata2/oracle/backup/data + export + BACK_DIR=/p...
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Feature not enabled: Managed Standby ORA-00439:

1, start the Oracle instance error: startup nomount SQL> Obsolete or deprecated parameter ORA-32004: (s) for RDBMS instance specified Feature not enabled: Managed Standby ORA-00439: SQL> startup nomount SQL>; OBS ORA-32004...
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DataGuard Oracle11g backup and restore the main library to the test environment single library error: write error on file ORA-19502:

1, start the Oracle instance error: startup nomount SQL> Obsolete or deprecated parameter ORA-32004: (s) for RDBMS instance specified Feature not enabled: Managed Standby ORA-00439: SQL> startup nomount SQL>; OBS ORA-32004...
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TNS:listener does not ORA-12514: currently know of service requested in connect

1、登录报错如下:[管理] rlwrap美元甲骨文@ oracle_yueworld SQLPlus系统/ system51 @ st1sql *加:释放11.生产在12月3日星期四16:33:26 2015copyright(C)1982,2009,Oracle。保留所有权利…
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的主库数据恢复到Oracle DataGuard Oracle11g如何将单机实例?

需要将的主库数据恢复到Oracle DataGuard单机实例中,所以记录下详细过程1,从线上重新拉一个参数文件出来,复制到测试环境SQL >创建pfile = / Oracle / pfile01 ora'from数据库;…
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1、Oracle11g设置归档重新登录启动报错SQL >启动;…
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1、全信股份30分钟线,没有站稳5mA,不过尾盘往上攻,曾经放量突破5mA,明天趋势看多。 60分钟线,下探5mA并没有站稳在5mA线上,后续3日行情不太明朗,面临回调 日K线,KDJ往上突破50达到75 +,表示属于上涨行情,看多,但是今天缩量上涨,表示上方120的压力位蛮大的,面临抛压比较多。 操作思路:持股观望,由于我就100股,无法做T,所以持股观望。2,智慧能源30分钟线,往上站接近5…
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1、全信股份30分钟线,没有站稳5mA,明天有回调的可能性。 60分钟线,下探5mA并站稳在5mA线上,后续3日行情不太明朗 日K线,KDJ往上突破50,表示属于上涨行情,看多,预期看多。 操作思路:回调5个点左右适量补仓。2,智慧能源30分钟线,往上站接近5mA,明天行情看多。 60分钟线,下探守住5mA,三天内行情稳定,看空几率小。 日K线,KDJ下探破50,技术上趋势看空,但是今天相…
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1、问题描述上游datacollectbackend { # ip_hash; 服务器10.234.1.211:6100 max_fails = 5 fail_timeout = 30; 服务器10.234.1.26:7100 max_fails = 5 fail_timeout = 30; }的位置…
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