MySQL vertical segmentation (reading notes finishing)

1, vertical split relative to the level of the split, the vertical split is relatively easy to achieve some, vertical resolution means that the database of different business data into a different database. Vertical resolution can play a very good role in the distribution of database pressure. Business module is not clear, coupled (table) is relatively high degree of system is not suitable for the use of this split. Has to get the user query integration, and some users to query their own orders quickly, but the query their own user information is very slow, why? 2, the advantages of the vertical resolution segmentation database is simple and clear split rules; The application module is clear,...
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MySQL level split (reading notes)

1, split level in general, simple horizontal segmentation is mainly will access a very ordinary table again according to certain rules of a field to disperse into multiple tables, each table contains a portion of the data. In simple terms, we can understand the level of data segmentation is in accordance with the data line segmentation, that is, some of the table Rows are split into a database, and the other rows are split into other databases. Of course, in order to be able to be relatively easy Of determination of rows of data are split into which database the shard always need according to certain rules. Such as according to a number of categories...
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MySQL high availability of MMM installation and deployment of detailed information summary

1, mmm introduction MMM (Master-Masterreplication manager for MySQL) is a support double main failover and double main day-to-day management of the script. Mmm using perl language development, is mainly used to monitor and manage MySQL Master-Master (double main) replication, although it is called double master replication, but business at the same time only allows for a master to write, was also a candidate Lord up provide part of the reading service, to accelerate the mm in the switching moment alternative main preheating, you can say...
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MySQL high availability of MHA installation and deployment of detailed information summary

1. Introduction 1.1mha introduction MHA, namely MasterHigh availability manager and tools for MySQL, is a MySQL expert in Japan using perl language to write a script management tool, the tool applies only to MySQLReplication (second floor) environment. The purpose is to maintain the high availability of master main library. MHA (Master High Availability) is master and Sla automatic failover...
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Analysis of MySQL high availability architecture at the operational level

Objective: relative to traditional industry relative service time 9x9x6 or 9x12x5, because the Internet e-commerce and Internet game in real time, so the service request 7 * 24 hours, business architecture whether application or database, need to disaster recovery each other. In MySQL system, preferably through in the beginning stage of database architecture to achieve disaster tolerant system. So here from the business point of view of the macro point of view MySQL architecture. First, the MySQL architecture design - Business Analysis (1) read more write a few lines that cross the room to express the deployment, such as electronic business...
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Cluster7.2.15 MySQL installation deployment performance test

1 download the cluster tar.gz Download Http:// WGet Cluster 7.2.15 MySQL Version: Select drop-down box select 7.2.15 Platform: Select drop-down box selection...
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Source code compiled Cluster7.2.15 MySQL installation process

1 the Download cluster tar.gz Http:// WGet   Cluster 7.2.15 MySQL Select Version: drop-down box to select 7.2.15 Select Platform: drop-down box to select...
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参考文档   http uid-20639775-id-1617795.html:/ / /  http:/ / / / 563063 xxtianxiaxing.iteye.com博客  http:/ / / / / refman DOC / mysql-cluster-single-user-mode.html 5.0…
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MySQL cluster验证管理节点配置中内存是否超标的脚本

验证管理节点config.ini参数配置的shell脚本,看memory是否超标,运行的时候需要附带上面data节点ID 而且cluster要处于工作状态,最起码manage node和data node要处于启动状态 _ memery.sh运行检查 脚本内容下: #注明,是从网友飞鸿大哥那里趴过来,改改运行通过的,肯定有很多需要完善的地方,欢迎大家提出宝贵…
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[置顶] MySQL cluster初步学习资料整理——安装部署新特性性能测试等

MySQL的cluster简介 1.1   简单的说,mysqlcluster 实际上是在无共享存储设备的情况下实现的一种完全分布式数据库系统,其主要通过ndbcluster(存储引擎来实现简称ndb)。       mysqlcluster 刚刚诞生的时候可以说是一个可以对数据进行持久化的内存数据库,所有数据和索引都必须装载在内存中才能够正常运行,但是最新的m…
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MySQL cluster初步测试结果汇总图示报告——>用mysqlslap与sysbench进行测试

cluster结构图                                     测试环境简介 MySQL cluster集群测试环境 4数据节点,8核cpu 32G 4 8核cpu SQL节点,16G 1管理的节点,8核cpu 16G cluster版本:         MySQL 5。
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mysql error(hy000 cluster测试过程中的错误汇总—1296)等等

参考资料: http:/ / / / / refman DOC / mysql-cluster-privilege-distribution.html 5.1  http:/ / / / MySQL集群之间共享用户凭据一个MySQL服务器集群/  http://b…
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cluster叫电信运营商版本 所以基本上在很大的用户并发量的情况下才会用到 对连接数的线性增长要求高的场景 千兆就不用想了没万兆就不用玩了 【】一:测试 3307 MySQL utim - pmanchungood p3307 -h10.80.40.107 -——默认字符集为utf8  ——查询测…
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MySQL cluster2个数据节点压力测试——mysqlslap工具压400w写

cluster叫电信运营商版本 所以基本上在很大的用户并发量的情况下才会用到 对连接数的线性增长要求高的场景 千兆就不用想了没万兆就不用玩了 【】一:测试 3307 MySQL utim - pxxxxxxxx p3307 -h10.80.40.107 -——默认字符集为utf8  电路的选择……
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MySQL cluster基础知识简介以及基本参数介绍

PS:这些资料都是以前整理的,有些有可能是在网上copy别人的,但是时间长了,记不得出处了,对不起! 在mysql cluster环境的配置文件config.ini里面,每一类节点都有两个(或以上)的相应配置项组,每一类节点的配置项都主要由两部分组成一部分是同类所有节点相同的配置项组NDB的,在[默认]、[ _米高梅ndbd ]和[默认默认mysqld。
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MySQL cluster线上管理节点配置文件-数据节点96g内存

网上的朋友提供的,仅供参考。 ndbd [默认] noofreplicas #:2 datadir /数据/ MySQL /日志: # filesystempath:/添加/路径/在这里 #数据存储器存储,索引和存储#字符串 数据存储器时将61440m: indexmemory:……
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Cluster MySQL online management node configuration file - data node 32G memory

Online friends to provide, for reference only. DEFAULT] [NDBD NoOfReplicas= 2 DataMemory=20G IndexMemory=5G MaxNoOfConcurrentTransactions=8192 MaxNoOfConcurrentOperations=100000 MaxNoOfLocalOperations=110000 NoOfFragmentLogF...
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Cluster MySQL configuration file -SQL node 4G memory

Example MySQL config file for large # systems. # Is for a large # This system with memory where the system runs mainly = 512M # MySQL. # Programs look for option # MySQL files in a set of # loca...
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Cluster MySQL management node configuration file - data node 4G memory

DEFAULT] [NDBD #TotalSendBufferMemory = 256M NoOfReplicas=2 DataMemory=2500M IndexMemory=256M DataDir=/var/lib/mysql-cluster #FileSystemPath=/data/dbdata Log #Redo FragmentLogFileSize=32M...
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