Waiting for commit lock MySQL5.6.12 led to the problem of living from the library hang analysis

Alarm Nagios, online a from the library to detect not to the slave state, and remotely up to view the problem: 1, stuck show slave status\G: type'help; 'or'\h' for help. Type'\c'to clear the current input statement.mysql> show slave status\Gshow slave status stuck the, unable to move, this is the first time...
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Decrypt mysqlbinlog parsing binlog garbled.

MySQL library binlog log out is garbled, as shown below: BINLOG ' IXZqVhNIAAAALQAAAGcBAAAAAHoAAAAAAAEABHRlc3QAAno0AAEDAABUOcnY IXZqVh5IAAAAKAAAAI8BAAAAAHoAAAAAAAEAAgAB//4BAAAAcu+UpA==, if forced to use -v out of the specific implementation of the SQL statement, this problem has been plagued by a very close, in-depth study of today...
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MySQL server time synchronization problem

1, adjusting the time of database server for an app shake activities find out dated 15 minutes, can also continue to shake, the root of the problem lies in the database server time than the application server time quite the 18 minutes, and app is database now), so that led to. The 2 solution, 1 is to modify the program code, not through the database now () to get but through the application server access; 2 is the time to modify the database directly. After the adoption of the balance of the second programs. 1.1, modify the Linux server time by modifying the -s date time -s date...
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Exception handling of MySQL date string converted to NULL value

1, YYYYmmdd format date is converted to null to see the following records, one can get a value, an access to the value of * * * *. SELECT DATE_FORMAT mysql> (STR_TO_DATE ('20150922 13:01:01', '%H:%m:%s%Y%m%d'), '%H:%m'); + -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- DATE_FORMAT ('20150922 STR_TO_DATE' - ''...
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11G ORACLE trigger debugging record PLS-00201: identifier'SYS.DBMS_SYSTEM'must be declared Error:

1, trigger content following create or replace trigger "logon denied to alert" after servererror on DATABASEDECLARE message VARCHAR2 (168); IP VARCHAR2 (15); V OS user VARCHAR2 (80); V module VARCHAR2 (50); V action...
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Error Query MySQL database. Causejava.sql.SQLException: Incorrect key file for table '/tmp/#sql_181c

1, developers screenshots give me, background error as follows: error query. Causejava.sql.SQLException: are key file for table '/tmp/#sql_181c_0.MYI /tmp/#sql_181c_0.MYI /tmp/#sql_181c_0.MYI'; tryto repair it. Analysis. This, in most cases is lack of TMP temporary tablespace, so execution more complex SQL or perform big table Association, the need for temporary tables more resources, if the temporary table.
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MySQL Chinese insert error string value:'\xCC\xEC\xB2\xC5'Incorrect

Preface: Chinese entry failed. Error: are the string will be'\xCC\xEC\xB2\xC5'as follows: mysql> set names utf8; query OK. 0 rows affected (0.00 sec) mysql> insert into t select 2 as a and B' genius' as; error 1366 (hy000the): are strin...
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[MySQL] packet sorting before taking the first N records and generate automatic digital sequences, similar to the by group after limit

Objective: business scene colleagues, according to the CID, author group, then in accordance with ID flashback, removed first two records out. The Oracle can through the row number () over (partition by CID, author order by ID DESC) said according to the CID, author group, in the interior of the grouping according to the rank of ID, and this function computes the value said after each internal sorting sequence number (group continuous only), and my...
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[MySQL] ranks of the transformation and transformation of various methods to achieve a summary of the report (line variable column report statistics, column line data records and statistics, etc.)

Objective: MySQL ranks of the changes, the most difficult is multiple columns into multiple lines, use more is statistical bank variable columns, column deformation, did not find ready-made function or a statement, so they wrote a stored procedure, use dynamic SQL to achieve, business application scenarios, users each month have used record number entry table, a field for a month, so the fields of the table is dynamic growth, now need to the total amount of real time statistics for the current user, if you know how many fields, you can select c1+c2+c3+... TBNAME whe From...
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The [MySQL]--> query process to solve the problems within 5 days of February 29th leap year birthday of colleagues

Objective: last write queries within 5 days of the birthday of colleagues in the cross in the solving process, URL: details of http://prog3.com/sbdm/blog/mchdba/article/details/38952033, in which the missing a leap year February 29th birthday, now add a process of the problem: 5, add a leap year to determine a friend reminded leap year on February 29th birthday, may query is not, thought does not take into account the specific date. 5.1, prepare test data SQL, including 1980-0...
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[MySQL]--> query within 5 days of the birthday of the colleagues in the process of solving the problem of cross - year

Objective: encounter friends questions, as follows: select * from Ali users where DATEDIFF (cast (concat (date format (nows),'%y'), the date format (birthday,'-%m-%d')) as date), cast (date format (nows),'%y-%m-%d') ActionScript date)) above can find today or tomorrow is my birthday. False.
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With Rand in the MySQL () to generate a random number of repeated random age and random name string

Objective: RAND function return in the range of 0 to 1 random floating point values within the. If an integer parameter N is specified, it is used as a seed value. First, a friend of the problem described as follows: (1), there is a user table, there are ID, the user's real name, age. By a stored procedure to achieve to table, insert 1 data, including age random name name: 'Zhao money Sun Li Zhou Wu Zheng Wang';, random out a name: 'a text string', random out a word or two words: random names cannot appear to be continuously repeated. (2), and then I wrote the generation...
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Debugging record of error MySQL 1064 of [Err] storage function

A friend to create a memory function error. Create DEFINER=`root`@`localhost` function `stuff` (f old varchar (10) and start int F, f int length, f replace varchar (10) returns varchar (2000) charset utf8BEGIN return replace (f old, sub...
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Emoji expression symbols into the MySQL database error solution

The recovery of expression symbols and the failure of the application of mobile phone app comments. . 1, check the Tomcat backend log, core error information is as follows: caused by java.sql.SQLException: are string will be'\xF0\x9F\x98\x97\xF0\x9F 'for column'CONTENT' at row 1At com.mysql.jdbc.SQLError.c...
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ERROR 1205 (HY000): wait timeout exceeded try; restarting transaction Lock

Objective: Advisory Friend I said that the implementation of a simple UPDATE statement failure. Symptoms are as follows: mysql> update order info set province Province_id=15, city id = 1667 where order Order_from=10 and order out Order_out_sn='1407261241xxxx'; error 1205 (hy000the): lock wait timeout exceeded; try re...
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MySQL by adding a column in the into... Outfile CSV Select to achieve the effect of the field

CSV sample select into outfile... Without the field name, only export data, so it is necessary to you want to another way to achieve, there is a stupid move, themselves to construct a field column. Examples are as follows: 1. Create table test PID data create table test.c select AS1. 1 as item, 15.0 atherosclerosis WGT union ALLSELECT as PID, as 2 item, 20.0 atherosclerosis WGT u...
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[mysqldumpslow Died at /usr/local/mysql/bin/mysqldumpslow line Baocuo] 161, chunk < > 236

Mysqldumpslow error: at /usr/local/mysql/bin/mysqldumpslow line Died 161, summed up: because the number of top is too much, mysqldumpslow traversal does not come over. /usr/local/mysql/bin/mysqldumpslow - S-T 15 /root/db01-102-slow.log 1 to r to get rid of try and error, parameter identification. [root@...
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Nagios monitor MySQL from the library error: cannot open shared object libmysqlclient.so.18: file: No such

Do a MySQL slave monitoring time and need to check the MySQL script, check the time error: error while loading the shared libraries: libmysqlclient.so.18: cannot open shared object file: no such file or directory1, error information is as follows: [root@slave ~]# /usr/local/n...
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Incident LOST_EVENTS occured The on the master. Message: error writing to the binary log Error_code,

2014-05-12 introduction 22977 [ERROR] slave SQL: the incident lost events occured on the master. Message: error writing to the binary log. The error code 15902014-05-12 introduction 22977 [ERR... 1 MySQL error log error are as the following: 1.
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Error: Table InnoDB: "MySQL". "Not" found. innodb_table_stats

1. Mysqldump when the newspaper is wrong as follows: 2014-05-05 introduction 7f004a9a2700 InnoDB:: table "MySQL". "The InnoDB table stats" not found. But show tables I see the representation of existence: but show create table InnoDB index stats; error is as follows: mysql> show create t...
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