Summary of MySQL master slave replication data

1. Copy principle official reference document: blog address 1: blog address 2: as below 1.png are shown:...
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Nagios monitor MySQL from the library error: cannot open shared object file: No such

Do a MySQL slave monitoring time and need to check the MySQL script, check the time error: error while loading the shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: no such file or directory1, error information is as follows: [root@slave ~]# /usr/local/n...
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[MySQL replication] 20G following the MySQL database from the library to quickly build

Because 20g below, so the data capacity is relatively small, with mysqldump database export business has little effect, so use this model from the library build: PS: master-data=1, record the master log file and read Master log Read_Master_Log_Pos: backup in the backup SQL log/usr/ local/mysql/bin/mysqldump -uroot - pre-S...
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[MySQL-MM] production environment to automatically restore the process of M2 in a MM library, sharing from scratch to write automated reconstruction of the script and ideas

1 Introduction There are 48 + mm group node, if every time a manual repair, a two time fortunately, the number is inevitable that some useless work, because a script automatically, avoid every time in M library manual backup, manually copy, manually establish a connection, manually set the copy information process, my purpose, a sh run command, all things are ready, the rest of the bubble a cup of coffee, Nestle or Pu'er tea, on the side quietly wait or can also take rest for a moment, looked at the M2 restoration success: 2 Environment Must be MMM architecture, and...
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[MySQL production environment replication fault repair Last_IO_Errno: 1045 error connecting'replication@ Last_IO_Error: to master

1 repair start slave cluster, the error is as follows: Stop slave mysql>; OK Query, 0 affected rows (0.10 sec) - reset the replication parameters Change master to master_host=''mysql>, master_port=3306, master_user='replication', master...
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[MySQL production environment data recovery fatal error: OR no'datadir']innobackupex: option in group'mysqld' in MySQL options

1 perform recovery command [xxx@xxx-c001db1 tmp]$time /usr/bin/innobackupex --rsync --user= "user" --password= "#xxx$" /mysqldata/shared/backup [--rsync] can record Master points for replication settings. Backup Utility v1.5.1-xtraba InnoDB...
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[MySQL replication error Last_Error: 1666 Error executing row event:]Last_Errno:'Cannot execute statement: imposs

Received an email alarm, last error: error executing row:'Cannot execute you impossible to write to binary log since statement is in row format and BINLOG_FORMAT format = STATEMENT.' Log on to Mysql, see Slave...
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12 groups of MySQL DB nodes, each group of 2 Master-Master, batch removal of expired binlog free disk space

Received a call, disk alarm, found to be a lot of DML operations lead to n binlog produced, so it is necessary to clear already sync binlog log, 12 groups of nodes to MySQL dB (n = 2 Master-Master need bulk removal expired binlog free disk space. Scheme, a total of 24 dB, a Taiwan to clean up certainly not work, you need to write a script, the bulk of the operation, the program is probably as follows 1, the establishment of double master list masterl...
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0301的时候切换到 SEP 6 09:16:16 prddb0301 mysqld:130906 9:16:16 [警告]中止连接11203分贝:“IDE”用户:“校正”主持人:“prd01。MB。com”(有一个错误的书面通信数据包) 6 09:1 SEP …
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【备注】: 主机192.168.250.20 备机192.168.250.40   主从复制 1主机上面已经有了mysql5.1.53-log版。   2备机上没有MySQL数据库,需要在备机上安装mysql5.1.53-log软件,具体参考SVN文档”系统MySQL \文件\ it_sys_mysql_installation .docx”。   3再次确…
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线上环境我从来没有碰到过1062的问题,测试环境开发环境不停的出现类似问题,以往为了赶时间都是跳过或者直接重新做,这会有时间,就好好去查查问题所在。 1从库报错信息: MySQL >显示奴隶地位的G *************************** 1。行***************************…
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——最快的从库搭建方法 0、准备从库第一次数据备份,临时锁所有表 开启窗口1 MySQL > FLUSH TABLES WITH READ锁; 查询确定,0行受影响(0秒) MySQL >显示主人的地位; + + + -------------- ------------------ ----------…
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