The new play is to prepare to do the deed

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1, all shares

In 30 minutes, there is no firm 5MA, but late to the upside, once the breakthrough volume 5MA tomorrow, bullish trend.
In 60 minutes, dropping 5MA and 5MA did not stand in the line, the 3 day follow-up market is not very clear, facing the callback
K-line, KDJ upward breakthrough 50 to 75 +, said belongs to rally and bullish, but today rose shrinkage, said above 120 pressure is quite big, came under selling pressure more.
Operation idea: holding wait, due to my 100 shares, not T, so holding the sidelines.

2, wisdom energy

30 minutes to stand on line, close to 5MA, in a sideways market stage, tomorrow is not clear.
In 60 minutes, dropping hold 5MA, within three days of market stability, bearish risk.
K-line, KDJ continue dropping dropping breaking 25, bearish trend in technology, but today compared with yesterday, fell Su Liang did not stand 5mA, carefully holding wait-and-see.
Operation idea: tomorrow to see, can do T bargain hunting.

3, Hanlan shares

30 minutes K line, continue dropping, dropping from 60MA, the market bearish tomorrow.
60 minutes from the broken line, 5MA hold 30MA, within 3 days of the market bearish, ready to hit the new record to lighten up positions.
K-line, breaking 5mA, fell shrinking, but KDJ dropping did not break 50, technically a trend Xipan suspected Shadie, technology trend of uncertainty, but today compared with yesterday, shrinking down 1.5 points, so heart analysis on stability, belonging to the callback Xichou sideways, comprehensive on line tomorrow if you do not stand 5mA, lighten up to play.
Operation idea: do not stand 5MA, lighten up the new play, carefully holding wait-and-see

4, Changchun gas

30 minutes break line, 5MA, a 30MA, bearish market.
60 minutes break line, 5MA, a 30MA, bearish market.
Day K line, a firm 5mA, today amplitude is very small, turnover rate is very low, sideways, KDJ Sicha above 50 in, sideways, the future trend of adjustment.
Operation idea: flat open opened on the buy, buy low and sell high T. High holding wait.

5, in the bus

Line 30 minutes late, Sicha lying on the floor upside after stand 5MA, tomorrow will continue to rise trend.
60 minutes late line high Sicha, lighten up tomorrow
K-line, KDJ MACD to break 75 +, the volume a little bit of Red Cross, suspected shipment without sealing plate, see this wave of new energy automobile market will not persist for more than 3 days, tomorrow to lighten up.
Investment PS:2015-12-10 calendar: details of the "Auto Expo 2015 the eighth session of the international auto industry exhibition, now into an ambush and subsequent will have a wave of market.
Operation method: Jiancang hold profits, the market cross, the new energy of this wave of market will not exceed 3 days.

6, to help friends to see and then rising technology

In 30 minutes, trading volume upside, KDJ to break 50, the trend has continued to rise tomorrow
In 60 minutes, trading volume rose, KDJ in 25+, see
K, no amount of sideways, it was the third day of treatment showed a net outflow of flush 1147W, stability shipment suspected. Tomorrow if the market sideways, 603601 continued sideways, profit Jiancang, quilt holding wait-and-see.

Summary: to prepare to do the new play.

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