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One, I and soy sauce difference

1, soy sauce with a profit in playing the stock, I was playing the stock with the principal
2, soy sauce do not cover the quilt, not flesh, flesh will cover me
3, I will not soy sauce basic convertible, convertible
4, soy sauce only buy small cap stocks, I will buy the stock market gem
5, soy sauce fell out of the general heart is not urgent, I will be anxious to be sad mood is not good
6, soy sauce basically do not watch the disk, I will stare at the empty disk to see shares up and down unless the closure plate limit.
7, soy sauce salary is my 2 times.

Two, and I did the difference

1, Shanke knows more than me, technology
2, Shanke decisively, quilt immediately cut
3, understand the flash profit, profit 20% shipment immediately
4, flash will have stock artifact in hand.
5, Shanke married marriage housing loan, my salary is 1.1 times.

Three, the difference between me and the potato

1, potatoes have their own model software, in the 20% price range below the annual line, he bought. I don't have a model I'm buying
2, potatoes if 30% of profits is shipped, and no, I am earning the reluctant to sell to earn more, quilt, fear of the flesh, the pain.
3, the potato with a profit in the play, I was losing the principal to play.
I'm 4, this wave rally quilt, potatoes watching short positions.
The 5 wife is the regular hospital preparation, potatoes, all 4 Suites without credit, my salary is 3.5 times.

Four, wood, flash, MCH, group

Wait for me in the same quilt, Lu Long Xi, I will search for the truth, brother cheer us on, strive to catch up with and surpass them.

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