TNS:connection closed ORA-12537: error handling procedure

1, colleagues said a Test Oracle for not on the connection, misstatement is as follows [oracle@pldb236 admin]$rlwrap sqlplus powerdesk/pd141118@PD236SQL*Plus: release production on Mon Nov 23 14:16:31 2015Copyright (c) 1982, 2009, Oracle. All rights.
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Mongodb in the collection of data to migrate to the MySQL Library

1, export data in mongodb, write a shell script # footsteps, /bin/sh! '+%Y-%m-%d'` datestr=`date -im_user -pxxxeedd -d im -c message -f txnType issNo,, Sn, merch,, /usr/local/mongodb/mongodb-linux-x86_64-2.4.4/bin/mongoexport...
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Rookie stock market memoir

Preface Record your own experience and the operation record 1, the miracle Other people's experiences and lessons: Http://
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Optimization of the use of forced index in select MySQL neutron query

1, my friend asked me to help look at the slower SELECT statement SQL Pg.product_goods_id, Pg.product_id, Pg.pdt_code, Pg.pdt_name, Pg.brand_name, Pg.reference_price, Pg.deposit, Pg.sale_status, Pg.is_delete,...
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Oracle11g system level triggers to track and monitor drop misuse

Preface DB table data always disorder, guess is experienced drop, create the data synchronization operation, but now who also don't know where, so ready to do a trigger to record which application server that DB account operation. 3, system level trigger 3.1 trigger events, including a variety of DDL operations and a variety of database events, including create, alter, drop, rename, grant, revoke,, audit, noaudit, commit, ddl,...
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Oracle11g boot boot settings in Linux system

Oracle server generally best is started manually, this encounter problems, can solve the field but are also worried about sometimes machine fault, automatic restart after, in order to quickly restore application and need to automatically boot Oracle, and found in different OS, start settings are not quite the same as 1, CentOS operating system can be set directly inside the rc.local add [root@localhost ~]# VIM / etc / rc.local /var/lock/subsys/lo touch...
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Linux virtual machine settings network, to achieve the host name SSH access

The virtual machine installation ready, need to set up network access has been through the host name to SSH Remote Access control. 1, set Linux on the hostname, through the hostname to access the Linux virtual machine 1.1. modified hosts file /etc/hosts#/etc/hosts VIM content generally have the following similar content: Localhost localhost.localdomain localhost4 localhost4
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DBCA error: limit exceeded for recovery files ORA-19809: processing procedure

1, DBCA database background error problem description [root@companydb1 rpms]# find / -name *alert*log /mnt/resource/app/oracle/diag/rdbms/strora/strora/trace/alert_strora.log /mnt/resource/app/oracle/product/11.2.0/dbhome_1/log/diag/rdbms/...
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Linux in the already running under the Tomcat environment how to re deploy the new Tomcat

Objective: Linux has been running a tomcat, resource utilization rate is not very high, so ready to build a new Tomcat to run new project, about the steps of constructing, from the existing 6800 port replication 1, add a port to download address 91006800 Tomcat software:, the whole process does not affect the normal use of the existing 6800 port Tomcat. 1, copy of the entire 6800 9100cp for -r a tomcat...
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Microsoft cloud centos6.7 virtual machine to prepare the VNC environment to install Oracle11g

Company is ready to use Microsoft's cloud server, so the first to do the test, Oracle11g to migrate to Microsoft's cloud server 1, first check the server is already installed VNC service, no installation, check the server is installed VNC command following [root@companydb1 rpms]# PS -eaf|grep of VNC Root 178915570 pts/0 00:00:00 grep 17:30 VNC [root@companydb1...
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Repair process of bad block of standby library file in DataGuard Oracle11g

Problem Description: room power, so the primary and standby database is direct power, then I have to boot from the startup Oracle, so the next day when I came to see, the primary and standby started the, archived logs are transferred to the standby the, but after the application log error, a bad block file, so in need of repair. 1, view the alert log alarm information data files to a consistent state Recovered at change 11550...
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Stock market in the current state of the stock market trend (study notes)

1, market breakdown of hailun line of technology stocks form (1) market in the downward breakdown trader line, indicating that the rally has come to an end. At this time a shares also breakdown hailun line into stage callback trend. Note that the stock market and the market trend is the same, the same decline in the tone of the market. (2) market in the downward breakdown trader line, but stock market callback, and still stand in online trader volume increases, indicating that stocks stage trend is stronger than the market index. , the lifeline of the breakdown of the market technology stocks form (1) market in the down heavy breakdown lifeline, indicating that the medium-term downward.
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Standard for the judgment of the stock market (study notes)

1, a stock bull market criterion 1.1 when stock index after a period of adjustment, K-line to volume breakthrough will 60 lines and trend of 120 lines can judge for the formation of small level of the bull market. 1.2 when index stocks after a period of adjustment, Zhou K line to the volume breakthrough lifeline 30 line and decision 60 lines, can judge for the level of the bull market form. 1.3 when stock index after a period of adjustment, K-line to volume breakthrough life 30 line and decision-making of 60 lines, you can judge for a greater level of bull market formation. 2, standard stock bear...
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3000-3200 to break the balance of the city, to break through the 30 lifeline, a firm 2 days (with a high focus on the transfer of a wave of market)

Balance with the attack of the 5 bear market balance, break through and stand lifeline 30 line 2 days holds dish of lines several times repeated cross state, K-line in decision 30 daily operation, this is a bear market in the city, the important thing is to balance the city exceeded 30 a firm line 2 days, if the third day stand after the fourth day built a portion of their holdings, but as shown in the diagram below: 2, the judgment for the intermediate don't a bear market K - line downward breakthrough 30, 60 lines, for a greater level of a bear market, so the light warehouse operation, such as the chart shows: 3 high transfer profit market.
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Big bull market and bear's judgment

1, standard market bull and bear market 2, standard stock cattle bear...
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ORACLE 11g user rights management essay essence

Summary of work often used some users manage essays record: 1, view the database all users have their respective roles: select * from (select distinct connect by root grantee username and granted role Dba_role_privs from By prior granted_role =grantee a connect Where...
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MySQL backup tool mydumper backup

#! /usr/bin/phthonimport osimport timeimport commandsimport shutilimport threadingfrom os.path import join, getsizeimport mysqldb as mydb# backup directory baseDir = /data2/backup/backup_data/ /data2/backup/backup_data/ # ns or Wx gene; after the backup whether to compress...
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MySQL ten million level table data to improve the RAND random query experiment

1、准备测试数据 1.1建库建表MySQL >创建数据库hwdb;查询行,1行的影响(0.34秒) MySQL > >显示MySQL创建表t_huawei;+ ---------- + ------------------------------------------------------------------…
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1、问题描述        Oracle默认账号是没有限制IP的,这样的隐患就在于,如果我知道了Oracle账号用户名密码,我只要能连接到分贝,分贝进行操作就可以对,这样对于线上的DB来说是很危险的,因为有些非DBA人员,比如开发人员、测试人员一不小心误删除了线上的数据,就惨了,坑太大不敢看。所以查了查,找到一种办法,在一些重要的表上加触发器来限制用户对线上的表的操作 2,触发器编写如果开分贝…
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1、调整数据库服务器时间因为应用APP摇一摇活动发现过时15分钟,还可以继续摇一摇,问题根源在于数据库服务器时间比应用服务器时间蛮了18分钟,而APP取得是数据库的now(),所以才导致的。2个解决办法,1是修改程序代码,不通过数据库now()去取而是通过应用服务器取;2是直接修改数据库的时间。经过权衡之后采纳第二种方案。1.1,通过日期的修改时间修改Linux服务器时间 日期-美国
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