Window7 under the VirtualBox inside the installation of Linux virtual machine, NAT connection mode, mutual Ping through, but the remote Linux SSH error!

Environmental Science The machine IP address Linux virtual machine IP address: IP, access method for DHCP The virtual machine and the machine connection way is: NAT SSH tools: SecureCRT   Mutual Ping, can ping through, in the CMD can also telnet through Linux, but the remote SSH connection 22 port, SecureCRT connection interface on the wrong: authenticati Password...
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All grant statement of Import users in MySQL schema!

MySQL --default-character-set=utf8 and the - e "select concat (` show grants for ', the user,'''@''', host, ';') as the GSQL from mysql.user where user not in ('','root');" > g1.log. -i'1d'g1.log sed # sed's/gsq...
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MMM Install Deploy MySQL

0 network: reference ^^y/vg5gk! O2|26230597! u^ personal space o*S0w| " Http:// H'BVd262305 Y$J4hN...
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