MySQL server time synchronization problem

1, adjusting the time of database server for an app shake activities find out dated 15 minutes, can also continue to shake, the root of the problem lies in the database server time than the application server time quite the 18 minutes, and app is database now), so that led to. The 2 solution, 1 is to modify the program code, not through the database now () to get but through the application server access; 2 is the time to modify the database directly. After the adoption of the balance of the second programs. 1.1, modify the Linux server time by modifying the -s date time -s date...
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Exception handling of MySQL date string converted to NULL value

1, YYYYmmdd format date is converted to null to see the following records, one can get a value, an access to the value of * * * *. SELECT DATE_FORMAT mysql> (STR_TO_DATE ('20150922 13:01:01', '%H:%m:%s%Y%m%d'), '%H:%m'); + -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- DATE_FORMAT ('20150922 STR_TO_DATE' - ''...
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The performance optimization of ORACLE database -- > memory disk

1, memory structure optimization an overview 1.1 buffer database performance buffer includes two categories of PGA can share the SGA and the server process private. The SGA also includes shared pool, large pool, Java pool, data buffer, stream pool, redo log buffer. 1.2 automatic memory management Oracle generally use the automatic memory management to manage the memory system by an instance of the database Oracle automatic management and adjustment of the memory size. In the automatic management mode, the initialization parameter MEMORY_TARGET (target memory size) and ME...
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To step into the same river, Fujian... Is the time to say goodbye

1, K-line small high red star face callback (1) KDJ line, the j line and in the ceiling above, upside weakness; DMI line is still on the floor, bearish relatively more. (2) and today a standard low overcast dwarf stars of the Red Cross, shrinkage, the past few days has been to the upside 3280 without success, historical stage have been 2850-3280 recent box position. In order to continue to power again to break up, tomorrow will be facing the callback. The market index will receive a small line. (3) attack line level dropping close to hailun line, short-term means...
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PLSQL often automatically disconnect the connection to the solution process

Background: if that is the case, many colleagues PLSQL working hours 8 hours. Sometimes they go out for a smoke or noon meal, come back in PLSQL wrong on the newspaper no response then stuck for a long time can not move, must re login PLSQL before the entry into force, I guess is because of connection failure reason, often encounter this kind of situation, there is no influence working efficiency and mood. 1, SQL> select connection time * from dba_profiles t wh CONNECT_TIME to check the following...
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Drop - dead or alive precipitous rock faces and sheer cliffs

1, bear market characteristics of the market index continued terrorist down volume continues to decrease the stock plate type alternating fall deficient money benefits increase economic data continued to decline media continued to sing the air small investors accounts continued to decrease 2, K-line judge small and medium level of a bear market when the market index after a round of rising prices, K-line down heavy breakdown decision 60 lines and trend of 120 lines, can judge small and medium level of a bear market has been formed, JPG is shown redirect for:
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MySQL through the bat command to back up the MySQL database under Windows

Friend said that in the windows below the bat command backup failed, he could not find the problem, so I help to see the next. In fact, I have not used bat to write the script, but cramming, bat script not harder than shell. Back lost the root password on my computer is originally installed mysql, but because habits with MySQL under Linux, windows of the long time does not use, even the root password all don't know, need to retrieve the root password, otherwise there is no log in to do the test 1.1, first check...
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The darkness before the dawn / it pours

1. Miracle -- > K-line analysis opened 100 points, closing down 300 points, thousands of strands of limit, market index 9% decline, a historical record. All the broken line: attack line down through, breaking hailun line attack line down through, breaking lifeline attack line down through, breaking decision line attack down through, breaking trend line attack line down through, broken in line what are broken, a break in the end...... Attack lines are broken, bear no limit, the cash holding quilt, cut cut does not move. 2, GDP and 530 from the total economy analysis, we hope to 200...
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ORACLE11G to restore the RMAN DataGuard backup to the test environment of the single Oracle in the details of the process

1, from the production database copy good full backup documents 1.1, check the parameter file information RMAN> list backup of changed; from a big push list information identify recent backup information /pddata2/oracle/backup/data/ctl_auto/c-3391761643-20150820-01 /pddata2/oracle/backup/data/ctl_auto/c-3391761643-20150820-01 1.2 viewing file control information: RMAN> list backup of controlfile; find out the inside of the control file /pddata...
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The Qixi Festival tragic Valentine's day -- diving

Objective: today, the traditional Chinese Valentine's day, the market late in diving widespread losses, the Tanabata more tragic ah, but we also do not worry too much, change the Zha Zha too, peace of mind. 1, K-line analysis trading above the closing price yesterday opening price, that is late to hold a little bit of hope. The day before yesterday pulled a large candle to hold the opening price, that is to say also hold a little bit of hope. So the K-line form, according to the patterns of yin or sideways Cross stars after the Tianyang lines, tomorrow will be small Yin and Yin. But if it is...
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The tip is fire - violence Xichou (VOL volume average)

1, 30 minutes K-line analysis KDJ index analysis showed that the J line to the KD line break, bullish trend. Analysis of MACD indicators showed that the green pillar is becoming shorter and shorter, bullish trend, but is still 0 axis vulnerable area operation, cautious. Analysis MTMTM index: MTM has MTMTM to break the line, but MTM in the weak region, cautious. Analysis very line to break up the home line below 50 in the formation of Jin Cha and ADX is the region in more than 50 break down adxr Sicha, line of attack wireless proximity hailun line, but still 50... DMI indicators
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The wolf came to the stock market --- quietly parting (DMI optimized decoding)

Objective: the wolf came to the stock market July 6th stock market crash, the national rescue began, after the first July 27 and is a stock market crash, we still believe that the bull market in, and today August 18 is crash thousands of strands of limit, this is the second crash thousands of strands of limit, we still believe that the bull market in. What about the third time? Don't think of the famous wolf to the stock market: Aesop's fables, "wolf" once upon a time, there was a shepherd boy, every day to go to the mountain sheep. The wolf came to the picture one day, he felt very boring, just want to make fun of everyone to find a happy idea. He is toward the foot of the mountain farming farmers shouted:...
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Analysis on the cliff ----8.17 think the market upside or callback (MDI study)

1. 30 minutes of K-line analysis KDJ index analysis showed that the j line break line KD in regions of strong, and the attack line break hailun line to break up, in a bullish state. MACD index analysis showed that the green pillar short and red pillars, said to see, and the average system resonance. Analysis MTMTM index: MTM and MTMTM 'rujiaosiqi, entangled state, the trend is not very clear. Analysis of line 30 minutes tomorrow, market trend flat open, rise in volatility can hold wait-and-see or rallies to lighten up, for T, not suitable for to cover short positions. In 2, phase analysis of 60 minute lines...
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The ----CR gain profit in risk index

1, 30 minutes the market analysis from the line KDJ: late J line break down the KD line, so empty take advantage of, much bearish, probability of opened tomorrow, relatively large. From the MACD line: 0 on the axis of the red pillars and shorter, indicating bullish fewer and fewer, more bearish, probability of opened tomorrow, relatively large. From the MTM analysis: MTM wireless trading close to MTMTM, indicating most bearish, the market trend is not very clear tomorrow. A comprehensive technical analysis: tomorrow, the market trend is still shocks lower open probability is relatively high, lower callback concussion is given priority to, suggested that tomorrow is instability, not suitable for the construction of...
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On the tip of the Jedi attack __ layout Minmetals rare earth

1, 30 minutes of K-line market fundamentals stable trend, today received a piece of stars of the Red Cross, to stabilize today, there is no firm 3950, market does not have plunged, 30 minutes K line graph MACD line Sicha, KDJ line j line break down KD line Sicha, bullish majority, so tomorrow opened and may will receive a small hatching end. 2, technical indicators to see from MACD lines and KDJ line and MTM line, can see a lot of point of purchase, Minmetals rare earth can of intervention. 3, the price range from the price range, Minmetals rare this wave, it has been half a year since the bull market cross...
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After - buy low sell high dare to confront the greatest danger of the death Guardian trend line

1. Basic directional financing is a good news, but easy to be not too understand the market retail friends bearish, so the basic the positive offset each other. , market 30 minutes K line graph attack line hailun line breakthrough, the attack line break lifeline, the attack line break making line, the line of attack has been close to trend line, K-line has come to the critical moment, if tomorrow the market is a breakthrough trend line down means technology completely bear market, the market will one down in the end, Ben 3200 support line to the. Only good news is that MACD die and DEA line in 0 axis winding each other tightly,...
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Low volume pulled VS don't Wuhan VS crazy potatoes

1, the news today, a large Changyang, you look more probability. 2, 30 minutes K line graph MACD lines and above 0 axis, red pillars become high, the trend is up, according to the truth that geology pull Dayang, tomorrow the basic callback, but the root Dayang estimation to everybody's mind dragged back, and intraday from 3500 Dora up, everyone confidence should be full. And KDJ line, J line also firmly occupy above the KD line, and the 100 was full of blood, so the more bullish trend. 3 analysis chart chips from the K line on the market today, chips, the average cost is still 418...
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On the tip of the rules of survival

1, the fundamentals of the Shanghai and Shenzhen Stock Exchange to change the financial rules of the two T+0 change T+1, is conducive to maintaining the stability of the fragile A stock market, is good news. , 30 minutes of K-line from KDJ graphics, J line as well as the breakthrough at the top of the KD line, showed relatively strong buyer, which yesterday from below 100 points when there is no signs of diving under, the Shanghai blue chip pulled eventually fell only 40 points, can be said that the market more and more stable, not crazy diving, national team trader hand is also more and more skilled, the national team traders hope rose fell to stabilize the stock market doesn't want to. And the 3600 point is the basic...
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DBCA ORA-01034:ORACLE error not available ORACLE

1、问题描述,DBCA最后完成的时候报错ora-00119:系统参数local_listener ora-00130无效的规范:无效的听众地址(地址=(协议为TCP)(主持人= pldb236)(端口为1521)),如下图所示      2,去居屋…
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再次看了比较详细的K线图尾盘放量下跌也就是说砸盘造成恐慌现象,让大家割肉出局  如果按照正常逻辑来说,明天大家都持币观望了,也不敢买入了,明天国家队要进一步吸筹了有点像上周四的操盘手法尾盘突然放量砸盘,然后迅速拉升一点点明天周五还是像上周五那样,低开低走明天我还好继续减仓的明天继续减仓不会补仓了上证50,上证380都在尾盘放下跌攻击波还有上证180也是放量下跌攻击波就类似于钓鱼波先慢慢震荡拖住你,…
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