On the cliff his salvation national diving team song

1, the policy side no what special good news, so big trend you or to comply with the rules of the market, ZJH without what good news publication. 2, show 30 minutes K-line on the 30 minute chart: k big line ending, the bearish market. Learning KDJ line: overbought and oversold indicators, also known KDJ indicators, it reflects is straddle both sides of trade power contrast, is the price of single factor evaluation, has strong practicability, KD range generally between the 0---100. 50 for a, more than 50 is strong area, 50 is weak,. To be specific, to be anti 50 - 80 is divided into...
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The prospect of a cliff self redemption -->V pulled up late the ditch

1, the policy side bullish is to stimulate the stock price information, such as stock listed companies improved operating performance, lower interest rates on bank, social capital adequacy, the relaxation of bank credit funds, market prosperity and and other political, economic, military, diplomatic and other aspects of the stock price up favorable information. Negative factors are the factors that control the information of stock price decline, including political factors, economic development trends, the impact of economic policy oriented, corporate performance and other factors. Did not see bullish news, the Fed's July rate increases the probability of success are also considered a good, China's trade friction ushered in the trend changes involving fall 34% this also calculate a...
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Bash: scp: command not found Linux issue record

1, 2 SCP error [root@localhost soft]# scpjdk-7u55-linux-x64.tar.gz's he'd bash: scp: command not foundlost connection[root@localhost soft]# debugging -v[root@localh...
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The navigation lights on the cliff / the arrogance of the potatoes crushed under the cloud

So DJ, K line Sicha KDJ upcoming decreased clearance, level 1, the daily Sicha potatoes of MACD Sicha, and 0 axis above the red line is gradually reduced, indicate that tomorrow is may lower step 0 axis, but also may return 0 axis, like a bridge, and MACD divergence (intersection which is positioned in the hollow shaft, but continue to put red column, then MACD evolved into Sicha, arch bridge in the latter part, also is the market to fall), as shown in the bottom line Sicha, as shown below: think Friday in the micro channel circle of the subgroup of potatoes have clearance, he said he wanted to buy a house profit out...
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Reflection on the ice and fire -- > summer greedy zapan

1, the main prediction morning group LZ tip tip: disk is likely will select the callback, whether it is really the advent of a bear market or short-term callback, 39.4% will be rebound key points, that is to say, if continue callback, in accordance with the normal adjustment, Tuesday or week three will be the best Jiancang opportunity. The possibility of adjusting the maximum, because on Friday the callback intensity is meaningless, both wash to raise is the liberation of the selling pressure plate can not completed within a short period of time, but it is not absolute, from Friday to futures trading, buying power is not too strong Friday closing volume is the short term high, also prove Friday...
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Salvation on the cliff: the fog of Fujian cement

1 February, 7.75 yuan about the chip area is more, as shown below:. In March, 3 low chips changed little. In April of chip area, about 7.75 yuan has become less a, as follows:. In May, 7.75 beneath the chips have no the, said regional low-cost chips has shipped complete, as shown below:. In June, high connection disc many and 7.75 to 10 chips to reduce, said they shipped. As follows: 6, look at the 7 month, the stock market crash, we can't stop the resort, there are people who can't stop...
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VNC viewer ORACLE 11g installed in the phenomenon of black

1、VNC查看器黑屏问题:  2,可能是CentOS下面的桌面组件没有安装好yum安装X windowsystem“桌面”桌面 yumgroupinstall Y Y  “桌面”  ”desktopplatform”  ”桌面平台开发”“字体”基因…
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1、大盘连续跳水从刚开始第一周的盈利3K多,到后来持续亏损,再加上大盘不断跳水,到目前为止已经亏损本金2 / 5,亏损达到了16.5W,有2支股票割肉了,损失在界面上不再显示出来,如下所示:  2,在歧路上越走越远刚才开始,投入了6W资金,后来群里酱油说到他专攻重组类型的,并且重点关注4支,        重组类型:        孚日股份、002083        新赛股份、600540…
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1、检查网络[ root@localhost ~ ] #坪-我是11.110.10.138ping从11.110.10.138eth0:56(84)从11.110.10.138的data.64字节字节:icmp_seq = 1ttl = 64次= 0.023 ms64 BYT…
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1、现象是启动报错如下:Oracle SQL >启动…
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1、nrpe介绍nrpe是Nagios的一个功能扩展,它可在远程Linux / Unix主机上执行插件程序。通过在远程服务器上安装nrpe插件及Nagios插件程序来向Nagios监控平台提供该服务器的本地情况,如CPU负载,内存使用,磁盘使用等。这里将Nagios监控端称为Nagios服务器端,而将远程被监控的主机称为Nagios客户端。Nagios监控远程主机的方法有多种,其方式包括SNMP,号..
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Oracle 11g利用泠备份恢复待机库

利用泠备份恢复待机数据库 1开始在备库上进行泠备份先查好控制文件、重做、撤消文件、数据文件的路径 1.1先关闭主库的归档日志传输SQL >修改系统setlog_archive_dest_state_2 = 'defer”;…
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前言:在DBA群是认识酱油、木木、土豆、虎子、闪客、蝈蝈等,之后他们因为共同的爱好投资行为à股票而建立了新的群----票票群,如今记不清群是哪天建立的了。而我一直在群里潜水,只默默的在远处看着酱油他们吹牛逼吹的不亦乐乎,可惜我不懂,也不好贸然插嘴,所以只有看着他们闹腾。 1,对股市的恐惧在07到08年的牛市里面,因为自己支援家里,所以身上总是没有多少现钱,所以没有入股市,对股票交易也是一知半解,之…
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背景:执行/关机。上海偶尔会报错如下,但是大部分时间还是比较正常的,希望能解决掉它 1、报错信息如下:[根] @ ptbin #。/ shutdown.sh 使用catalina_base:/ usr /局部/应用程序/ apache-tomcat-6.0.37_9300 使用catalina_home:/ usr /局部/应用程序/ Apache tomca…
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云服务器安装过报错。/ libtool:线路841:X标记= CC:命令没有找到

重点内容背景,安装过编译使报错:。/ libtool:线路841:X标记= CC:命令没有找到 / libtool:线路874:libtool:忽略未知标签:命令没有找到 / libtool:线路841:X模式=链接:命令没有找到…
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Objective: now the cloud server is the mainstream, many small and medium-sized companies preferred server, but the cloud server is virtual machine, so the performance is a big question, this began to test the performance of the simple introduction of cloud server, the web server in the cloud pressure test. Linux under the commonly used four Web server pressure testing tools (http_load, webbench, AB, siege), where the use of Apache comes with the AB tool to test. 1, to start the installation of Apache preparation: Install gcc* -y yum Y...
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11G ORACLE in the same Linux server from example 1 to import the entire library to the instance 2

Pre export command: [root@powerlong4 ~]# Su - Oracle [oracle@powerlong4 export ORACLE_SID=pt1 ~]$; [oracle@powerlong4 expdp \'sys/systestpd as sysdba\'DIRECTORY=dir_dump_t3 FULL=YES ~]$DUMPFILE=expdpfull_pd_20150...
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Tomcat start error: Permission denied <null> java.net.BindException:: 80

1, the startup error display'springMvc'[org.springframework.web.servlet.DispatcherServlet]FrameworkServlet: completed in initialization 382 MS Jun 01, 2015 PM org.apache.coyote.http11.Http11Protocol 6:39:06 start SEVERE...
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MySQL vertical segmentation (reading notes finishing)

1, vertical split relative to the level of the split, the vertical split is relatively easy to achieve some, vertical resolution means that the database of different business data into a different database. Vertical resolution can play a very good role in the distribution of database pressure. Business module is not clear, coupled (table) is relatively high degree of system is not suitable for the use of this split. Has to get the user query integration, and some users to query their own orders quickly, but the query their own user information is very slow, why? 2, the advantages of the vertical resolution segmentation database is simple and clear split rules; The application module is clear,...
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MySQL level split (reading notes)

1, split level in general, simple horizontal segmentation is mainly will access a very ordinary table again according to certain rules of a field to disperse into multiple tables, each table contains a portion of the data. In simple terms, we can understand the level of data segmentation is in accordance with the data line segmentation, that is, some of the table Rows are split into a database, and the other rows are split into other databases. Of course, in order to be able to be relatively easy Of determination of rows of data are split into which database the shard always need according to certain rules. Such as according to a number of categories...
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