Client vSphere virtual machine error: is no more There space for virtual disk

Fault description: Developers say connection is not on the Ping unreasonable. Because this is a physical machine virtual out of the Linux virtual machine, through the client vSphere login, found that the operator interface error is as follows: is no There more space for virtual disk Might be able to you continue this session by freei...
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11g Linux on the ORACLE to build second examples

Linux server host is not enough, and the tester needs a new Oracle environment to do the test, so ready to have some of the Linux host on the oracle to build second examples. This Oracle server's resources are sufficient, so we can directly set up more examples to meet the needs of the testing staff. 1, the use of VNC tools in remote DBCA error, as follows: [oracle@ptest4 DBCA ~]$ Protocol specified No [oracle@ptest4 ~...
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Connections lost contact Process ID:0 ORA-03135

Scene description: Lead callme, said pslql remote login error, error information: ORA-03135 connections lost contact process ID:01, hurriedly the VPN and log back to check the load, see load is very low: [oracle@powerlong4 ~]$w Up 20:05:16 22 6:33, days, 3 load, average: users 0.45, 0.58, 0...
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MySQL user permissions detailed summary

1, MySQL permissions system MySQL system is generally divided into 5 levels: Global hierarchy: Global permissions apply to all databases in a given server. These permissions are stored in the mysql.user table. ALL ON GRANT. And ALL ON REVOKE. Only granting and revocation of global permissions. Database level: Database permissions apply to all targets in a given database. These permissions are stored in the mysql.db table. ALL ON db_name. GRANT and REVOKE...
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11G ORACLE contraction table space error file contains ORA-03297: used data beyondrequested RESIZE value

Test environment is not enough disk space, so drop some useless big table, but found that the space is not changed, -h DF or not released the disk space to. SQL > set line 200SQL> set PageSize 200SQL> col name format a150 1 view table space using SQL SELECTUPPER (F.TABLESPACE_NAME name) table name space ", 2 D.TOT_GROOTTE_ D.TOT_GROOTTE_...
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11G ORACLE trigger debugging record PLS-00201: identifier'SYS.DBMS_SYSTEM'must be declared Error:

1, trigger content following create or replace trigger "logon denied to alert" after servererror on DATABASEDECLARE message VARCHAR2 (168); IP VARCHAR2 (15); V OS user VARCHAR2 (80); V module VARCHAR2 (50); V action...
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Error Query MySQL database. Causejava.sql.SQLException: Incorrect key file for table '/tmp/#sql_181c

1, developers screenshots give me, background error as follows: error query. Causejava.sql.SQLException: are key file for table '/tmp/#sql_181c_0.MYI /tmp/#sql_181c_0.MYI /tmp/#sql_181c_0.MYI'; tryto repair it. Analysis. This, in most cases is lack of TMP temporary tablespace, so execution more complex SQL or perform big table Association, the need for temporary tables more resources, if the temporary table.
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11G SCN through the ORACLE to do incremental backup and repair the standby library details

Background description: standby Oracle Library Background alert error, as follows: corrupt redo log block header ORA-00354: Log corruption near block ORA-00353: 10240change time 11125950022 05/08/2015 22:00:41 Archived log:'/data/oracle/o ORA-00334...
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Mysqld_multi use MySQL deployment of a single multi instance detailed process

Preface: multi instance? Why? Along with the development of the hardware level, Linux multicore is a common trend, and MySQL is a single process and multi thread, so the first heaven to use is not very high, although version 5.6 has the improved a lot, but did not reach 100%, so in order to fully use of the resources in the system, MySQL have their own that can deploy multiple instances, an example of a port. 1, ready to install MySQL blog: MySQL source code reference...
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ORACLE records the user's IP address and the IP address of the failed user.

Objective: is the main function of the realization, Oracle log record of success login user IP address, login failed login record failure IP address 1 need establish a recording trigger login is successful, the client IP address everyone knows that record the client machine name in v$session, but no IP, if clinet IP record it? First DBMS running session during registration and then execute stored procedures on logon trigger, so when the client after landing, in v$session C...
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Archiver error.Connect internalonly until, freed delete follow the force ORA-00257:

Preface: phenomenon description remote plsq login wrong "ORA-00257: Archiver error.Connect internalonly, until freed alert backstage log report wrong: errors in File/oracle/app/oracle/diag/rdbms/pdunq/ptext/trace/ptext_arcc_19603.trc:ORA-19809: File/oracle/app/oracle/diag/rdbms/pdunq/ptext/trace/ptext_arcc_19603.trc:ORA-19809: File/oracle/app/oracle/diag/rdbms/pdunq/ptext/trace/ptext_arcc_19603.trc:ORA-19809: limit exceeded.
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Archiver error. Connect internal only. until freed ORA-00257:

1, plsq login error ORA-00257: archiver. Connect internalonly. until freed 2 the background and the alert log error: [oracle@powerlong4 ~]$tail -fn 200/oracle/app/oracle/diag/rdbms/pdunq/powerdes/trace/alert_powerdes.logTue 200/oracle/app/oracle/diag/rdbms/pdunq/powerdes/trace/alert_powerdes.logTue APR 28
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MySQL high availability of MMM installation and deployment of detailed information summary

1, mmm introduction MMM (Master-Masterreplication manager for MySQL) is a support double main failover and double main day-to-day management of the script. Mmm using perl language development, is mainly used to monitor and manage MySQL Master-Master (double main) replication, although it is called double master replication, but business at the same time only allows for a master to write, was also a candidate Lord up provide part of the reading service, to accelerate the mm in the switching moment alternative main preheating, you can say...
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End-of-file on communication channel ORA-03113:

Oracle open error: SQL > alter database open 2; alter database open*ERROR at line 1:ORA-03113: end-of-file on communication channelProcess ID: 29196Session ID: 1144 serial number: 7SQL> to view the background and the alert log information is shown as follows: e...
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MySQL high availability of MHA installation and deployment of detailed information summary

1. Introduction 1.1mha introduction MHA, namely MasterHigh availability manager and tools for MySQL, is a MySQL expert in Japan using perl language to write a script management tool, the tool applies only to MySQLReplication (second floor) environment. The purpose is to maintain the high availability of master main library. MHA (Master High Availability) is master and Sla automatic failover...
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MySQL Swiss Army knife

MySQL Swiss Army knife here mainly about MySQL operation and maintenance of some of the main tools, these tools may everyone, especially the system administrator or do Linux server maintenance students may know these gadgets, here be able to speak more, in addition to monitoring system of gadgets, including MySQL tools, even deep some tools also talked about, the key is after we heard, must oneself begins to practice, so it makes sense, practice makes perfect. Light heard is not enough, still have to go to practice, practice, interviewed a lot of friends, they ask...
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ORACLE 11G no backup file data file in different machines by RMAN retrieve accidentally deleted data backup and recovery

Background: colleagues deleted data online, so need to retrieve data from a backup recovery. Real house leakage slants meet even the rain, the ship later also met the head wind, two days before the backup disk bad block, now only RMAN gift of Bak file, no control files and parameters, so now need to consider is how to according to bak file in the database backup data recovery, from identify deleted data. 1 by catalog start with 'way to restore 1.1 manually create control file CREATE CONTROLFILE R...
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PLSQL ORACLE 11G, Linux Chinese garbled sqlplus query Chinese garbled

Problem Description: local win7 operating system, CMD inside sqlplus inside connection Oracle database, Chinese can show normal, but PLSQL Oracle database connection, Chinese garbled, and remote xshell connected Oracle server login to go use the sqlplus login also display the garbled. 1, check the windows7 below CMD sqlplus Oracle inside server terminal character set. Open CMD, login with sqlplus, enter the following SQL query server word...
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11G ORACLE in the stored procedure to traverse the cursor, call the timing of the job task execution

The Oracle stored procedure cursor traverses, call the job execution time 1, first use the for loop the for loop is relatively simple and practical method. First, it will automatically open and close cursor. Solved the trouble that you forgot to open or close the cursor. Second, automatically declares a record type and defines the type of variable, and automatically fetch data to this variable. Note that C_ROW does not need to be declared outside of the loop, without specifying the data type for the variable. It is a record type, the specific structure is determined by the cursor. The scope of this variable is only...
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Nginx jump fastdfs storage picture address error analysis process summary

1, the problem description upload compressed image error: org.csource.common.MyException: getStoreStorage fail, errno code 2 reason is DNS domain name Ping impassability traker, IP address OK, as shown below: [root@localhost logs]# Vim/etc/fdfs/storage_group2.conf# Vim/etc/fdfs/storage_group2.conf# tracker Tracker_server=tracker.myt...
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