Summary of MySQL master slave replication data

1. Copy principle official reference document: blog address 1: blog address 2: as below 1.png are shown:...
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MySQL using xtrabackup to carry out incremental backup detailed process summary

1, create a MySQL backup user MySQL -uroot --password= "- e" "create user'backup'@'192.168.%'IDENTIFIED by' 123456 '"; MySQL -uroot --password= "and" - e "grant reload, lock tables and replication client and create tablespace, supe...
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MySQL uses the Xtrabackup to carry on the full database backup to the database

1, xtrabackup on the database backup and backup tool reference:, here to introduce xtrabackup has been how to use xtrabackup full backup of the database has been restored. 2, xtrabackup download address: browser...
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MySQL database backup types and commonly used backup tools summary

1, database backup types according to the size of the database backup, four types, respectively applied in different occasions, the following brief: 1.1 full backup which is most commonly used way, it can back up the entire database, containing the user tables, system tables, indexes, views, stored procedures, and so on all database objects. But it takes more time and space, so it is generally recommended to do a full backup once a week. 1.2 transaction log backup of the transaction log is a separate file, it records database, backup only need to copy has changed since last backup of database, we only need to...
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Sqlserver2000 connection Oracle11G database for real-time data synchronization

Sqlserver2000 connected Oracle11g database data real-time synchronization 1, premise condition already have SQL Server 2000 environment, already exists Oracle11g environment, the preparation of the two databases, to establish their own access account. Between the two need to Ping Tong, telnet port also can pass, the purpose is the SQL server data automatically synchronized to the Oracle Database to. Sqlserver inside the link server (server linked) can be achieved. 2, in sq...
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MySQL architecture and learning summary of various file types

1, the MySQL architecture is composed of the database and the database instance, which is single approach and multi thread architecture. Collection of database: the physical operating system files or other documents, in mysql, database files can be of frm, MyD, MYI, IBD and at the end of the file, when using the NDB storage engine, not the OS file is stored in the file memory. Database instance: by the database background process / thread and a shared memory area, shared memory can be run by the background process / thread sharing. 2, MySQL file type Mysql main file types are as follows...
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MySQL Chinese insert error string value:'\xCC\xEC\xB2\xC5'Incorrect

Preface: Chinese entry failed. Error: are the string will be'\xCC\xEC\xB2\xC5'as follows: mysql> set names utf8; query OK. 0 rows affected (0.00 sec) mysql> insert into t select 2 as a and B' genius' as; error 1366 (hy000the): are strin...
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11G DataGuard ORACLE a number of senior management case study

Finished Oracle 11g DataGuard structures, also made the role switching experiments, switchover failover, feel benefit a lot, and then continue to the DataGuard senior management functions, called the tip of the iceberg, Oracle really profound, summary records are as follows: 1. Senior management in Oracle 11g DataGuard 1.1, read ONLY/WRITE mode open physical standby standby is set to mount.
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How to repair the standby library after 11G DataGuard Failover ORACLE

Failover problem scenario: because a failover test, a standby has been I become the primary database, how will the new primary database (the original standby) back again become a standby two is primary, P1, P2, and how to set a primary library 1 P1, and also a primary library P2 set P1 standby database? 1, the problem describes the original primary Library: select open_m SQL>...
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11G Data Guard ORACLE role conversion

1, Oracle Dataguard role switching of DataGuard is today's standard mainstream disaster recovery plan, because the log transfer for network adaptation degree of strong, and can use synchronous real-time transmission delay mode and asynchronous transmission mode, and can even become remote remote disaster recovery plan. No matter for what purpose, DG will inevitably to carry out the role of conversion is standby switch the database for the primary database, role conversion is divided into: switchover and failover two 2, the similarities and differences between the two ways 1), switcho...
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11G ORACLE to build the DataGuard detailed steps (physical standby all operations summary)

Preface: DataGuard is through the establishment of a primary and standby group to establish the reference relation; standby once created, DataGuard will be the primary database (primary) of the redo pass to the standby database and in the standby application of redo database to achieve the same step. Two types of standby: physical standby and logical standby physical standby to provide exactly the same with the database master copy of a block.
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11G ORACLE installation./runInstaller error "are attempting to You install 64-bit Oracle on a 32-bit operating

Ready to install Oracle database, reference:, solution (1) and ignore system prereqs[root@powerlong5 database]# export DISPLAY=[root@powerlong5 database]# xhsot +-bash: xhsot:...
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11G ORACLE does not have a parameter file and control file to restore the database through the RMAN

Scene: a dev told me production environment under a user table can not see the, need to recover, but this time production database storage automatic backup parameter file control file disk file directory for bad blocks, thus resulting in the RMAN backup only data files and archived redo log file, in this case, how the test server using RMAN recovery data? Google a lot of information, consulting a friend, the recovery process is as follows: pre preparation work: in advance of the query to check the original data file path select name from v$datafile SQL>;...
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11G RMAN in the use of ORACLE backup machine to restore the details of the process of different machines

Scene: has a production base of users all of the following table are gone, doubt were artificially removed, now need to use the backup to restore, to find out the original table, the line is Oracle DataGuard environment, a full database backup file, ready to test library restore a. 1, from the production and copy the backup file to restore the database to prepare the file: RMAN complete backup (including data files, log files, and control files parameter file), dbid record source database installation test database of Oracle database software and create with the source database...
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Processing of TNS:operation timed out TNS-00505: and Operation timed out TNS-12535:

Preface: see the alert log and found a lot of error message: [oracle@localhost trace]$more alert Alert_powerdes.log*********************************************************************************************************************************...
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Parameter LOG_ARCHIVE_DEST_3 destination string cannot be translated ORA-16032:

Standby down, so a restart misstatement, ORA-16032: parameter log archive dest 3 destination string cannot be translated:. 1. Restart error message SQL > startup...
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DataGuard Oracle error: received 1017 logging on Error to the standby

1, State Description: SQL > select the message from V$DATAGUARD_STATUS status; me...
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Linux under the installation of Oracle11G detailed process

Need to install DataGuard Oracle, so the first to install a single Oracle11g, the following is a single Oracle11g detailed installation process. 1, the installation of hardware environment: 2 sets of Linux virtual machine, Centos6.4, 4G, 4 nuclear, disk 50GOracle software version: 11gr2 database 11gr2 database download address: http://pan....
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Linux through mount to mount iSCSI, NTFS, NFS.

Usually the server machine comes with limited disk space, need additional disk loaded, can be used to mount the remote shared memory disk loading in, iSCSI, NTFS, NFS, three types a currently used, Mount mount iSCSI type 1 and find next to mount the magnetic disk or memory [root@localhost /]# iscsiadm low-m discovery - ST - 1x.xx.0.22:32601x.xx.0.22:3260,1 iqn.20...
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Linux settings VNC remote desktop connection to install Oracle11G

Objective: under the Linux Oracle installation, need to start Java Swing interface, so it is necessary to window X-window, then you need to go directly to the server room to field operations very troublesome, unable to windows remote xshell, this case can be connected Linux windows to remotely install Oracle using VNC remote mode. 1, first check whether the server has been installed VNC service, no installation, check whether the server is installed VNC the following commands are as follows: rpms] [root@powerlong5...
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