Sogou Replace into MySQL Insert into on update duplicate key... The real difference

Today listen to colleagues Oracle to MySQL data migration, he used the insert into... On duplicate key update.... I thought why not replace, then come back to carefully check the next, they really are different, look at the following example: 1 into Replace... 1.1 input raw data Use test mysql>; Changed Database...
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RMAN Oracle11g backup file missing mystery

1, rman backup files missing the mystery of the backup files disappeared, automatic backup every day, will delete the day before the backup file, as shown below, this is how it happened? {CSDN:CODE:1741678} 2 view automatic backup script quite a simple backup tasks [root@earth_dbm1data]# [root@earth_dbm1data]# More/tmp/oracle_fullback.log More/tmp/oracle_fullback.log. Every night at 10:22 begins execution: [root@earth_dbm1 [root@earth_dbm1 data]# crontab -l10...
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Expdp Oracle11g error at ORA-06512: "SYS.UTL_FILE", line 536

1, in the Linux command line inside the expdp to export the data error: [oracle@ocrm ~]$expdp \'crm_user/crm010209\'\'crm_user/crm010209\' Directory=DIR_DUMPtables=bis_store Directory=DIR_DUMPtables=bis_store store Dumpfile=bis_store_wubo_bak_$store Dumpfile=bis_store_wubo_bak_$bak $(date +%Y%m%d) _02.dmp Export: release production on the...
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Redis3.2 latest version of the startup configuration file redis.conf details

Redis start can be specified in the configuration file, as follows: detailed description of the /usr/local/redis/bin/redis-server /usr/local/redis/etc/redis.conf & Redis.conf file content: default # redis not is after the process start, if you need to run in the background and need to set this value to the...
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The new features of Oracle11g password Murder Caused by delayed verification

1, the source of the problem previously encountered a problem after changing the user name and password, found new password is hang, and OA system of the whole company completely paralysed, with status are shown in the previous record: Recently learned the password of the new features of Oracle11g delay, to understand the problem is due to delays in the password. It is perhaps the case: starting from Oracle11g, if the user enters the wrong password login, then...
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Message application file''is missing Tomcat problem handling

1 describe colleagues said CRM login hang, Tomcat backend application error are as follows: 2016-06-28 10:30:11214 [com.mchange.v2.async.ThreadPoolAsynchronousRunner$PoolThread-#0] warn [com.mchange.v2.resourcepool.BasicResourcePool] - com.mchange....
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Oracle11g to modify the password after logging on the TNS:operation timed out TNS-12535: problem

1, a description of the problem because of security considerations, so Oracle production environment to modify the user password, new password to login failed. Access card dead, has been in the login status, analysis of 1, in advance has closed all connect Oracle Application, so there is no application is connected to the. 2, the application is restarted after the password has been updated, it is not possible to start a new application. 3, the developer of the test personnel have been off work, should not be operating the use of online database so it should not be caused by my application. 2, to check the alarm log background alert,...
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Mongodb through the mongodump to back up Cluste Sharded sub cluster

1. Mongodb all components of the official address of a document: All the basic components are on the inside, including backup and recovery mongodump, mongorestore, as shown in the 01.png:, a utility backup components mongodump overview mongodump is for creating a binary export...
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URL nginx to achieve the two forwards

Functions to achieve input scene such short domain name, and then realize the direct access to the Linux deployed several Tomcat application OCC datacollection web and browser URL display cannot change. In nginx.conf configuration: # configuration upstream odw_backend{load balanced routing server 192.16...
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Error creating initial database config information mongodb

Development of colleagues said with mongodb write error, himself into the server check, error information is as follows: [mongodb@azure_d1_dbm1_3_11 D1 [mongodb@azure_d1_dbm1_3_11 11 3 ~]$/usr/local/mongodb-linux-x86_64-3.0.3/bin/mongo /usr/local/mongodb-linux-x86_64-3.0.3/bin/mongo localhost:30000/adminMongoDB shell: 3.0.3connecting to localhost: 30000/adm...
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MySQL5.7 fast batch processing slave 1062 issue from library Last_Errno:

Operation colleagues said environment to generate MySQL connection error processing: can 't read dir of'./business_db/ db '(errno:13 - permission is denied) up server and view the reason is, in the running process of the mysql, MySQL data storage permissions for the directory was modified into the other account Mongo, so the remote query error, solution is to give MySQL account permissions, chown - R mysql:mysql/data/...
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Questions about the Linux operation and maintenance engineers post questions answering notes

Ask the ZABBIX group of question answering records 1: I asked a question ha you do Linux operation and maintenance have several years of work experience let you build a variety of service is to find relevant technical posts according to do or do not see direct hand can knock out and fluent configuration out of? A 1:@awakening to my blog inside to find ah build system, there are records of documents according to their documents do not octave --------------------------------------------------...
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ERROR MySQL5.7 1142 (42000) problem

1, MySQL database import error [root@dev_121_21 121 21 ~]# mysql--socket=/usr/local/mysql/mysql.sock --default-character-set=utf8 error 1142 (42000) at line 266079: select, lock tables command denied to user'root'@'localhost'...
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Fastdfs to add a picture of a project directory to achieve independent upload and download functions

1, functional requirements Fastdfs installation has been completed, the deployment of process:, fastdfs after start-up of the installation, the default only a group1, only suitable for a project; so if a new projects come over, whether to need to prepare new Linux server to install a fastdfs?? The answer is No. here has achieved group1/group2/group3, now has a new...
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ORA-01652 can not be resolved through the 128 (in the table space TEMP) to expand the temp segment analysis

1, colleagues said executive SQL error colleagues in PLSQL execute SQL error, error message: ora-01652 not through 128 (in table space in the temp) extended temp segment, as shown below: View error SQL SQL statement is relatively long, and cannot extend temp field. Then the basic inference may have the following two cases: (1) the Oracle temp temporary table space is too small; (2) of the Cartesian product of a performance very poor with a full table scan SQL occupied resources over temp tablespace size. First look at the implementation of the...
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SLAVE MySQL5.7 monitoring ZABBIX alarm Slave_SQL_Running_State: invalidating query cache entries (table) processing

1, ZABBIX alarm slave delay more than 20000 bit operation to slave from the Library view the running state and really seconds behind Seconds_Behind_Master: 28810 and prompt slave SQL running state: system lock and this is change, sometimes that slave SQL running state: invalidating query cache entries (table) and second...
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Oracle11g cloud on DataGuard online to reduce the CPU memory 50% after the error ORA-27101 processing process

1, developers misstatement misstatement phenomenon: ERROR:ORA-01034: Oracle not availableORA-27101: shared memory realm does the process of notexist ID: 0 session ID: 0 serial number: 2 0, cause analysis about is did yesterday configuration changes caused by, because the original Oracle database from the IDC room migrated to the windows azure cloud, in order to keep the migration of stability, in the cloud the configuration and IDC, about...
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Mongodb latest version of the high availability solution sets -replica replica set deployment details

Mongodb copy set: NoSQL is generated in order to solve the large data volume, high scalability, high performance, flexible data model, high availability. But light through the structure of the master and slave mode is far less than the above, the MongoDB design of the copy set and the function of the slice, the first to use a copy set. Synchronization mechanism Mongodb replica set: data replication is enable data obtain the maximum availability and avoid single point failure caused by ZhengZhan cannot access, Mongodb copy at the same time only one server is to write, copy set of master-slave replication.
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Linux virtual machine using CentOS DNS to access the Internet domain name

1 to several VM (virtual machine VM to build virtual machine local PC Notebook computer installed can reference here with the build process:, inside the virtual machine several CentOS Linux server and the local PC machine to Unicom virtual machine, but not on the network virtual machine: [root@oracle_master master ~]# Ping
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Linux environment DNS deployment of centos6.5 domain name system details

Why to use the domain name in the web application era, the use of the domain name has become a standard, why? Use the domain name can give us bring a lot of convenience, probably the most common has two obvious advantages as follows: (1) easy to remember domain name on the Internet to replace the IP address, IP address because there is no actual meaning, and people are not easy to remember, so meaning of the English alphabet instead. In the network, dedicated to DNS (domain name server) to carry out the domain name and IP mutual conversion, people enter the domain name, in DNS on the conversion to IP, in order to find the corresponding server, open the corresponding web page. ...
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Redis connection error GET_LIKE_ERROR processing process

1, redis alarm operation colleagues maintenance engineer said card in redis here, and then go to the background to see the app log, the following warning information: 2016-06-06 16:26:03838 [http-6600-2:ERROR] com.plocc.ugc.redis.service.impl.RedisServiceImpl - get like error org.springframework.d app can't login said.
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