❤️ Junior college background, get Ali offer, Xiao Meng calls 666! [hard core interview] ❤️

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Everyone has a chance to enter a big factory.

Hard core interview materials are attached at the end of the paper.

The HR madness of Ali and headlines in the front-end time makes me push in.

A subsidiary of Ali is very short of people, and then a specialist fan (upgraded to a higher level) went!

Unexpectedly, the manager finally passed!

Luck in finding a job is so important!

People can because they believe they can.

A specialist fan in front entered the factory:

Specialist fans into Ali

No, another fan has entered the big factory, and it's Ali.






Basic information of this fan:

1. Education: junior college.

2. Development experience: 1 year,

3. Love thinking and learning.

The rating given this time is p6. From his own situation, the rating of P6 is also very good!

You can jump again when you have a chance!

This fan works very hard and is also my viper. He uses my project for interview. Later, I will constantly update the project and tutorial.

Let's take a look at his interview questions. The specific interview process is as follows:

1、 Process of technical interview:

1. How to troubleshoot memory leaks  

2. How much do you know about train algorithm

3. Talk about several thread safe maps

4. What are the types of locks    What is the implementation of row lock and table lock  

5. There are several implementations of distributed locks

6. How to implement StringBuffer and how to expand its capacity

7. How to optimize SQL performance?

8. MQ message consistency

9. Explain the principle of IOC AOP

10. Detailed usage of countdownlatch

11. There are several types of indexes    Several scanning modes   

12, union   and   The difference between union all

13. Difference between InnoDB and MyISAM

14. MySQL has several isolation levels. What is the default isolation level? Tell me about the implementation principle

15. Differences and usage between JSON and XML data formats

16,springboot   How to call each other

17. Explain your understanding in the JPA framework

18. Difference between JDK1.8 and jdk1.7 and date difference

19,   The difference between deep copy and shallow copy

20,   How does the thread pool ensure that threads run all the time

21,   Reject policy for thread pool

22. What is the function of the syncjronized keyword

23,   How many ways do you know to communicate between threads

24. What is the principle of HashSet de duplication

25. How to reverse the order of TreeSet

26. What are ordered collections in Java

27. Map has several traversal modes

28. The difference between thread and process

29. Let's talk about the area of JVM data

30. What is Shiro's authority management security framework

31. Implementation principle of concurrent HashMap

32. Is hashtable thread safe

33. Several file transfer modes of Linux

34. What is the working principle of classloader

35, and then share how to deal with the problems you encounter  , Describe your ideas to me

2、 My feelings:  

1. If you want to be close to a large factory, you should make full preparations and brush questions in advance. For social recruitment, we should not only brush the questions, but also prepare the highlights of the project and work experience. School enrollment should be prepared in advance. School enrollment is a great opportunity to be close to big factories.

2,Many interviews are similar,For example: JVM principle, concurrency, SQL optimization skills, data structure algorithm... Many companies will ask in the interview.

3. When new parts or new subsidiaries of some large companies start to recruit people, it won't be too difficult at that time. Pay more attention. It's not so easy for a company to recruit the right person. If the technology is good, it's good to make an offer. Last year I interviewed 10 companies and got 10 offers.

I know what the company needs now!

4. Big factories are really not so difficult to enter now.

A lot of interview questions have been prepared:

1,❤️ liver failure! Sorted out the spring interview [including answers] for a week and hanged the Java interviewer [suggestions collection]! ❤️

2,❤️ When the liver is over, master the data structure and algorithm one day, interview questions, hang the interviewer, and suggest collecting ❤️

3,MySQL interview encyclopedia, after reading it, you can hang and beat the interviewer!!!

4,Java interview questions

Well, Ali finished the interview. If you want to contact me, you can see the left side of my home page,

Little friends like, collect and comment, and walk up three times with one button. See you next time~~

Finally, I'll share all the information I need before the interview,Click belowThen focus on the pop-up diagram,

reply:CSDN interview

All interview materials can be obtained

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