Vertical and horizontal Redis cluster

Before a write performance on the Redis, this article will write I think is more important than the performance of the expansion of the theme. If you give me a chance to go back a few years ago, I should think about the future expansion of the use of Redis. Just like we did for the database table depots, once the decision the pools, usually can place, such as 8 or 16 library, each library divided into 256 and 1024 table. No matter how the future development of the business, the basic level of the slices are enough to deal with, but the underlying library can be made of logic, can not carry...
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The return of system collapse

Walking on the programmer's way, a long time will always encounter some system crash. In 2011 August a rainy Monday, a Northern Virginia 1000 watts transformer explosion. In the whole power grid brings large sudden increase instantaneous voltage and the Amazon in Virginia Ashbourne (GASC) of a data center made a hit, leading to the closure of the data center of the main power supply. Amazon's outstanding engineer James Hamilton James Hamilton, at that time, I happened to drive entering the data center parking lot, the number of Ashbourne...
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Overview of distributed storage

Distributed storage is relative to the single storage, the reason to distribute the natural because of the Internet era of information explosion, a single machine has been difficult to meet the needs of large-scale application of data storage. Storage system concerns about the storage system, in general, we focus on the following aspects: Data distribution and load balancing Reliability and consistency of data storage Data access performance System fault tolerance System expansion capability There is an independent disk redundancy array (redundant, array of independent RAID...
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Bidirectional synchronous replication of MySQL database

The last part of the MySQL replication problem, some design points and constraints on the design of the bidirectional synchronous replication architecture. Problems and constraints of the dual master database dual write and bidirectional synchronization scenarios, the main consideration of data integrity, consistency and avoid conflicts. For the same library, the same table, the same field in the same record of the two changes, will lead to data consistency judgment conflict, as far as possible through the design of business scenarios to avoid. Dual master dual write and synchronous replication may lead to a primary key conflict, to avoid the use of database self enhancement class primary key scheme. In addition, two-way synchronization may lead to potential cycle synchronization problem, need to do loop control. As above...
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Redis's fantasy and reality of performance

In 2011, the first choice of Redis as the main memory data storage, the main attraction is that it provides a variety of basic data structure can be very convenient to achieve business needs. On the other hand, it is more worried about its performance is enough to support, after all, at the time of the Redis is also a relatively new open source products. But Redis's official website claims that it is a high performance storage with multiple data structures. Fantasy to understand the performance of Redis, we first look at the official benchmark performance test data, there is a bottom of the heart. Test premise Versio Redis...
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Do not understand the procedures to see the "hacker empire"?

After more than 10 years, and looked at the "matrix", pull point and procedures related to the non - Technical topics. Some time ago on a business trip to the hotel in the hotel and the hacker empire to review again, do not see it does not matter, ten years later to see the previous understanding of this film is completely wrong. "Hacker 1" is out of 1999, I was still in high school, the first time to see the video is still in the vicinity of the school, the gun version. Dark the entire screen, less than half an hour sleep over, wake up is already shooting parts of the final climax, feeling at the end of the fighting, good-looking, the plot does not understand. 2003 "hacker 2&3" after the launch, and even...
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Jingdong green architecture evolution

What is the stuff? Dong's in Jingdong equivalent to Taobao Wangwang, they all serve the buyers and sellers to communicate. Since Jingdong began offering settled platform services to the third party sellers, Dong was born. We first look at what it was like at the beginning of its birth. 1 was born (2011 - 2010) for the rapid business line, the 1 version of the technical architecture is very straightforward and simple. How simple and rough method? Look at the schema, as follows. 1 function is very simple, to achieve the basic function of a IM, access, exchange of information and state. The other...
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Walk the road of the gaming programmer

Recently read an article "the eSports player sky: stand on the expansion of the pyramid" feeling quite, compared with early this shabby, now huge capital influx has established a complete gaming ecosystem. In addition to professional players and clubs, associations, content producers, game developers, patronage and the broadcast platform, anchor, around the shop and explain, even betting website, has been established a complete industry ecological chain provides a lot of jobs, full of different populations of various forms. Sky is the industry's first batch of professional players, experienced the industry from 0 to 1, and from 1 to the outbreak...
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Programmer's double eleven

And then to the double eleven, this is my eleven Double Fifth after Jingdong, and now the double eleven has developed into a national shopping carnival. 2011, I experienced the first double in Jingdong eleven. At that time, Jingdong has just developed a book category, made a single book within three hours under the activities of one hundred less than two hundred. It is also this activity to stimulate the majority of love to learn, love to read the students crazy orders, the final order system is paralyzed. It is this paralysis caused Liu knife please behind the technology department is responsible for the people to drink tea anecdotes. At that time as a fast growing programmer, I also bought a lot of books...
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The back-end distributed series: distributed storage MySQL database transaction and replication

For a long time without writing technical articles, because I have been thinking about how to write the "back-end distributed" series in the end how to write. Recently, it is clear that "back end distributed" includes "distributed storage" and "distributed computing" two categories. Combined with the problems encountered in the practical work, to find answers to dissection technology, most of the time we are not in creating new technology. But in the application of technology. In order to make more efficient and effective use of technology, we need to understand some of the principles and methods of work. With the problem from the user's point of view to analyze the technical principles, and the open source technology products and frameworks as a type of technical reference...
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Programmer Revelation

Recently because the project needs to look at the source of an open source project, the open source project is said to be in the internal development of the incubator for 6 years, the first few years before open source. I look at the design documents and source code found that the consistency of its high level design is relatively good, but to achieve the source code is a bit messy. Since it is a time span of such a long project, presumably involved in this project is also more than a group of programmers, in different stages of the programmers are likely to participate, so that it can understand the messy. Looking at the time of the precipitation of the code, some of the code may be born in the first year of almost my work, there are...
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A technical pressure body, the world to walk

Recently, there is an article in the circle of friends "why I work for ten years, the heart is still very panic" to the more, from a director of Tencent product speech. I have been working as a programmer for ten years, and I still feel the panic in my heart, and this kind of career anxiety is widespread in the industry. Perhaps it is because the Internet industry is still very young, the life of an industry far more than a person's life, while the Internet industry is less than thirty years. Far more than the development speed of traditional industries and metabolic laws, so that the practitioners are very tired, and the future is full of uncertainty. But the uncertainty of the future is always one of the main reasons of the mentally and physically exhausted. ...
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In the twinkling of an eye and the door of time

Why my blog called [] in the twinkling of an eye this is a time related topic. After graduating from college to participate in the work, about fifth years, I feel a clear sense of the bottleneck. At that time I was a programmer for the financial and telecommunications industry, the software system to write the program. Sometimes at 10 o'clock in the morning to work, at 11 o'clock in the evening, sometimes in the afternoon and go to work at seven morning eight work (another watchman story). So in the rising and falling month learning and growing, until I touched the door, the door to let you hesitate, hesitation and confusion. Before writing the program with a companion, it was chosen to go around...
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The back-end distributed series: the differences between the design of distributed storage HDFS and GFS

Some articles about HDFS in front of the "back end distributed series" introduce the overall architecture and the design and implementation of some key components. We know that HDFS is based on the Google (File System GFS) concept model of the paper to design and implement the. And then, I went to the GFS of the original paper to find out a careful look at the times, the overall structure of GFS is as follows: HDFS with reference to it so most of the architecture design concepts are similar, such as NameNode GFS is equivalent to Mast HDFS...
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Programmer's amateur project

Programmer's amateur project, we also call it project side. A few days ago, 100offer launched a campaign called, they say so: The world is changed by the code, and we are creating the code. Just because of fun, he developed an operating system, even want to have never thought, this will make one day become a leader in the open source world. Just want to create a very cool thing, so he started, adhere to, and thus have to let everyone in the world can get free access to all human knowledge of the encyclopedia. ...
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