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In the growth of the road, looking back to whether the feeling is a sword like dream?

Killing operation

You knock on the keyboard keys, and finally see the results of the program is expected to output the correct results, long spit breath. Point of a cigarette, looked around, alone, it is a long night. In a fix bug and empty lonely sorrow, you have lost. Can not remember this is your first repair of the number of bug, and even remember that this is your participation in the development and maintenance of the first few systems. Like a swordsman in the rivers and lakes of this for many years to walk, can not remember died in his sword human how many, the sword sword, falling, you keep walking, now "in kill operation".

What is meant by "killing" a programmer? You choose a language to start learning programming, like a just into the rivers and lakes person learn sword or knife, the knife is also possible. Get a few of the world book, a hypothetical project began to practice, familiar with the use of basic routines. And walked into the arena, worship into sects, reign, several years after Zhang Jianming ethereal, knife in the sky roar fly shadowless. "The murder of" end. This is a programmer's growth path, you choose the gate arms, learn the basic moves, then enters the rivers and lakes without stopping the growth in the fight. Finally, you can get all kinds of system problems, understand the design patterns of different systems. Every few months or a year or so, you always find the past code is not good, then reconstruct again, improve your moves. After a few years, and eventually became the Arena Master, you should now have a sword, but the sword around, but at heart.

A programmer was "kill operation" how long does it take? According to the theory of ten thousand hours, if you continue to study and practice in a certain area of ten hours a day, the fastest to three years. But three years is not considered a variety of possible disruptions (sick, holidays, etc.), so the vast majority of people may need five years. Five years has been considered an ideal, in fact, I used a longer time, take more detours. From the basic entry procedures, then VB to Delphi and C to the java java has also experienced a few changes, but still can be traced to the same origin. Technology development and the changes of the times will make "kill operation" also in constant evolution, just feel small fencing, but found that has entered the era of guns, unavoidable loss.

Ascending dimension learning

As a lot of new technology in the process of my training, I always want to be busy this time to learn under the array. But in a few years has not been able to take the time to look, and now to see when to see some of the new technology has no longer need to look at the. Five years into the operation is based on a point, the establishment of the body, and the next phase should not be looking for more points, but by the point and line, from the line into the net, by the net shape. Around a point to the line, from a group of lines to form a net, and finally by the net of forming, the shape of a higher level of knowledge and skills to use the form, more than a pile of discrete knowledge and skills of the value of a number of points. A lot of Dao comprehension novel organisms in and with the realm of compared to weak, until the animals completed the form for an upgrade, will become the more people than with the realm of the. In the novel, there is an implicit meaning in the form of human intelligence, which can be more intelligent use of their ability, they become more powerful than the human (because of the physical properties of the stronger). I borrowed this metaphor to express a more intelligent use of knowledge and skills.

"Three body" the novel in recent years hot, so you may heard of the invention of a word "dimensionality reduction attack", used in the Internet circle the word a lot. About learning from the point and line, from the line into the net, from the net shape, in fact, is a kind of "learning" of the road. This process almost no end, is a continuous learning process of continuous improvement and eventually became the network, what kind of shape, it all depends on the individual repair. A line must be at least two points in order to draw out, then the second choice to see can not and the first point even up, and this than in one dimension up prediction and chaos of the Capitol to effectively.

In addition there is a faint analogy in this novel, in fact the truth in Jin Yong's martial arts system was more obvious. Or to the most familiar "legend" trilogy as an example, we look at. Guo Jingyi started from Jiangnan strange, later with a few in the whole true seven learned Kung fu. This is the two point in time, but did not see these two points have any contact, and finally Guo Jing's fame, and finally become a generation of master rely on what? Jianglong eighteen Zhang. Why there are 18 palms so much. From the description in the novel expressed the meaning of a system, forming a system of networking, the final shape of naming for eighteen dragon subduing palms. In fact, Guo Jing also learned one another more system, form more cattle X jiuyinzhenjing "martial arts". In addition to Guo Jing "Jiuyin scriptures" a lot of people have seen learned, master, such as: Huang, Wang Chongyang, such as Mei Chaofeng. Experts have their martial arts system and form, so to see the Jiuyin scriptures "is only insight from, into its own system and so on to create new forms of martial arts. And the stream of Mei Chaofeng is only learn the moves (Jiuyin bones claw), and before its actually not too much, kongfu realm eventually.

theory and practice

On ascending dimension learning webs of the road, in the end is should broader learning to read boundary theory is established, or in the actual combat understand ascension. I have been thinking about this point is to establish a balance between the two, take the two extremes are not suitable, five years into the process of more partial actual combat. Then the back of the stage may need more partial theory, to enhance the abstract level, because the reality will restrict you to participate in actual combat experience, resulting in some things do not go to abstract thinking is not available.

There are a lot of arguments about the theory and the actual combat in the history, but also left some famous idioms. Negative historical representative theorists: Zhao Kuo, one of his empty talk about idioms. He talked about military theory a set of a set, a battlefield really beat up ruined hundreds of thousands of soldiers to life, so everyone will to Zhao Kuo, for example to criticism without the theory of actual combat experience to support unreliable. But in fact there are another more famous historical figures, theory is pie origin, before the real Neidi also didn't what actual combat experience. About his idiom, such as: backs against the wall, this is his abstract thinking for a long time the tactics, but but also for the first time on the battlefield use, a war and historic. Finally on Han Xin, the history said his troops out of Chencang, set Sanqin, escapement Wei, code breaking, destroy Zhao, drop Yan, Qi Fa, until Gaixia annihilated Chu army without a defeat, Mogan in the world and strive for. Han Xin a full military and political leaders as a representative personage and a state scholar of no equal, which belongs to the ancient war China. Han Xin opponent Xiang Yu in history is a representative figure of the actual combat, personal "murder" than Han Xingao more than one level. But in fact, he and Han Xin are not in a dimension, Han Xin in the final face of Xiang Yu's former, has been a lot of fighting to continue to improve and improve the size of his theory. The battle of Gaixia Xiang in the house of Flying Daggers, led to the Wujiang suicide, more like a dimensionality reduction of high-dimensional low dimensional attack. So on the relationship between theory and actual combat, from the history of the story can be some experience, combined with their own situation to choose the right balance.

Looking back on the path of growth, usually every five years will feel a growth bottleneck. In the first five years after the traditional IT industry, the sense of the time to enter the bottleneck of technology growth, and after the transition to the Internet industry to upgrade to a new technology dimension. After five years, in ten years after the end of the station, in retrospect, sword is connected, dreamy, I know tomorrow will be a new after rising dimension of the battlefield.

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