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Two days before the Chengdu sun, thought this past cold. The results today and the cold wind blowing, shrink at home reading. Mobile phone shock is micro new reminders and opens a to see is "gossip" push the computer science students ah, want to know to go to graduate school, and read feel hit something, then thrown a piece of good years ago while still at school aged old memories. Did not intend to write the text before the year, but feel like there is a lot to say, to write an article on this, because I am a graduate student of computer science ah.

Speaking of the origin of the computer can be traced back to twenty years ago, I was still reading. Where the school is a minority middle school in Sichuan, the hardware conditions are not very good. That year the international friends donated to the school a few II Apple on behalf of the computer. As students in grades at school in the forefront of ranking in the only score of background is still a little small privilege, this privilege is in contact with the computer, so at that time I in order to understand how to play the computer to learn the basic language and programmed by and in Apple monotonous green screen draw some of the geometry. At that time, the sense of achievement is quite satisfactory, once thought to be sure to test the computer science. (at that time, think Tsinghua is the best school, the computer is the most love).

Actual situation is on the high school pressure greatly enhanced, and don't have time to play the computer any more, light with the exam is overwhelmed, gradually forget junior high school thoughts at that time. Entrance to fill volunteer (then the exam fill) when I think of the physical the interest on completing the South Department of Physics (good, then I do not have confidence I can achieve Tsinghua Tiaodang line level). Like to Lee in his book "the time as a fact of friends," said: "more often than not interested to do a good job, but do the only interest. "I chose the physics profession is probably such a thing, may feel that at that time the best physics, so very interested in.

Now it seems interesting is mathematics college entrance examination play disorder lead to score enough South major file line, falling in the second volunteer Northeastern University professional deployment. Allocation has become a mechanical engineering professional, ten thousand do not want to ah. School enrollment parents accompany me from Sichuan to sit more than 60 hours of the train to Shenyang, just to school gap is still quite large, once expressed want to go back to repeat again. Parents also enough cruel, someday no with me said secretly left Shenyang throw me in there broken let me go back and repeat the idea (fortunate not to repeat, or and waste a year). And then I was in a university that didn't like to read a complete no interest in the deployment of professional.

Still freshmen military training, the school said to open a new specialty: industrial design. Later with the rise of apple, the professional should fairly good the. Schools say can be transferred from other professionals in the past. I immediately reported the name. But to take an examination, mainly to test the basis of fine arts. Orz I have to go to the test was not immediately hit, drawing that there is no sense of perspective, eliminated. And then continue to stay in the mechanical profession, and the most important professional mechanical professional course of mechanical drawing is the most important is the ability of three-dimensional thinking. And this is my weakness (high school three-dimensional geometry is weak), three mechanical natural view on the painting is very miserable, several semesters are wiping the pass line of, depressed and matchless.

Read the big two, the opportunity to. Countries in the establishment of School of software engineering, a new software engineering, I was in mechanical engineering is on the C language more interested in without hesitation to turn professional. New professional this time is not an exam, the only threshold is tuition, mechanical professional one year tuition 4K, software engineering undergraduate year 10 thousand and 6. Read a year when people read four years, this was a working family pressure is not small, but in the end the parents also support the (actually borrowed money). The professional two years ago enrollment also wonderful directly from the time of all the universities in Liaoning three want to change schools for students caught (the first is not high school graduates recruit), but students than the University in addition to the high tuition must take a test screening again. In short, I was so around the computer to learn this professional road.

Software engineering as a new open professional original intention is relatively more partial application of computer professionals, docking business needs. But later graduated from the enterprise to recruit people or the Department of computer science, and discrimination against the soft. Why, the enterprise is a new major, you only turn around, reading for two years. Computer Department of people reading this professional four years. Normal point want to be sure the basis of the computer better, and then to the time of the soft - engineering graduates a new statement called: small. So in the "hearsay" in the article said: "we go out undergraduate discrimination ah". I would like to, when a school with a bachelor's degree is also a large degree of discrimination.

You say I went to the software engineering from the mechanical profession did not expect the future development of the Internet, the prospect is better than the machinery. To be honest at that time was not so far sighted, then the Internet is to talk about the Internet is also a good QQ. To graduate, began to find a job, and did not want to test graduate, a variety of running will (recruitment). Find the round down or very frustrated, when in Shenyang good a little software enterprises calculate Neusoft well, wage 2K appearance, also preferred to computer system. Other small business I interview a circle took a offer, a monthly salary of 1200, looking at the salary of 10 thousand and 6 of my tuition is sad. Now is a small book, thinking or reading a research and then come out and the computer system can stand on the same line, a lot of companies actually look at the highest degree well.

With this idea decided to give up the entrance to find a job, but the time is not much. Study section of the target is also very clear that enter oneself for an examination of Department of computer, when there is graduate student of at public expense, thinking in case the test fees can save. But the results are always unsatisfactory ah, fractional gaobucheng low not, not enough on the computer but enough on software engineering, so the school to all from the Department of computer science, almost always distribute to the software engineering, it is fate. I had to read to Time will not wait for me., tuition is more expensive, a year 20 thousand, bite. And soft (the first session of the profession) only to read two years, the computer read three years. Two years of graduate students at the time also known as: small master.

Now look back to see the lucky, only two years of actual real time for me to save a year. Due to the new specialty of software engineering, when two years undergraduate huluntunzao learn computer others four years of course, feeling a kind of indigestion. Graduate school and spent a year of time to complement the foundation and carding system, and research students in the second year of basic course not let to enterprise practice to find topic (soft industry and trade orientation bias application. So the subject is a practical and not pure theory). Then went to the school next to the group's next to the group from Xing Electronic Practice, when doing a OA system, I certainly do not have what the core of the east. There to help organize some of the internal documents, to understand some of the actual business use of the technology stack, led in January one thousand of the internship wages, with a trail article in the words: a purely subsidized society. After a few months of the sense of boredom, but also consider the future will not stay in this company will go back to school to read more books, to find a mentor to choose the direction of a partial theory. In fact, many research students at the end of the thesis, most of the patchwork, if this stage really learn should not knowledge, but learning itself, even if graduate not white read, for a lifetime.

A graduate has ten years, in the recent five years, the school recruit. Unfortunately, I interviewed the students in ten of eight are graduate students, and now graduates are looking for work has become a rare animal. I wonder why there is now a graduate of such a high proportion of the, to know at that time I take part in the entrance exams for postgraduate schools belong to ten there are two, and then take part in the entrance exams for postgraduate schools really is not my first choice. In fact I recruit students when I prefer undergraduate students and students of a college out of work for three years if slightly ahead point will than graduate school just out of school students is stronger. And if it is holding the graduate school is to find a higher paying job. I don't know now graduate and undergraduate starting salary gap, when Huawei to school recruit is graduate more than 1K, Tencent high annual 2 million average a month may also high 1K more. The salary level as a starting point often unwise to go to graduate school, three years is not short.

Can't a Bonzi killed computer to go to graduate school, I give a reading computer science graduate of positive examples, he not only read the master also continues to read Bo. He was 2006 at the Rice University, a Bachelor of computer science, 2009 to Standford read computer science master, and then read the doctor. Period in the class of companies such as Facebook short internship, from the resume to see 2014 PhD graduates, now engaged in salesforce computing infrastructure work. First author he named Diego Ongaro, raft distributed consensus protocol the "in search of an Understandable consensus algorithm" (happened recently in reading related papers), his resume can found in LinkedIn, I think his research studying is very valuable ah.

I will stop here, feel not to live.

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