Ali cloud deployment Docker (8) - the installation and use of redmine

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Install redmine for process management.

Need to explain is: when you when docker images will say no connection to XXXX, and will prompt docker - D ", in fact, this is just the as a background process docker. But when your SecureCRT exit, the background process is also will is exited. So the next time you have to. And the data is easy to lose.

The right approach is. Docker start service. Remember slightly.

Well, redmine installation and use of tutorials


Pay attention to the preservation of data. I have a simple method, that is, try not to restart docker, nor stopredmine, if must stop, remember docker PS - L then find redmine you just run out of the container, and container of docker commit mirror, then next time with it. Constant iteration. Data can also be saved.

The following is my project to develop a Android mobile terminal products, using Redmine tracking. Because there are fewer people, but it is very agile, nonsense, you take two people to develop, can not agile, of course, follow-up and other teams on the right track, will be more up.

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