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Cocos2d-x entryCocos2d-x started learning notes, mainly introduces the basic structure of cocos2d-x, and the engine comes with sample
Luo Android tripUsing a combination of scene, comprehensive, in-depth, detailed analysis of the Android system source code, related to Android's Linux kernel layer, hardware abstraction layer (HAL), runtime library (runtime) layer, the application framework layer (application framework) and application layer (application), welcomed the crowd.
ApiDemo Android example analysisAnalysis of examples in ApiDemos Android one by one and introduce the relevant knowledge.
Cocos2d-x game developmentUsing cocos2d-x open source engine to develop Iphone game. Cocos2d is in the development of the iPhone a very useful library, it can let you in creating your iphone game season, a lot of the time. It has many functions, such as sprite support, a very cool graphics, animation, physics library, audio engine, and so on.

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IPC Android mechanism (two) using Messenger to process inter process communication

Originally wanted to write to the binder, the author many years ago the Android native framework when to know, to tell you the truth does little to help the development of application layer, the online article, if want to know you can refer to the Android bander design and implementation design chapter of this article. In this article the best look at the Android IPC mechanism in this article (a) open multi process. First we write the server (, in the onBind method...

Broadcast BroadcastReceiver (1)

The radio can be understood as a mode of communication, namely 1 sender, a plurality of receiver, For example: a TV and a number of television stations, a teacher and a number of students, a data sender and a plurality of receiver In radio communication mode, radio shows in two ways: the sender and the receiver In radio communication mode, the receiver is the number of a plurality of broadcast, the sender will need to send in When radio broadcast receiver is issued, do not care about the amount and status. In An...

ToggleButton control

ToggleButton Two states Status button - inherited from CompoundButton Main attributes: -Android:textOn -Android:textOff Main methods: (-isChecked) Major events -setOnClickListener (OnClickListener L) In xml: Add a ToggleBut...
Wei_chong_chong Special columnAndroid Yesterday 11:48 Reading (377)

Chronometer timer control

Chronometer Timer control From a default time or you specify the timing of the time, and according to the specified format Main attributes: -android:format - Main methods: -setFormat (format String) -start () /stop () () -setBase (base long) XML layout file: Xmlns:android= <RelativeLayout"...
Wei_chong_chong Special columnAndroid Yesterday 11:24 Reading (387)

"Android source design pattern analysis and actual combat" reading notes (fourteen)

The fourteenth chapter, the iterator pattern The iterator pattern, also called cursor mode, is one of the behavioral design patterns. We know on the container object access will inevitably involve the traversal algorithm, we can will wrap the traversal methods in the container, or does not provide traversal method, make use of containers themselves to achieve. The two things seem to be able to solve the problem. ...

Android media library

Media file management mode of Android system: Scanning storage device of public media files, and use the SQLite database to record relevant information: Under normal circumstances, the system will issue a media scan boot broadcast notice scanning program scan; Developers to develop applications can also call the scanner real-time scanning; To scan the media will be in addition to record the path accidents for media files in the database, will record the other related information, such as storage time, modify time, details of the picture, the song is long; ...

Learning Android from the beginning of the 0 basic articles (1) -Android four basic components

Four basic components of Android application Android application usually consists of four parts, including: activity service broadcastreceiver ContentProvider, this blog will be on the four components to do basic introduction, let everybody have a general understanding of these components, behind the blog will also be to do a detailed explanation. Activity Activity is andro...
OQiHaoGongYuan Special columnLearning Android from 0 Yesterday 22:27 Reading (284)

Android graphic mix (a) - to achieve EditText graphics mixed into the upload

Some time ago to do a Android conference management system, project requirements related to EditText by mixed, as shown in fig.: In the details of the meeting, "" need mixed support text and image insertion, illustrated example input: When the meeting is created, save the data to the server, and then view the newly created good meeting, as shown in fig.: One, clear demand First, click "details of the conference" in the text box, the normal input text, and then click on the lower left corner of the image icon into album system used to select a picture and inserted into a text box, you can move the cursor.
LeoLeoHan Special columnAndroid advanced road Yesterday 17:33 Reading (639)

NavigationView using Android to achieve the drawer menu interface

NavigationView is very important in the design of MD, before Google also made use of DrawerLayout to achieve the navigation drawer. This time, in the Android Design Support Library, Google provides NavigationView interface to realize the navigation menu. This time we write code in the Android TabLayout achieve similar Netease tab dynamic sliding effect this article code based on modified, so it is best to look at the article above...


Content provider, ContentProvider"; ContentProvider is a data sharing mechanism, it will allow other applications on their own data in the application Execute crud operations; ContentProvider is one of the core components of Android, therefore, developers in creating it, need custom inheritance ContentProvider, moreover, it needs in the project list file (AndroidMainfest.xml) register...
Wojiaohuangyu Special columnAndroid technology development The day before yesterday 22:55 Reading (350)

Equipped with 2.2 version of the development problem of wild birds

Daren list in the woods, and recently published three UGC content pictures is a button, start do not display pictures, after the success of the image loading is filled with blue, is subsequently found to be required in the Xib to set the button type is custom to. Stickers synthesis problem: Bird equipment 2.2 new stickers, but in stickers after the completion of the output images found pictures of output is very fuzzy. Is the original reason for using UIView screenshot. Use the following approach to the. 1, a direct new picture, the background map and the UIImage of the stickers are rendered in turn...
A345017062 Special columnThe wild bird Equipment Development Notes The day before yesterday 18:09 Reading (492)

Phonegap (Cordova) custom plug-in code articles (two) ----android automatic update

The program will always be updated, Appstore and other apple processing, Cordova automatic update, on the code / * * * check and update APP * / (function (Cordova) { Define var = cordova.define; Define ("cordova/plugin/updateApp", function (require, exports, module) {...
Zlj002 Special columnCordova The day before yesterday 17:22 Reading (350)

The two-dimensional code / generate two-dimensional code detailed Han Junqiang's blog iOS scan

IOS7 before the developer to scan code programming, usually with the aid of the third party library. Commonly used are ZBarSDK, IOS7, AVMetadataObject system, provide the analytical two-dimensional code interface for us. After testing, the use of native API scanning and processing efficiency is very high, far higher than the third party library. ...
Qq_31810357 Special columnIOS study notes The day before yesterday 16:36 Reading (586)

Phonegap (Cordova) custom plug-in code article (a) ----IAP applications within the payment

Appstore audit, if your app to sell things is a virtual product, then you may are requested not to use third-party payment instruments, can only use IAP application payment function. Use this function in the background of the Apple Developer sign a contract, and set the bank account and set the price, this is not to say, this article mainly about integration phonegap IAP in the code / * * * Apple App payments * / (function (Cordova) { Define var = c...
Zlj002 Special columnCordova The day before yesterday 15:15 Reading (137)


Why to learn launchMode Activity Start mode ".LaunchMode"". When Activity launchMode is configured not to value, when trying to activate Activity may be affected: The number of instances of the different Activity; Where the Task will be different; (in getTaskId through the ID () Activity) The list in Stack Back is different; In Stac Back...
Wei_chong_chong Special columnAndroid The day before yesterday 11:45 Reading (467)

Task and stack Back

What is Task "Homework" or "mission", "Task said". In the Android system, there may be multiple interactions with the user when performing a task. Task, Activity is the container for these Activity. Task and Activity Task's multiple Activity does not necessarily belong to the same application. , for example: Activity input messages using A application content, but use the B application (a message should be...
Wei_chong_chong Special columnAndroid The day before yesterday 10:50 Reading (418)

[UIL] Universal-Image-Loader (a complete analytical framework) the introduction and use of detailed

(a). Objective: has half a month did not update the article was that on the one hand is the recent work of the busy, another aspect I in the blog theme. This time I mainly explain the normal use of the image loading frame ImageLoader. Although this framework shortly before the author has stopped updating, but this image loading frame I have used for a long time. I know the framework easy to use is on the one hand, but if they will not only use and to know that the realization of the principle is the most important. So I read all the code for the ImageLoader project...
Jiangqq781931404 Special columnAndroid advanced and special The day before yesterday 10:34 Reading (1727)

Activity state

The basic state of Activity Operating state (Running) Activity at the front desk, being visible to the user, and controllable; Activity from the creation to the running state will experience: ->onStart () ->onResume () onCreate (). Suspended state (Paused) Activity is placed in the background, may still be visible, but not controllable; Activity call onPause () after entering the state, such as the recovery of the running state, will call onResume...
Wei_chong_chong Special columnAndroid The day before yesterday 10:08 Reading (412)

Execution flow of Activity life cycle

Activity life cycle execution process: , when Activity first was launched: - onCreate (->onStart) (->onResume) () - when Activity is blocked again: ->onResume () onRestart->onStart () () - when Activity is blocked: ->onStop () onPause () () When you click the return (Back...
Wei_chong_chong Special columnAndroid The day before yesterday 09:50 Reading (115)

2015 year-end summary, 2016 initial plan

A few days ago, I summed up in the circle of friends of the end of the year is: graduated, work! Now think of it is also appropriate, appropriate. Now I was with the year-end summary! Said graduated, indeed. Before graduation, in December 22nd last year, has been working in this company. Six months after the internship, directly on the Internet is positive, and the graduates do not have job hopping is really not easy. When it comes to practice for half a year, I started the company in March the project (Android project), when used as formal staff. This project is to do more than half a year, and now still acceptance. Remember what I had just arrived at the company...

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