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"From zero to start learning Swift" study notes (Day 56) - naming norms expert

Original articles, welcome to reprint. Reprinted please specify: the ascent of the blog code everywhere to define their own name, take a sample and conform to the specification of the name is very important. Designation for many, but relatively well-known and widely accepted nomenclature is: Hungarian named, was named variable, the principle is: describe the variable name = type prefix +, such as bFoo said Boolean variables, pFoo said pointer type variables. There is still some controversy in the name of Hungary, in the Swift encoding specification in a few do not use the name of hungary. Named camel (Camel-Case), also known as camel's life...

Git in the use of the method of Please and "tell me who you are Xcode" solution expert

I explained how to use the command line to operate git, which can greatly improve the efficiency of our work. The specific reference "Git study notes" "Git" and the advanced learning notes. In fact, for the same tool, we have different methods of use, we have to learn how to use Xcode in the Git, which is more convenient to use. At the same time to solve a common problem in Xcode. When we create a project in Xcode, can check the Source Control:Creat...

Xcode Git

Web container automatically on the HTTP request parameters for URLDecode processing expert

Reprint this article self: the web container automatic the HTTP request parameters were URLDecode such as the title, in Java maybe many people are no attention to when we send an HTTP request, if the incidental parameters are URLEncode, and after the arrival of the web container, developers get to the parameters value will automatically become the prior to encode the value. This is a very good feature, the developer can completely ignore the parameters of HTTP is the need to decode this kind of thing, but decode in the end is what happened? The first step is from requ...

Java Web URLEncode URLDecode

New year's Day: the economic nature of network traffic expert

New year's Day holiday, a friend asked me what is the network traffic in the end? A lot of companies are in the inverted flow is what mean? At the time of thinking and finishing are as follows: from an economic point of view, the network traffic can have currency and circulation properties, and has a variety of forms and differences. The economic nature of network traffic is the economic nature of the network traffic. In life, we use money to buy goods, in the network world, is to use the "attention" to buy the "information" - network traffic is a kind of quantitative characterization of human attention. Note: the idea of attention economy, first obtained by the Nobel prize for economics in 1971, proposed by Simon...

How to add microblogging attention on the left side of the CSDN blog expert

For blog in CSDN is a very happy thing, we can for their own blog interface for custom, add blog column. At present, more popular is the blog on the left side of the blog to add attention, so that you can see your blog in other people's blog at the same time can also see your micro blog in real time, and can directly click on the micro blog. Today we are going to achieve this function. The specific steps are as follows: (1) first into the Sina Weibo open platform, and then click into the micro Bo components, address:

CSDN blog microblogging pay close attention to

Develop Android: an overview of the construction system expert

The Android build system is a set of tools you can use to build, test, run, and pack your app. This build system can be used as an integrated tool for the Studio Android menu, and run as a stand-alone command. You can use this build system as follows: Customize, configure, and extend the build process; Using the same project and module, create multiple Apk for your App; Reuse code and resources by means of a resource collection; Android construction system is very flexible, you can achieve all the functions, and do not modify the core of your app source code. How to build a Studio Android project, read and Running Building...

Gradle Build AAPT Aidl Apkbuilder

The magic of Gradle expert

Reproduced please indicate the source: I/O 2013 conference released the AS, and now has developed into the 2.0-beta version. Believe that the majority of people have done Android development has been transferred from IDE AS to IDE Eclipse. With the change of the AS version, it also brings a lot of tools for developers to provide convenience. For example, this article describes the http://blog: blog...

Android Gradle Build Multi channel Pack

Gradle: build script overview expert

One, Gou Jiankuai 1 each building block contains three basic building blocks: task, project, and property; 2 each building block contains at least one project, and further includes one or more task; The properties of 3.project and task exposure can be used to control the construction of fast;...

Gradle Task Action Properties

Fisheye control detailed two -- fast index index expert

Objective: confusion, this is the youth of the some way, but don't let your future, hate yourself right now the retrospection of to tell the index of realization, this article we use we do out of the index to do a simple index effect, see the final renderings: at first we didn't realize the function of precise positioning to the listview item, we first do a simple listview can follow us to index a scrolling effect, effect graph is such:...

Installer Framework Qt learning (two) expert

Some operations on QT framework installer can use the most common QT project to represent, that is to say, writing pro files, run qmake, in addition to compile projects can also be packaged as a project. The most important here is binarycreator. The following is my command line to use the binarycreator when some of the tips, we can according to this prompt, to understand what is the use of the method. ...


Support Design Library FloatingActionButton Android expert

In this paper, we use three examples it introduces how to use the FloatingActionButton, which an instance is imitation palm reading at the bottom of the popup menu, which involves the custom behavior simulation control of relative position, this class is also a design library is one of the most important classes can also be said that all classes in the library are focusing on behavior, if you do not understand the behavior, then you aren't entirely using design. ...

Android FloatingActionButton Behavior

The application of Android coordinate system to comprehensively explain expert

Many people may shrug off the coordinates of Android, but if you want to thoroughly learn custom controls, I want to say understanding coordinate meaning of Android various coordinate systems and some of the API absolutely a small and can not be ignored skills; rewrite the essence of the so-called Android custom view that several major onxxx () method in fact, most of them are in dealing with coordinate logic operations, so we will be the first to will issue again talk about Android coordinates. ...

Android Android Application control coordinate Android coordinates

Understanding the Android Xposed. expert

A background, Xposed, the famous Xposed, is a framework on the Android platform the most prestigious. In this framework, we can load many plugin app and app these plugins can directly or indirectly control system level things, such as the manipulation of some originally only the system vendors to open the function (actually because many Android API is not open to the public, and the third party app and no authority). With Xposed, the theory of our plug-in APP can be hook to the system any one Java process (zygote,...

EI Capitan MAC on the update system comes with SVN Version (close SIP sudo RM) expert

Following last night, decided to update the system comes with svn. Comes with the SVN version is 1.7, see the latest version of the official website 1.9.13 is svn:, decided to upgrade under. Did not expect because of the Capitan SIP EI problem toss a good big for a while. Did not want to record, but because SIP this egg is painful thing to decide or record. The steps are as follows: 1, SVN which to find the system comes with the SVN path, it should be in the /usr...

Charles use guide expert

0x01 Preface: Charles is to modify a capture tool, compared to burp, Charles has interface is simple and intuitive, easy-to-use, data request is easy to control, simple modification, data capture to suspend convenient and so on advantage! The following introduces under the powerful use of capture tools. 0x02 download and install the first tool to download and install the first need to download the Java running environment support (usually with burp people certainly have installed Java environment). Install the Java environment, you can go directly to the Baidu search and download the Charles version,...