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Graduated from the Department of mathematics, Fudan University. Has in the company of much home Internet as wireless technology department director, trek in Android, IOS, WP, multi wireless technology in App item There are many years of practical experience in project management. He is a Microsoft MVP in 2008, author of "research and development of APP recorded: architecture design, crash analysis and competing products technical analysis", and adhere to a written six years of Technology Blog: Http://
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Graduate of Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications. On the big data machine learning / data mining has a strong interest, keen to use algorithms and machine learning data mining useful business letter Interest. Years experience in machine learning / data mining. Done NLP, text retrieval, recommendation system, click rate prediction, deep learning image classification / retrieval related projects. Willing to organize and share knowledge, to maintain good quality blog column, Ensure the quality of each blog.

About App programmers bubble 专家

Development for almost seven years, for programmers, layman total tens of satire and misunderstanding, but we are too lazy to explain. Code handling workers or workers worth mentioning, as they go to say. But the programmer of the recent spread of the Internet bubble, especially app programmers foam article led to many of our young colleagues had doubts, so I this to hide the long eloquent old programmer reinstated to chat chat the topic of this app programmers foam. ...

programmer App Android

Dagger2 use strategy

Dagger2 use strategy Dagger 2 is a Dagger branch of Square, which is a dependency injection framework. Currently carried out by the Google to develop, Dagger2 is the use of code generation and hand written code to achieve dependency injection. It is said that the efficiency of the Dagger based on the increase of 13%, and the same powerful...

Android Dagger2

"Human Interface Guidelines iOS" - Routing

This article translated from Apple's official document "Human Interface Guidelines iOS" - Routing, to explain the traffic line to select the app of the relevant guidelines...

IOS Traffic line selection app Official documents

According to the dynamic calculation of the iPhone6 value of the REM design 专家

REM units in the mobile terminal to do the H5 development is the most frequently used units. In order to solve the adaptive problem, we need to dynamically add font-size value to the document node. Using mediaquery can solve this problem, but each file is referenced to a large string of font-size value is very cumbersome, and the value can not achieve a continuous effect. Using the JS dynamic calculation to document the fopnt-size dynamic assignment to solve the problem. / * * * [to iPhone6 design draft for example JS dynamic setting document rem...

Rem Iphone6 Javascript Font-size

Design EditText learning Material (powerful, better than the system comes, thanks to "throw line")

Reprint please indicate the source: Daniel king in a hurry before continuing the material design process, today is the EditText, source material in (then the code explain part you can see the original author of the document, I here to instilling knowledge theory on OK, conducted by the authors is very comprehensive, I don't know to say what the only 6666666) Daniel of the library has the widespread recognition and acceptance, the EditText part...

Design Android library Material

Android generation in Excel

Programmers are not bad product manager, in fact, sometimes encountered some wonderful background developers will be very frustrated. Recently the project has such a requirement, to generate a excel and then send mail to the customer. The results of the background staff directly to the client, the reason is that the background is not good. Heard this can only achieve their own (minutes to come to a spiral Wang button on its head). This blog stresses the following in the Android generated excel table to the local. First look at the effect after the formation of the map: First we have to build the initial data test data, where I write the data to die in a regular...

Android Excel JXL Memory

Worth learning some of the tutorial 专家

*********************** project source ******************************** 1 Advent 2 sleeping fun fun Gun fishing The source of all share in the group: 375151422*****************************Git open source project applied TANKS Https://gi...

Unity Open source project Source code

"Human Interface Guidelines iOS" - VoiceOver

This article is translated from Apple's official document "Human Interface Guidelines iOS" - VoiceOver, to explain the relevant content of VoiceOver...

IOS VoiceOver Official documents

IOS development and practice of GET and POST requests

GET and POST requests are among the most common in the HTTP request form. Familiar with the communication process of HTTP before the request method: Request 1, request line: Request method, request path, version of HTTP protocol GET /MJServer/resources/images/1.jpg HTTP/1.1 2, the request header: some of the client's description of information Host: The client wants to access the server / /...

Android to achieve the sky flying snowflakes and the effect of rainy days

preface The original author of the effect is the realization of a foreign god. I was on the basis of the test, as well as a lot of comments in the code, as well as local modifications. Back I have according to the snow all over the sky, realize the effect of rainy day scene. The original author or studio Android version of the project. I changed to Android eclipse version. English original address: Chinese translation address:

Studio Android Eclipse YouTube snowflake rain

Android TextView to achieve marquee effect

Recently busy with the project, a long time no summary submitted to the blog and submitted to the github. Next I intend to organize the next project used more useful published on the blog. Also intends to summarize some of the design patterns and source analysis of the blog. Today you begin with a very simple but very commonly used controls, marquee status TextView. When I to show the length of the text is too long, and do not want to wrap it to display text way can fully display text, and secondly, the effect is pretty cool, to achieve super simple, so why not. First look at the effect chart: Code implementation TextV...

control Textview GitHub Android

Qualcomm batterydata battery curve data learning 专家

Learning Qualcomm batterydata battery curve data used in our products is 4.2V, corresponding to the file "batterydata-qrd-l42q-4v20-3200mah.dtsi", are quoted in the msm8909-qrd-skue-cb03.dtsi file, development board adopts is description of the "batterydata-qrd-l45q-4v35-1800mah.dtsi battery curve file is documented in the kernel\Documentation\devic...

Interface test Core -Swagger 专家

Today we come to learn the first tool of the Swagger system: Core Swagger, want to learn this, need to have the help of swagger-simaples project. Swagger-simaples provides a lot of examples to explain the role of swagger-core in order to help you understand the project in Core Swagger, with me to find out what it! Swagger-coreswagger-core contains items such as: for the different web framework, provides a variety of targeted jar package. ...

Notice of learning notes (Day 66) - Touch Cocoa design pattern and application of "from scratch" (Swift) 专家

Original articles, welcome to reprint. Reprinted please specify: Guan Dongsheng blog notice (notification) mechanism is based on observer (observer) mode is also called release / subscribe model, it is an important part of the MVC (model view controller) pattern. Problem, this paper proposes the weather has been a British people like to talk about the topic, and the change of weather in recent years has become the topic of Chinese people are very concerned about. I will be based on the weather forecast is to take the subway or drive to work, my daughter will be based on the weather forecast to wear tomorrow...

Java - exception handling 推荐

The inheritance relationship between exception hierarchy we first see a Java common exception classes: Java to all non normal situation is divided into two: error (error) and abnormal (exception). They are inherited parent throwable class. Where Java will be divided into two kinds of anomalies, Checked anomalies and Runtime anomalies. 1.ErrorError error, generally refers to the problems associated with the virtual machine, such as system crashes, virtual machine errors, dynamic link failure, etc., this error can not be recovered or can not be captured, will cause the application to interrupt. Pass...

Java Exception

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A simple example to explain the invalidate (), requestLayout () (commonly known as the need to know)

Reprint please indicate the source: Daniel Wang miscellany pays these days are in that painting material design things (portal:, then inside has appeared invalidate () method today wrote a simple example that talk about this method. First up and down the effect of the experiment: Reason: the progress of the operation of the progress bar yesterday, small partners have asked why there is no animation instead of turning + re painting, re painting is what the operation...

Android View UI

IOS8 began to change the default language

[question] The test group found that iOS8 in APP and above system equipment, language is set for us not to support the small languages, APP did not use the default in English, but the choice of the last set of language. [analysis] After the study found that, in the iOS8 system, in the device language settings, more than the "preferred language order" list. As shown in the following figure: At the bottom of the figure is given a sentence "application and web site will use the support in the list of the first language". Wow! Apple is very hard ah! This means that the default language you set up is a prerequisite...

IOS Multi language Main language Does not play a role Display error

IPC Android mechanism (four) using ContentProvider to process inter process communication 专家

ContentProvider provides a unified interface for storing and acquiring data, which can be used to share data between different applications, and is suitable for the process of inter process communication. ContentProvider bottom implementation is also Binder, but it is much easier to use than AIDL. The system also made a lot of ContentProvider, for example, the address book, audio and video, etc., these operations itself is the process of cross communication. This article is mainly for us to realize the process of using ContentProvider to communicate between the process, rather than the introduction of ContentP...

Android IPC signal communication

"Human Interface Guidelines iOS" - Sound

This article translated from Apple's official document "Human Interface Guidelines iOS" - Sound, to explain the use of sound related guidelines, including the user's expectations, sound behavior, audio interruption, remote control, etc....

IOS voice Official documents

Import a eclipse project with JNI to studio Android

Prior to the introduction of has been to do with the Android eclipse development, relative to the pushing Google's Android studio, eclipse is not only a memory hogs eat and Android studio interface more humane, in addition, eclipse for high score screen does not support, in the author's MacBook Pro is very rough. So before deciding to put in the development of a eclipse on the use of NDK development of the Android project transferred to the studio android. The whole...

Eclipse Studio Android JNI

React Native: the development of practical layout Jingdong client home (three) - carousel map 专家

The retrospection of the article, we construct a tabbar Jingdong client. In this paper, will continue to introduce to everybody and the function button the development method of the Jingdong client home carousel figure. Now let us begin! ...

Native react Javascript Jingdong Mobile development

IDA dynamic debugging DEX Android file 专家

0x00 us to Ali first as an example, dynamic debugging DEX file. Reference Android dynamic debugging DEX IDA file a text, first of all AndroidManifest.xml inside the true android:debuggable=". The following 0x01 detailed steps. 1, will classes.dex into IDA. , options->Set specific 2 Debugger->Debugger...

[iOS effect set] to achieve the elimination of QQ red point (a key back to the) effect

QQ sticky little red dot is very fun to have wood there, so they also want to achieve some, see the iOS to achieve less people, Android more, so this is the use of iOS to achieve ha ~ design sketch Debug diagram: In fact, from the realization of speaking, I was the first to achieve the effect of the second map. Realization thought: 1 understand the principle, and how to draw the "sticky" shape (that is, drawing two circle plus two Bessel curve) 2 new UIView (AZMetaBallCanvas), as a separate canvas used to draw the "sticky" shape,...

algorithm IOS One key retreat

[Native React development] Native React control of the DrawerLayoutAndroid drawer navigation switch components to explain (13) 专家

(a) objective [good news of] personal website has been running on the line, behind the blog and dry goods, such as excellent articles will update, please attention: today we with the view of a drawer DrawerLayoutAndroid navigation switch controls the explanation and basic. Creation react's native technology exchange group 282693535, welcome you Daniel, react native technology enthusiasts.

Native react Drawerlayoutandroid Drawerlayoutandroid group drawer Navigation switch

Native Android anti debugging methods and the use of IDA to bypass the anti debugging 专家

0x00 in order to avoid the nonsense of the whole file is dynamic analysis, we usually in so join anti debugging code, anti common Android native debugging method are the following. 1, directly call ptrace (PTRACE_TRACEME, 0, 0, 0), Android Native anti debugging. 2, according to the above said /proc/$pid/status TracerPid row to display the debug program PID principle, can write a method for checking.

OnNothingSelected in the spinner method in the end when the call? 专家

This stuff everyone in development may be less able to use, so always easy to be ignored, because of work reasons. Recently, I figured the onNothingSelected method call timing, is actually very simple, as long as we take a little look. Source code will understand the: / * * * method to be invoked Callback when the selection disappears from this * view...

Spinner OnNothingSelected

Ida dynamic debugging so, init_array and JNI_ONLOAD at the next breakpoint 专家

0x00 how the JNI JNI_ONLOAD breakpoint, Android reference reverse learning notes (5) - in the JNI JNI_Onload function breakpoints to avoid for IDA Pro anti debugging. It is best to use the simulator debugging, to ensure Attach to process after the corresponding process in DDMS red spider. Under the how in the array init breakpoint, first of all to find so array init end, so was dragged into the IDA, then press Crtl+s, all segments of the nonsense of the whole. As follows...

Animation (seven): ObjectAnimator animation explain basic use 专家

Objective: if life deceive you, don't be sad, don't worry! Blue days need to be calm: believe it, happy days will come! Always looking forward to the future; now it is often melancholy. All is fleeting, everything will be in the past; and that has passed, will become a kind of nostalgia. - Pushkin, an overview of the 1, the introduction of a few articles to give you talk about the ValueAnimator, but ValueAnimator has a drawback, that is, only the calculation of the value of animation. We want to control the operation of which controls, you need to listen to the animation process, in the listener...

Rich text editor - RichEditor 专家

The basic function of RichEditor is an inherited from the WebView of the custom view, enumeration type Type enum Type it is supported by the layout format: public { BOLD, ITALIC, SUBSCRIPT, SUPERSCRIPT, STRIKETHROUGH, UNDERLINE, H1, H2, H3, H4, H5, H6 } first in the constructor...

WebView Fu Wenben

[Native React development] Native React control of the ProgressBarAndroid progress bar on (12) 专家

(a) the preface today we look together the loading progress bar ProgressBarAndroid controls explain and basic. Creation react's native technology exchange group 282693535, welcome you Daniel, react native technology enthusiasts to join AC! At the same time blog left to welcome the micro channel scanning concerned about the number of subscribers, mobile technology dry, wonderful article technology push! The ProgressBarAndroid react components into...

Native react Progressbarandroid Progressbarandroid use

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