Sogou Question of wisdom

Question of wisdom D.H.Grand[nOBODY/Ginux] 2001 In the hacker world, when you put forward a technical question, how can you get the answer? This depends on the difficulty of digging up the answers, and it also depends on how you ask the question. This guide is designed to help you improve your skills to get the answers you want. First, you must understand that hackers are only partial to a tough task, or a good question to stimulate them. If not, what are we to do? If you have a good question worth pondering chew repeatedly, we will be indebted forever for you. ...
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Silent talk 20151023

Very happy to release the video has so many friends to click to watch, thank you very much for your support and concern, I hope you can subscribe to me, to become my fans, this is my greatest support, once again thank you, I will use a more exciting video content to return to everyone, thank you. Today, we should be able to record all of the classes in the Y2T53 class record is uploaded (2 sets), I miss the days of the file upload files, you can upload a day 8 to 9 sets. Now or to talk about the cooperation with the Kunming Municipal Public Security Bureau, I do not know if you can talk down, some small excitement, huh, huh Also...
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Silent talk 20151006

Ah, I have begun to upload my video class A, video address:, Bluebird class below is, upload now is part of the video on the spring framework, is my class before shooting. Content is missing. This is I try on Youku promotion first step in my online course, in the back, there will be more and more exciting content step by step out, if you have any idea can leave me a message, or private letters. Thank you all. ...
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"JDK 8 learning notes" reading notes (1)

JDK8 has 51 versions, it is to write something to talk about Java's new changes, the old man, a little bit of time. ...
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This is a long story about automatic packing.

Today students asked me about "automatic packaging" is how to understand, I think a little bit about, write the following text, to share with you, humble opinion of humble opinion, hope everyone advice, discuss with each other. Early versions of Java (1.4 and previous versions, including 1.4 this version) the Java is divided into two types of data, one is the basic data types, such as char, float Boolean int, the other is referred to as a reference type, such as String, Object, etc.. Its purpose is to use the object oriented thinking to complete the code written, and can let...
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Silent talk 20150301

I have also opened the cool cool, will go here to put my video. Http:// Recent things more, the day and day in class, the evening to take care of his mother, did not have time to get, really deeply felt "on the old has a small" meaning. It is fun to do some regret that, should have been nothing to do. Now have to find ways to squeeze time, if you can make my life again, if you can keep my memory, should be better. Ha ha ~ above are all nonsense, Tucao language. Want to...
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Silent talk 20150217

First of all, set up a Volkswagen Jetta 18W, full price (including purchase tax, insurance, etc.) very happy, small have a sense of achievement, ha ha. 2, the opening of the known almost account:, welcome everyone to Chou Chou. There are currently no what things, slowly to put it. 3 this video shooting plan: basically completed a from zero to small successful computer ability of teaching plan, the tentative name "silence speak -- zero based teaching articles do not say words". Ha ha ~ title party, but this time on the way,...
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Silent talk 20150207

Finally back to my account, you can continue to write articles, Xingshen Xingshen. However, the micro letter public, it seems that there are still problems, and then get it, estimation also looking for customer service, hard to say but also pay. It's been a long time to waste, or should we keep on the code word! ...
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Objective-C based tutorial notes (8)

Fandation framework is a simple introduction, mainly in the beginning of a variety of NS basis, there is a small scan file. ...
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Objective-C based tutorial notes (7)

Tips for using Xcode...
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Objective-C based tutorial notes (6)

Sixth chapter source file organization So far, we have discussed all of the projects are the source code into the main.m file. The main () function, @interface and @implementation have been inserted in the same file. This structure is not a problem for small programs and simple applications, but is not suitable for larger projects. As the program size is increasing, the content of the file will be more and more, the search information will become increasingly difficult. Think back to your students. You won't put all the final papers in the same file...
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Objective-C programming basic reading notes (5)

Object-oriented concepts in Objective-C: composite and its application...
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Objective-C based tutorial notes (4)

Fourth chapter inheritance When dealing with the relationship between classes and objects, in particular, the two aspects of OOP. The first aspect is the inheritance (inheritance), and is also the subject of this chapter. Use inheritance to define a new class that has all the functions of a parent, that is, the function of the parent class. Another OOP technology that is related to the class is composition, which means that other objects can be referenced in the object. We will introduce the contents of the composite in the next chapter. Why use inheritance The last chapter we have found, Shapes-Obj...
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Objective-C based tutorial notes (3)

The third chapter is about the basic knowledge of object oriented programming. Object oriented programming (Programming Object-Oriented) OOP, which is a programming technique that was developed for the purpose of writing a simulation program. OOP quickly captured the hearts of other types of software, especially in the software that involved a graphical user interface. Soon OOP became a very important popular word in the industry. It is known as a magic silver bullet, it can make the programming work becomes simple and joyful. Of course, this is an obvious advertising language. To be proficient in OOP...
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Objective-C based tutorial notes (2)

Second extension of C 1 This chapter will guide you to build first (of course second) Objective-C programs, and explain the key new features. 1.1. the most simple Objective-C program   This section will explain the whole process of using Xcode to create your first Objective-C project. This book with the book code, please; free download. First start Xcode. When you start up, you'll see the welcome screen. In the welcome screen, click C...
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Objective-C based tutorial notes (1)

First chapter 1 In addition to the introduction of the Objective-C language, but also describes the Apple Corp to provide its toolkit Cocoa (for the X OS system) and Touch Cocoa (for iOS system). They are written in the Objective-C language, which contains the OSX and iOS systems of all user interface elements and all other related content. After learning Objective-C, you can use Cocoa to develop a fully functional project. 1.1. preparatory knowledge Before reading this book, the reader should...
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Silent diary 20121210

Half a year, the blink of an eye on the past, the focus of the first half of this year to start from the technology to the management, there are a lot of harvest, the blog is also a shortage of.... But the constant word is still on the bright, ha ha ~ Next year, try to bring the title of the experts back, hey. ...
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Silent diary 20120612

The word is bright! Did not expect such a bright, ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha In recent days are the needs of a project in the busy, no time to write programming for world of Warcraft Bible reading notes the, alas, it is more than one thing, time arrangement not over ah.. ...
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Silent diary 20120521

A month after the end of it, and immediately on June, the time is so fast flow away, and whether you want to or not. In fact, the purpose of this posting, just to see the "constant" word will not shine. ...
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World of Warcraft programming book reading notes (11)

The eleventh chapter add behavior to XML forms We have created a form, graphics and fonts, and can set the size and location of the form, but these forms are static, can not interact with the user, or to respond to any game events. This chapter will discuss the XML template, and begin to add dynamic behavior to the XML form. This chapter simply describes how to add behavior, detailed introduction in the thirty-first chapter. 11.1 understanding of events and scripts Through game events, the user interface changes with the game state of the game...
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