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Li Xiangping follow
Four years of Linux driver development experience, a year of cloud computing development experience, a strong interest in cloud computing openstack deployment and cloud storage.
Yin Wenjie follow
Graduated from the Institute of communication and information engineering, Shanghai Univer, engaged in research and development of streaming media and video coding and decoding, H.264/AVC, H.265/HEVC, AVS/AVS+/AVS2 and other video coding A decoding standard of experience and understand more in-depth study; familiar with FFMpeg and other audio and video source processing engineering. The research field includes video coding standard, video processing and streaming media technology, Mobile Internet technology, etc..

[programming language] [Java virtual machine] Java virtual machine class loading mechanism expert

This blog is mainly to summarize the process of Java virtual machine to load a class, in order to avoid boring explanation, in order to let the reader in after reading this article to understand thoroughly the process of class loading, first look at the code in Java, we from an example of // file Singleton class { Static Singleton singleton private = Singleton new (); Public...

Java virtual machine Class loading

[mobile development] On the stack frame of main function

Believe in yourself no one can not overcome the difficulties, only when people into an impasse will play unlimited potential...

Stack Stack frame

[mobile development] Android 6 listening SMS (there is a good Git, simple and convenient and easy and pleasant) expert

Reprint please indicate the source:  Wang Jiji Daniel recently in the last term is also squeezed in a meal busy flying, but today is last day of the, help with bug accolades the. Then recently in a mobile communication between XX monitor demo, which part is about SMS monitoring, then just 6.0 authorized by some factors, then the implementation of this part separately removed out such a demo, take the opportunity to these days feel found good third-party libraries with give us the first point of view about running effect is configured to filter the text input field in the input box controls compile '...

Android Git SMS short message

[mobile development] Parallel development under iOS

In the development process should be as much as possible to reduce the user waiting time, so that the program as soon as possible to complete the operation. But no matter what kind of language development program is eventually converted into assembly language and then interpreted into machine code to perform. But machine code is executed in sequence, a complex multi-step operation can only be performed by one step by step. Change this situation can be from two angles of: for a single core processor, multiple steps into the different threads, thus the user complete UI operations after other subsequent task in other threads, when the CPU is idle will continue, but this time for the user can to move on to the other...

Parallel development Multi thread GCD

[programming language] State - mode detailed design mode (14)

State source: Things and everyone in different states will have different performance (action), and a state will shift to a different state (state) under different performance. One of the simplest examples of life is: the subway entrance, if you put in the right subway tickets, the door will open for you to pass. At the exit is also a check, if you can OK, otherwise it will not let you pass (if you are brutal action, there may be an alarm (Alarm),:))). Finite state automata (FSM) is also a typical state of different...


Cloud computing Is the super fusion framework really perfect?

Super fusion structure of the advantages and customer value the have not doubt, each manufacturer and media has successfully help customer brainwashing, and customer communication, not to mention the super fusion seems to have considered outdated, here don't want to go into the details. From a dialectical point of view, anything can not be perfect, there are also some problems or limitations of the super fusion? Super fusion has applicable scenarios, but certainly not universally applicable. Therefore, this article want to change an angle to see the super fusion, find fault, comb super fusion, is for everyone to choose super integration framework to provide a reference. The container is such a fire, don't talk as if is not good, finally a simple Hu Kan super fusion container. ...

SAN Server SSAN Super fusion TaoCloud

ACM summary

Summary report on acm. Study ACM a year, From the beginning of the small white; To the present white Learn something or to a lot of ah Ideas or to open ah; The first part of this semester learning:: greedy algorithm This chapter has just been in contact and no difficulty; Just think of sort of a on algorithm to solve the; The main problem of greed is How to do a lot of corruption on the law Interval number of greedy coins and so on. Here is a coin greedy algorithm:: One thousand and five Talented...

[programming language] ElasticSearch synchronization MySql

Elasticsearch-jdbc elasticsearch synchronous MySQL plug-ins were chosen, reason is active degree is high, continuously updated. The latest version compatible elasticsearch-2.3.3., download address: Download after decompression, which has lib2, bin directory. Two, MySQL configuration to ensure that the MySQL can be used in the MYSQL to create a new test database m...

Elasticsearch Mysql

[programming language] code reading notes

Shimachao source reading notes preface has been trying to figure out a Server HTTP and Web framework of the working principle. But with my current strength, it's still too hard to read a Server HTTP or web framework code. Later on the asynchronous IO, concurrent interest. A few days ago to do a big job needs to write a few different models of the Server TCP Python, finished only think of the existing socketsever module can be used, do not need to write their own. And then compare the code I wrote and sock...

Python Source analysis Socketseve

[mobile development] On the Android system (6) analysis of the hardware abstraction layer kernel

Introduction recently in read Luo Shengyang the Android source code scenario analysis, "a book, I believe there are many make the Android system will go to have a look at this book, then the needle for the second chapter of the hardware abstraction layer, contact the actual work, it is necessary to study of their own thing to do a summary analysis. Of course, this part will be based on the old book ideas in one one opened the hardware abstraction layer of the veil. File system interface general kernel layer will give the user layer exposure related to the interface for user space to use. Generally can be divided into three categories. Proc file system interface Traditional device file system interface Dev...

Android Kernel file system

[programming language] 51NOD 1278 from the circle (two + sort)

Portal plane with n circle, their center are on the x-axis, give all round the circle center and the radius for on how many circles are disjoint. For example: four circle respectively, in 1, 2, 3, 4 position and radius were 1, 1, 2, 1, then {1, 2}, {1, 3} {2, 3} {2, 4} {3, 4} they have intersection, only {1, 4} are disjoint. Input The first line: a number of N, representing a round number (1 < N < = 50000) Second - N + 1 lines: each...

Two points

[Web front end Local refresh JS page plug-in

Make up the JS page plug-in. Limited level, available for reference. In addition, there are good suggestions can be put forward in the comments, I do optimization. Nonsense not say, the code to go! (a) splitPage.js page plug-in can use direct copy: / * function: local refresh page display table content * the author: JML * version: 1 * Note: your own package of local refresh page plug-in, mainly to understand how the paging plug-in operation * defects: the level is limited, the plug-in is not flexible, there are two hard coding block * jian...

Partial refresh JS paging plugin Javascript

[mobile development] Android custom ListView achieve sliding menu

Practice, the first effect diagram, DEMO in the final When bloggers just contact with the Android, see this effect only in the minds of worship ah, if slowly own level up, then an idea to complete it. Well, nonsense is not much said, summed up the results of the first summary: First is the need for listview custom, this is necessary, then in the listview ontouchevent method of events of ordinary item processing, is no way to achieve such sideslip. Even if you plug a...

Android Custom controls ListView Sideslip Side pull

ACM course summary report

This semester elective course acm programming coming to an end, it is first necessary to summarize is, of course, thank the teacher this kind of courtesy, the conscience is really thank fee old patient, careful teaching and really learned a lot, this point from the data structure of this course of study easy to see, a lot easier. This semester a total study in four topics: first greedy algorithm, the second lecture search, the three emphases dynamic programming and now are trying to do. Below I will be based on these four topics to explain the ACM in the access to knowledge, sentiment. Topic a greedy algorithm. Greedy algorithm includes the calculation of the activities of the arrangement of greed...

[mobile development] Android vernacular start (booting process Android)

Today we will go deep into the process of starting the Android process, from the user to press the boot key to the Android interface. Search on Google Android boot process will get a lot of good English articles, explain Android starts the process, each person tells the perspective is not the same, by reading and understanding of Android will more deeply. Here is the link, please don't open the wall! thank you Https:// Q=The+Android+?...

Android Init.rc Framework start-up

[mobile development] 6, Studio Android performance optimization tool expert

Display image contains four steps. In simple terms, CPU contrast display list, GPU rendering image display, memory storage pictures and data, the battery provides point energy. Each part of the hardware is limited, more than this limit will cause the application to run slower, show poor performance, or power consumption. In order to find out the reasons for these problems, you need to find out the reasons for the use of tools to collect data on your application execution. Use the list and the image of the way to present, to understand and analyze, to optimize your code. Studio Android and your device provides the optimization tool to record and visualize your...

Android Studio Android performance optimization visualization data

[mobile development] The life cycle of the Activity and start mode detailed

BACK key: When we press the BACK key, we will end this application, this time we will call onPause () ->onStop () ->onDestory () () three methods. When the App is started again, it will execute ->onStart () onCreate () ->onResume (). HOME key: When we open an application, such as a browser, when I was reading the NBA news, see half, I suddenly wanted to listen to music, this time we will choose to press the home button, and then to open the music application, and when we press the home activity has implemented onpause () ->onStop) (the two methods, then...

Activity life cycle Startup mode Android

[programming language] Read "TCPL" the first chapter: C brief tutorial

2016.06.19 - Personal English reading practice notes (very low level). Six point one nine Chapter 1: a brief course of C language Let's start with a quick introduction to the C language. Our goal is to show the elements of a language in a real program, but not to tangle with details, rules, and exceptions. In this connection, we don't try to be complete or even accurate (the examples are correct). We would like to allow you to write useful programs, and focus on the following aspects: variables and constants, operations, control flow, functions, and the basic principles of the input and output. I...

C language english

[mobile development] Android Development Notes (one hundred and nine) achieved using SkyDrive cloud storage

SkyDrive store Individual developers often have no own backend server, but also want to get the app is running information, it is necessary to with the help of third-party network storage (also called network disk, cloud plate, micro disk, etc.). Through to make an app automatically on the network disk file access, can be achieved indirectly backend server storage function. At the same time, developers can also timely find the app's user information. Once upon a time, companies have launched free personal network disk service, also open the document management API for developers to call, for a time the emergence of a network disk provider of eight King Kong: Baidu network disk, Ali cloud, Huawei network disk...

Android SkyDrive cloud storage PCs OSS

[mobile development] Android Alipay and WeChat paid fast access flow

brief introduction With the popularity of mobile payments, more and more App by paying third, here we take Alipay for example, do a quick integration! Android, a fast implementation of Alipay payment 1, first of all, we need to go to the Alipay open platform, we apply the payment function: Alipay home page There are two places to watch a management center, another is my Alipay ...

Android payment technological process Alipay WeChat payment

Cloud computing Liberty Openstack to create an instance of the snapshot source code analysis 2

This is create cloud host instance snapshot source code analysis of a series of the second part. In the first article analysis from the mirror start cloud hosting and create online / offline snapshot process; this article will analysis from the boot disk cloud hosting create a snapshot of the process below, please see the body: Disk boot cloud host, offline (online) snapshot Function entry is the same as above, or Nova/api/openstack/compute/, the following one...

Openstack Liberty Instance snapshot Source analysis Roll start

[programming language] Project application of embedded C language lookup table method expert

Before this project to develop embedded C combat skills: if a regular array table displacement of operation as the following table written above the title of the article, is to shift to traverse the table data, the efficiency is very high, but if you want to achieve a disorder of water lamp or marquee, thinking that the algorithm is not desirable, it is time consuming, it is intellectual, so today say look-up table method, if the program using look-up table method, no matter how complex procedures, as long as consistent with a table, it can realize, very simple, physical activity only, then take a look at the following the...

[programming language] Java multi thread - "upgraded version" producer consumer

ReentrantLock introduction ReentrantLock is a re exclusive lock, also known as exclusive lock". As the name suggests, ReentrantLock locks at the same time points can only be held by a thread lock; and can be re entered the meaning that, ReentrantLock locks, can be multiple access to a single thread. ReentrantLock is divided into "fair lock" and "non fair lock" ". Their differences are reflected in the mechanism of access to the lock is fair. "Lock" is to protect the competitive resources, prevent multiple threads at the same time line...

Java Multi thread producer consumer Condition

[mobile development] 6.1, Studio Android Monitor Android overview expert

Monitor Android helps you monitor the performance of your application to help you optimize, debug, and improve your performance. Following functions: 1, Log message, the system defined or defined by the developer. 2, memory, CPU and GPU usage. 3, the network situation (only in the physical device used) Monitor Android provides a variety of tools to view the application of real-time information. When you run, it will capture data and save it to a file where you can analyze multiple views. You can also run the application...

Android Studio Android Developer application debugging

[programming language] Django profile (1)

This book is about the Web Django Development framework can save your time and make Web Development is full of fun. Using Django, spend less time to build and maintain the quality of the Web application. From a good point of view, Web Developing exciting and creative; from the other side, it is a tedious and boring work. By reducing the repetition of the code, Django enables you to focus on Web Application of interesting key things. In order to achieve this goal, Django provides a common Web development model...

Django Python web frameworks

[Web front end MVC Struts framework (let you step by step to become a master)

Layered web applications Interactive layer, performance data, data collection, which is the view layer, accept requests, through the processing layer to complete the corresponding response. (V, C) Processing layer, the completion of data processing, that is, the business layer (M). MVC design pattern (using the observer pattern framework) Model M, model, operational data of the business processing layer. View V, showing that the data collection and display, to provide data for the business layer, the performance of the business layer output data, only care about the type of data...


[programming language] JAVA reuse class of the use of the combination of syntax (with source code)

preface Reusable code is one of the many notable features of Java. But it's not enough to just copy the code and change it to be a very revolutionary language, it must also be able to do more. The method often used for the C of this kind of process language, but the effect is not very good. As with all things in Java, the problem solving is centered around the class. You can reuse code by creating a new class, and you don't have to write it from scratch. You can use other classes that have been developed and debugged. ...

Java Code reuse mechanism Reusable class Combinatorial Grammar inherit

[comprehensive] Algorithm series (eleven) BASE64 algorithm implementation and instructions

The complete BASE64 definition shows RFC 1421 and RFC 2045. The encoded data is slightly longer than the original data. 43. In email, according to RFC 822, each of the 76 characters, you also need to add a newline. It can be estimated that the length of the encoded data is about 135.1% of the original length. The conversion of the time, the three byte data, has put in a 24bit buffer, the first byte high. Data is less than 3byte, then the rest of the bit in the buffer with 0 complement. Then, every time...

Java BASE64

[mobile development] Practice notes (27): how to solve the Java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError

There are many reasons for the interpretation of online, generally speaking, is class not found, But you clearly wrote, compile time is also through, why the running when hung up, In fact, there are several reasons: Corresponding to the class in the Java classpath is not available you may use the jar command to run your program, but there are no jar file in the manifest file in the classpath attribute defined may startup script program covering the original classpath environment variable because no...


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